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Begin in Havana and road trip your way east along mountain passes, through colonial towns and fishing villages, past pristine beaches and sugar cane fields en route to Santiago de Cuba. Connect with Cubans young and old to hear their perspectives and form your own questions about Cuba’s national identity, state-run media, dual currencies, and its education and public health systems. Explore wild, untouched national parks and experience the biodiversity that has benefited from the country’s isolation. Trek in the Sierra Maestra mountains, attend a baseball game in a packed stadium of Cuban fans, swim in the crystal clear water in the Bay of Pigs, and connect with Cuban musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs. Along your journey, volunteer on an organic farm, and gain perspective on this fascinating and complex island nation and its people.

  • Take a road trip across the island from Havana to Santiago de Cuba
  • Volunteer on an organic farm and learn about Cuba’s “special period”
  • Chat with Cuban students to learn about their lives and dreams
  • Swim in the crystal clear waters of a limestone cenote
  • In the evenings, learn to salsa dance or attend a baseball game in Havana's famed Estadio Nacional

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