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We run two internship programs per year, one based in the summer and one in the winter. Each internship program consists of two weeks of training followed by 2-3 months of working at a paid internship. The Summer Program typically runs from June to August, and the Winter Program typically runs from January to April. More specific dates can be found on our website. The training curriculum focuses on professionalism, communication, and stress tolerance. We incorporate the arts, yoga, and mindfulness to deliver and reinforce the curriculum. For the duration of the program, each intern is supported by a peer mentor and a coach for goal setting and strategy development. Our internships are with our dedicated employer partners located in the D.C. Metropolitan area and range widely in topic and focus. We have a variety of employer partners, including non-profit entities, for-profit entities, and associations, among others.

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A Great Summer

BroadFutures was a great first professional experience in DC. Having gotten to know the other interns and having been assigned an excellent and supportive personal mentor who would check in with me regularly for the duration of the program, I was assigned to intern at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. The internship matched my skills and interests, and the BroadFutures team was a pleasure to work with. Even as entrances to professional life go, I consider my experience with BroadFutures to have been formative.

Yes, I recommend
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This program changed my life.

Coming to Broad Future's really changed how I look at the work world and life in general. After graduating college I didn't understand the difference between the work world and college. This program showed me how to manage time, organize, plan and most importantly communicate with your fellow employees. I was put into an office environment and over the course of time I learned a lot about myself. What were my strengths and weakness. What could I do to improve those weakness. Things that over time made me feel more confident about myself.
The exercises that we did as group made the experience of Broad Futures a lot of fun. These exercises didn't just make the program fun, you were learning from these games. Learning how to stay focused, learning how to make eye contact, learning how to make conversations easy and less stressful. Games that were teaching you along the way of how to operate in a working environment. One of my favorite games was "zip zap zop" which requires concentration within the group. A lot of fun, but for a person who can't keep focused this game builds brain power over time to help one stay focused.
There are a lot of things that this program provides, which also includes having professional speakers come and interact with the broad future students. Teaching them what kind of work environments are out there, what to do and what not do in a job interview. Procedures that take you step by step. I learned so much from this program. I learned especially that even when you have a disability in the work place, that doesn't define you. You can be just as unique as everyone else you work around with.

How can this program be improved?
More follow up counseling
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My review of Broad Futures

I was in the 2017 summer program with Broad Futures which benefited me in so many ways. Everyone was so accommodating and helpful and I learned a lot of different skills which has helped me to grow in so many ways. During the program, we got to do many different activities such as yoga, meditation, and some drama which is known as "Raymond time." I also got to meet so many nice people who were interning with me and have kept in touch with some of them through alumni events. Broad Futures helped me to find an internship at The Museum of Natural History which I enjoyed so much! I would recommend this organization to anyone who is looking to expand their resume and to find success in the workforce because Broad Futures does so much to help prepare you for what you need to expect.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend
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Broad Futures Winter and Summer Program

I enjoyed participating in the Broad Futures program because it really helped me learn about what I like and don't like in the workforce. I learned that I like to be around people, even if I find it difficult to find connections. Broad Futures helped me realize that I wanted a job that allows me to go out into the field and do research, like a detective. Broad Futures also helped me learn that I do not like administrative jobs where I am sitting at a computer typing all day.

How can this program be improved?
More outings and field trips. More experiential learning than just sitting down and being lectured.
Yes, I recommend
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My Broadened Future

This program really helped me to understand what I wanted out of life and figure out how I could achieve it. The environment that I was placed in also helped me to determine what sort of environment I enjoyed and which I did not. The company that I worked at also helped me to figure out what sort of work I enjoy doing and whether or not I would like to do more of it in the future. This program placed me in environments where I truly felt a part of the team I was assigned to and I could not be more thankful for that.

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BroadFutures offers a perfect approach to understanding and managing learning disabilities in the professional world!

I participated in the BroadFutures Summer 2015 programming after taking a gap year from MIT. Before participating in this program, I felt I had a very haphazard approach to navigating the world of academia. After working with professionals who catered specifically to my ADHD, I began to learn how to coordinate my skills in a way conducive to an in-depth experience in the scientific interests. With a much better direction regarding my goals and the specific steps I needed to take to reach them, I was able to organize my approach in order to complete my undergraduate degree! I felt I was able to recenter and learn how to navigate the professional world in my own unique way.

How can this program be improved?
As this program continues to grow, I can see the benefit of having a wider variety of mentors and internships in a wider variety of fields for students to work in areas more specific to their interests. But overall, this program does a good job of focusing in on general professional development skills that help in the future regardless of the student's field of choice.
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About BroadFutures

BroadFutures is a workforce development program dedicated to working with young people who have learning disabilities (LD) and/or attentional issues. Operating out of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, the mission is to enhance the inherent...