Paradise beaches in Santorini, mythology in Mykonos, and ancient architectural ruins in Athens make Greece a fantastic high school study abroad option for students who want to experience a different side of Europe.

Study abroad, take a gap year, or enroll in a teen travel or cultural immersion program here to embrace the ancient history that has influenced so much of our Western culture today. Learn about philosophy and history while exploring the country where it all originates from.

Greece is great for students who want to learn about art, democracy, literature and history, love Mediterranean food, and are excited to explore outdoors.

If you're interested in a high school abroad program in Greece, you can choose from:

  • A semester, full year, or gap year exchange program
  • A summer study abroad cultural immersion program
  • Short term teen travel programs
Semester, Full Year, or Gap Year Study Abroad

While there aren't any programs that solely stay in Greece for the semester or year, students can learn about the history of our Western society on a program that takes them to more than one country. Learn about the classics and English literature while exploring Athens and Rome in the same term. Study abroad in the spring and really get to know European history by traveling and studying in France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and the Greek Islands.

Summer Study Abroad

Want to get in beach time, while also studying abroad and being immersed in Greek culture? Then a 5 week program in Greece, living with a host family might be just what you're looking for. After all, nothing is better than yia yia's (grandma's) home cooked meals. Plus, you might even learn some Greek by the time you leave.

Eager to travel and see other places in Europe? Consider enrolling in a month-long travel summer program that will enable you to get to know some of the bordering countries in the Mediterranean.

Short Term Teen Travel

If you're an adventurous soul who loves beaches, mountains, white water rafting, and exploring ancient ruins, you can embark on the Greek Odyssey, a two week adventure program. Those interested in cultural exploration can even go snorkeling and scuba diving on a two week long program where you will get to meet people and who call Greece home.

Other program providers also operate spring break trips to Greece where students can learn more about Greek history and archeology by actually visiting the sites mentioned in their textbooks.

Student Visa Requirements

Because Greece is part of the Schengen Agreement, students can enjoy their time in this beautiful country for up to 90 days without a visa. All individuals must have passports that are valid for an additional three months after their departure date from Greece. Longer term programs will assist students with the visa process. Visit the website of the Embassy of Greece in Washington, D.C. for the most current visa information.


Housing will vary based on program type. Students who do month-long summer programs will live with a host family, where they will be able to be fully immersed in Greek culture. Students who enroll in traveling programs will sleep in guest houses and hotels.


Greece's official currency is the euro. Like many other places in Europe, you can get a decent meal for less than 10 euros, depending on how close you are to touristy areas. Attractions usually cost around 15 euros per exhibit, but this will be covered in the overall program cost. We recommend budgeting for 140 - 200 euros a week (to be safe..and that is on the expensive end.)

Lonely Planet just published a great article about tipping, taxis and other costs you may encounter while traveling in Greece.

Program costs vary depending on the duration of your time in Greece. Summer programs run between $7,495 to $8,995, where as semester programs cost $19,995 to $20,380. Year long programs cost around $40,700, and two month programs cost $11,900. Students looking for a short-term travel program can enroll in a two week program for $4,988.

Packing Tips

Here are some packing tips for paradise:

  • Bathing suit
  • Sunglasses / sun screen
  • A formal outfit or two
  • Shorts/ shirts that can be mixed and matched
  • A light sweater or jacket
  • Sneakers for hiking
  • A 220V power adapter

Ah, Mediterranean food -- one of the things to look most forward to during your time in Greece. From the olives, to the freshly grown fruits (like figs) and veggies, to the open pit lamb roast. Your tastebuds will be happy you chose to study and travel in this country!

Like many other countries in Europe, Greeks eat much later than we do in the United States. Dinner is typically eaten after 8pm, and because the Greeks value friend and family time so much, it won't be uncommon to see restaurants still packed at 11pm. Feeling hungry yet? This article about Top 10 Dishes to Try in Greece will make your mouth water, for sure.


Prior to entering Greece, all travelers must be caught up on their routine vaccines, like polio, chickenpox, and measles. The CDC recommends that travelers also get vaccinated for Hepatis A and B.


You may have heard about some of the recent economic protests that have taken place in Greece in recent years. To ensure safety, we recommend avoiding protests. The website for the US Embassy in Athens does a good job of alerting travelers about which places to avoid.

Like in other major cities around the world, travelers should be aware of possible pickpocketing. To avoid the chance of this happening to you, we recommend wearing a traveler's belt under your clothing, so that you can store important documents like a copy of your passport and cash, and being aware of your bags at all times.

Contributed by Danielle Ortiz

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