VISIONS Dominican Republic Volunteer Programs
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VISIONS Dominican Republic Volunteer Programs

VISIONS offers teenagers opportunities for ambitious service work and cross-cultural immersion in the United States and abroad. We work with and for intercultural communities that lack financial and other development resources. Through service, authentic experience, and active exploration, we encourage new perspectives and dynamic learning.

The Dominican Republic (DR) program has been one of VISIONS longest-running summer community service partnerships. Teen volunteers will immediately feel like family with the neighbors that we have been working with for more than 25 years. The acclaimed VISIONS DR service projects include building schools, homes, and clinics, and helping to run a summer camp. Off hours are infused with the lively Caribbean culture, and time is spent socializing, dancing, playing and watching baseball. Program participants also take excursions to the Zona Colonial, beaches, and Dominican Alps.

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North America » Dominican Republic
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The longer session runs from June 30 to July 20, while the shorter session runs from July 25 to August 10. Tuition includes everything but airfare.

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Program Reviews (4)

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32 years old
Bozeman, Montana
Jamestown College

Exemplified Immersion in the DR


As a staff member in the Dominican Republic I have grown as a individual and professional while seeing an even more intensified growth for the participants. For housing nearly 30 individuals the house held up well, but was far from perfec but very reflective of the normal Dominican living experience. This program is great in the realm of immersion, there is always a Dominican to talk to or play a game with. The communities we work in quickly become a family and really make the experience one of a kind.

How can this program be improved?

The amount of travel to the work site.

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19 years old
United States

Wouldn't Hesitate To Do It Again


I had been in this neighborhood before and loved it, so I wanted to have a more extended stay. Gave me the opportunity to truly experience the culture of this beautiful place. For me it was great. I would go to the worksite or kids camp ready to work, then at night have a cultural experience. The best by far for me is just hanging out with the dominican friends I made, while getting a coke at the corner store. If you go to the community with open arms, they will take gladly. Then you will be part of a community you have never seen anything like before, and will never forget it.

How can this program be improved?

Let the kids have a little more freedom, with just a tiny bit less restriction. I know most of those rules are from safety precautions and things from the past, but that is to the individuals decision. One of the best parts of the trip is experiencing the culture, so at times I wanted to just only be with Dominicans, and truly be submerged by myself.

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19 years old

Great Trip!


I had such a great trip with Visions to the Dominican Republic! Everyone on the trip was great and I thought there was a really good balance between working and doing other activities! I would love to go back!

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19 years old
Philadelphia PA



I had such a good trip with Visions to the Dominican Republic and I know I will never forget it. I made friends that I know I will never forget both with the other participants and with the locals. I loved the project we did and I felt like there was a really good sense of community. I would definitely do a Visions trip again!

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High-quality summer programs for teens who want to accomplish challenging projects and make lasting friendships. Through service work and cross-cultural living, VISIONS offers new perspectives and deep learning while assisting under-resourced communities. Our evenings and weekends are reserved for exploration and adventure. English, Spanish and