China: The Yangtze River High School Summer Program

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Experience life along Asia’s longest river: live with families on the Tibetan Plateau, learn about interconnected environmental realities at the Three Gorges Dam, explore the world’s largest port.

From its headwaters in the highlands of Tibet to the delta in Shanghai, this program follows the Yangtze River as it rushes nearly 4,000 miles across southern China. Asia’s longest river has shaped China’s cultural traditions, agricultural practices, regional politics and industrial development for thousands of years. Students on this course will gain firsthand insight into the lives of the estimated 550 million people who live along the banks of this vital waterway.

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  • Engage in issues involving development, energy and environmental issues, water, land-use and resource management, ancient and modern history, political studies, ethnic and regional diversity
  • We engage in basic Mandarin, Chinese dialect, and Tibetan language study
  • Introduction to Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and Marxism.
  • Unique rural home-stay (subject to change in the event of governmental restriction).
  • Extensive train and bus travel, hiking, remote village stay. Opportunities to hike in Tibetan areas of Sichuan and Yunnan.

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