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During lecture phase, you will spend 3 months in northern California receiving weekly teachings about life lived with God. You will discover who He is and who He’s created you to be through real relationship with Him. You'll also get to be in community with people from all over the world and make real, lasting friendships as you encourage one another and grow together. In this phase you can choose an additional study topic such as adventure, worship, coffee, or mercy ministry.

During outreach phase, you will spend 2 months using what you learn in lecture phase to impact communities around the world and spread the Good News of Jesus. This program will give you valuable experiences for life and help you discover what God has made you to do! For more details about this program, check out our website!

  • Community Life
  • World Travel/ Cross-cultural Experience
  • Spiritual/ Personal growth
  • Mountain ranges/ Hiking
  • Canoeing/ Kayaking/ Swimming

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Yes, I recommend this program

Whatever you age - go for it!

My wife and I didn't know much about YWAM before we heard of YWAM Redding and had questions about being to old (in our 30s) and how it would work as a couple etc.

We have been SO blessed by God through this place since then!!!
(Also it turns out despite it being YOUTH With a Mission some people still do DTS in their 70s!)

We found that YWAM generally as a movement has a such rich spiritual history and is a powerful influence in missions to the unreached which is what was most on our hearts as well as in mobilizing and training and discipling the church and YWAM Redding is a great example of this. It is impossible do a DTS with them and not have your faith and intimacy with God hugely increase!

We did our DTS with an extra focus on our marriage called the Young and Married Track which was incredibly helpful to us too!

We loved this place so much during DTS that we decided to stay and are SO glad we did!

What and incredible community of people to be part of!

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
Serving refugees who had just crossed from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan
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Yes, I recommend this program

I love this place!

DTS is such a special season where you can set aside five months to seek God's face, discover who He has created you to be and go into the nations to share Jesus’ love with the lost!
Lecture Phase is an amazing period of growth with the Lord where you are submerged into an environment that fills you with the Truth. Gifted speakers come in from all over the United States/World to teach on different topics to help you develop and grow your relationship with Jesus.
Outreach Phase truly is an experience unlike anything else. It is between 8-9 weeks in total and provides practical follow-up from the teachings given during the lecture phase. Outreach gives you an opportunity to experience first hand God working through you, and shows you a glimpse into the heart of missions.

In Youth With A Mission, Redding California's campus, they prioritize loving Jesus and people above everything else.
In the community, I always feel accepted and loved in an empowering way that is increasing my desire for the nations and for more of Jesus!
YWAM Redding helps to test your limits, and provide a safe space for you to to develop your relationship with Jesus, and step out in faith and see how Jesus moves!

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Yes, I recommend this program

I haven't been the same since...

When I took my gap year in 2017 I decided to come to YWAM Redding's Discipleship Training School (DTS) because the community looked really inviting and it looked like a place where not only I could find myself better, but also find my purpose in life!

And I wasn't wrong... This DTS changed my life! The students, the staff were all so welcoming and really took the time to get to know me and make me feel welcomed into the community. I spent the first 3 months in Redding, in a classroom setting, where we had different speakers come, doing worship, growing closer to the community and getting to know the local people in Redding. The last 2 months we spent overseas, doing mission work, practicing the things we learned during the classroom phase.

More than anything else, the thing that changed me the most was the community here. God gave me what I was looking for in the people here, a place where I learned freedom and acceptance in Him!

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Yes, I recommend this program

When you experience heaven on earth

God gave me a dream with Redding and an address too. The address of my dream is exactly the address of my accommodation with the base. I’ve never seen a place where the atmosphere is so favorable to seek God’s heart. I can experience here everyday God touching earth. Bethel Church is close here and it’s so amazing the things we have access. It’s such a blessing to be in a base so close to bethel and to receive from God in many different aspects all the time. I figure it out that we can not get anywhere without know who we are, where we are and where we gonna get. Identity is the main heart of everything to be able to experience God’s fulness towards our lives. So, if you are looking for more of God and His direction to your life, you gonna truly find out that this place is such a good place to experience encounters and be more confident in who you are and receive God’s love to you. The revelation of God’s love to us and who we are to Him and even to start to truly believe in that changed my whole life upside down. Everyday here is the happiest day of my life. My life is not perfect. My financial life is moved by daily miracles. But I have a perfect father and He bless me everyday far beyond I expect. God is so so so good and don’t be afraid to give faith steps. Where God leads, He provides. If you feel that He is leading you to this step, just put all your heart into it, cause boldness attract His power and grace and He will always turn impossible to possible for you. I’m in love with this place, this people and I really recommend people to come here and experience God’s love. It’s all about Jesus, always remember that.

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Discipleship Training School Journey

After having an interesting time at school burning myself out doing assignments and tests I decided that I needed to do something for me. Something that would help me get rid of all the stress and anxiety that school brought in the senior year. On top of this I also wanted to get some direction entering into my adult life and of course to do some TRAVELING.

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) offered by YWAM Redding involves 3months of having others pour into you and learning how to pour into others through Missionary Work. This 3months was the perfect thing that did not only help me get rid of all my stress and anxiety but it also allowed me to heal in so many other ways I didn't even think was possible.

After the 3months of having others pour into me I was then able to do a Missions Trip to 3 different countries in 2months!!! It was sooo good to be able to pour into other people's life's and experience different cultures all at the same time.

As this is a Christian ministry it turns out that Jesus really is 'The way, the truth and life. While on this journey I was actually able to find the job of my dreams as Jesus showed me the way and he gave me life freeing me from all the stress and anxiety I had.

What would you improve about this program?
This program is great, I can't think of a way to improve it.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Not just California, but overseas too.

Even though this program is listed for the states, you only spend 3 months in California, and then travel to 1 or even 3 different countries for the last 2 months.

I did this program the very first time they ever ran it - and it was such an amazing experience!

I'm from Chicago and I was going to college when I felt like something was missing in my life. I decided to take some time off of school to figure out what I'm truly passionate about and experience more of the world. I also wanted to discover more about who God is and heard YWAM was a great place to experience and learn about God.

This program was the most valuable experience of my life, honestly.
I learned SO much about who God is and who He made me to be, and that changed EVERYTHING for me. I never knew I could live with this much joy and peace in my life!

During the "Lecture Phase" in Redding I got to live with some amazing people who became some of my best friends. The community you get plugged into here is so encouraging and real.
Plus the city is stunning with places to hike, bike, swim, kayak, cliff jump... and some of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen.

Then in the second half of the program (Outreach Phase) I got to travel to Lebanon, Turkey, and Ethiopia! They go to different places each time, but everyone else I know who has done the program has also gone to some unique and incredible places.

Honestly I tell so many people about this program. I think it's so valuable to take time to get to know God and this is such an awesome place and way to do it! I finished with a much clearer understanding of what I want to do with my life, and with memories and friends I will treasure forever!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Ywam Redding was life Changing!!

I would do this over again if I could!! It rocked my world!! Ywam Redding created such a safe environment for me to experience Jesus in a new way!! They carried the heart and passion of Jesus so well!! Joy and laughter were such a huge part of the community there!!

It was amazing!! I have never felt so loved by God and people before!! Daily Jesus poured His love on me!!
But the teachings I received there allowed me to be more open to what God had for me!

Lecture phase opened up the keys to my heart for God to pour in truth and healing. I was able to grasp so much freedom and love!! I left a whole new person for Jesus!! They teach you a lot about how to serve others and reach the lost.
But what impacted me the most was what happened inside my heart. Jesus become so much more real to me!!
Ywam Redding seeks the truth of God and the teach it to you everyday. They teaching line up directly with the bible!
They modeled the life of Jesus so well within their daily activities. They didn't always get everything right, because they are human too. But they always allowed Jesus to be known above all else!!
This is what I needed to see displayed in my life! How to build good character that will last beyond Ywam! That we are not always perfect but Jesus can still use us to change peoples lives. Because He is greater then all our failure! Through that I learned that Jesus can teach and grow us in so many deeper ways than before!!
I was suddenly aware of all the times God had been there for me throughout my life!! I learned that there is way more awesome then I thought!! Jesus is so freaking cool!! I was missing out on how profound God was!!

Outreach was like luxury with Jesus. My team was amazing! My outreach leaders were really cool! They always brought us back to the heart of Jesus!! I honestly felt so spoiled! Through them, Jesus showed that sharing Him with people was easy and so much fun!! I had a blast!! I grew in confidence and courage! I was stretch in a healthy way! I learned how to be bold! I felt a huge amount of love from God that I was able to pour it out on people in such a deeper way!! I learned that sharing Jesus is just as simple as opening your mouth. I have never had so much fun with people and Jesus before in my life!!

Truth feeds your soul in a way that gives you life, hope, joy, and faith in a new way!!
There is so much more to Jesus then we know in are little worlds!! When I discovered this truth I was able to live with more freedom in my life!! I am so glad I made the decision to apply and then went ahead and did it!! Wow!!!!! I felt so encouraged in my journey with Jesus!! When you put truth on every accept of your life, love power and authority is able to shine more brightly. This is what Ywam (youth with a mission) Redding did for me!!

I would 100% tell everyone I know to give it a try! You are bond to get something out of it! Especially when you give a hundred 100% yourself! Man, I was so blessed by going there!!

I learned that if something is tugging on your heart to go somewhere or do something.
Just do it!!!!!!!!
Because you will not regret it! And it could very well be the best thing you have done so far!!!!


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Yes, I recommend this program


What a great place to grow. Amazing people and opportunities for real development. I have been really impressed by the opportunities to develop. It’s like a personal greenhouse. Coming with a wilingness to learn will help you in any school and outreach you are a part of. The staff are amazing and skilled. The have a great balance of leadership that enable success in so many situations. I would highly recommend coming to ywam Redding! The disciplineship training school is very effective and filled with so much content that is very much needed no matter where you come from or how old you are. Don’t sit on the fence with this decision. Go get your registration in and make one of the best decisions you can make. Travel, learn, grow. You will not regret it. You can do this!

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