AFS Year and Semester High School Abroad in Ghana

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Live with a host family and attend a local Ghanaian high school, while getting the unique experience of engaging in a community service project over the course of your year. Become a part of your community through activities like helping in an orphanage, assisting in HIV/AIDS awareness programs, or studying traditional song and dance. During this program, you will get to choose a community service project as an after-school activity. Projects might be studying traditional symbols and artifacts, proverbs, traditional songs and folklore; assisting in orphanages; participating in community projects, gender programs and HIV/AIDS awareness programs. In both urban and rural areas, teen life is highly influenced by traditional culture, but Western culture plays a role in TV, movies and music. Teenagers in Ghana often hang out outside the home, playing sports, board games and cards.

  • Enjoy Ghana's laid-back, unrushed approach to life
  • Live with a host family and experience Ghanaian home life
  • Attend high school with Ghanaian students and rewrite your high school experience
  • Visits local markets where vendors sell handicrafts, snacks and groceries
  • Fill your stomach with rich foods like red-red, fufu, and yams

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