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4 - 12 weeks

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Nov 13, 2023
Dec 20, 2021
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About Program

On this Ancient World Odyssey, you will travel from the heart of the Greek islands to the Oracle of Delfi and explore the soul of Greek democracy. This program offers you an unforgettable odyssey. By reading from Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey, re-enacting Greek plays, and participating in symposium discussions, you discover hidden insights that transcend time.

We Visit: Athens, Crete, Naxos, Delphi, Olympia and the Peloponnese

Courses Offered: Grade 12 Moder World History, Grade 12 Ancient World History, Grade 12 Studies in Literature, Grade 12 English,
Grade 11 English

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Program Highlights

  • 8:1 Student to staff ratio (maximum)
  • Earning Ministry-approved Credits
  • Walking through the Colosseum and St. Peter's Basilica
  • Interactive Lessons and Assignments
  • Individual attention via Masterclasses

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Athens, Greece

Embark on an unforgettable odyssey. Homer, Virgil, Cicero, and Plato will be our guides as we explore the ruins and examine great literature. By reading from Homer's the Iliad and Odyssey, re-enacting Greek plays, and participating in symposium discussions, you discover hidden insights that transcend time. Enjoy the beaches and warm waters of the Aegean sea this summer and earn academic credit along the way.

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Yes, I recommend this program

A Summer Unlike Any Other

MEI Academy has undoubtedly changed my life. This was my second trip with the academic academy, and my expectations were once again exceeded. Working with teachers so dedicated to their job was refreshing and extremely beneficial to my experience. Travelling overseas as a student may be nerve-wracking, however MEI Academy places great significance on the health and safety of each student. The world really is our classroom and I have found it to be the most effective learning environment. Imagine sitting down for a lesson about ancient Greece just outside the Acropolis- there is simply no better way to learn. I will forever cherish the lessons I learned and the friendships I gained this past summer.

What was the most surprising thing you saw or did?
I experienced so many rare events this summer, however hiking up Mount Zas on the island of Naxos and being followed by goats the entire way up definitely wins this one!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience

I had an amazing experience in Greece with MEI. All the teachers were genuinely interested in our wellbeing and making sure we all had an enjoyable experience. All the places that we stayed at were amazing and well set up and you could clearly see all the planning that went into our trip. Not once did I feel uneasy or unsafe. I can confidently say that I grew both as a student and a person on this trip. I actually really enjoyed all of our assignments and lessons and felt as though they really fit the places we were visiting. The people were great and I will cherish the memories that I made on this trip for many years to come!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Summer Ever!

The decision to partake in an MEI trip was one of the best I have ever made. I pushed myself academically, made life-long friends, and learned how to live away from home, all the while having a great time! The instructors pushed us to exceed our self perceived limits, yet were extremely welcoming and friendly. No classroom will ever beat learning about history where the events actually occurred. It was an experience that I will absolutely never forget.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Life Altering!

This trip was amazing! I had three incredible and intelligent teachers who really cared. They taught me more in 35 days than in three years of high school. I have always loved history and MEI gave me a place to learn about it where it actually took place with other people who were equally as interested. More than that I was able to meet great friends who I will have for a lifetime and made memories I will always cherish.

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Yes, I recommend this program

An Experience like no Other

MEI academy has opened up my eyes to the world around me and taught me so many things. Academically, this program has pushed me to dig deeper in readings, and even when studying history and culture. In my studies, I now grasp details and focus on their purpose, which opens up so many new opportunities for opinions and theories. Secondly, I developed so many valuable skills and personality traits that I never imagined I would. Independence is the biggest thing, travelling for 5 weeks and personally being responsible for all your belongings sounds expected. However, you learn to become so aware and dependable, I could never have learned it a better way than just through experience and making mistakes. At MEI academy, you are also constantly surrounded with social opportunities because you are living with friends and other students, I learned lots about balancing school and social life and this will help me when I head to university in the fall. Finally, I learned the importance of being yourself and being kind to everyone around you. On trips such as this you do not want to waste time being shy or reluctant, because you will want that time back once your comfortable with each other. Overall, this experience exceeded my expectations and after hearing all my stories, my younger sister Jazmine has now signed up for a trip this summer!

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