Jordan: Arabic Language & The Middle East

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Start The Experiment in Amman, where you will begin Arabic lessons and experience local history and culture. Deepen your immersion during your Amman homestay. You will become part of a family, learning about daily life and practicing Arabic. Your study will include 40 hours of formal language classes.

Expand your knowledge of present-day Jordan through discussions on politics, Islam, human rights, the role of refugees, and multiculturalism. You’ll get a taste of Jordan’s culinary culture with tea nights and cooking classes, and complete a community service project.

Outside the capital, explore Jordan’s ancient history in a Bedouin community, float in the Dead Sea, visit Petra, and trek the rocky mountains of Wadi Rum on camelback. You will wrap up your journey by returning to Amman.

  • Language
  • Peace, Politics, and Human Rights
  • Social Change
  • Community Service
  • Homestay

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My experience in Jordan was absolutely opposite that which is portrayed in the media. Going into the Middle East, especially from a country like the United States, I was told that the culture and the people would be completely foreign, that they would not think like me or act like me, but everything I was told was wrong. The people, the place, everything, was absolutely amazing and I cannot begin express my gratitude for this amazing, enlightening experience. On my trip to Jordan with The Experiment, I met so many people, both Jordanian and American, and had amazing experiences sightseeing, learning, and exploring. I cannot recommend this program more, I had a life-changing experience!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Experiment in International Living: Jordan

This program provided a truly unique and valuable experience. Jordan is a country with experiences, viewpoints, and social structures so unique in the world, while also being a society which is overall very accessible and welcoming to outsiders. Westerners are likely to find little trouble in adapting to life in Jordan. There are several once in a lifetime experiences to be had in Jordan. Some of the best are all nighters in Wadi Rum, balcony-top gatherings above Amman expressways,dead sea photoshoots, buying matching clothes from mecca mall, climbing roman ruins in Jerash, record breaking cafe visits, lewd jokes in arabic class, lock in pranks, as well as countless laughs in the SIT common room. Go to Jordan. Do it for The Culture.

Yes, I recommend this program
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An experience of a lifetime

I loved every part of this trip! The team over in Jordan truly cares for their students, they get us fully emerged and a lot of personal growth happens! I learned the language, culture and history not just through lectures and class but also through first hand experiences! The home stay is one of the most amazing parts of the trip, making you feel like you belong! I highly recommend this trip to future travelers!

Yes, I recommend this program

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