Mekong Gap Semester: Life Along the River
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Mekong Gap Semester: Life Along the River

From its sacred headwaters in the Tibetan Plateau, the Mekong River flows 4,800-km towards the South China Sea, cleaving a boundary between Myanmar, Laos and Thailand, and coursing into the heart of mainland Southeast Asia. To the Tibetans, the Upper Mekong is a powerful spiritual entity. To the Chinese, the river is a means of economic development. By focusing on the interdependency of people and the natural world, students on The Mekong Semester examine how the demand for electricity and anthropocentric resource management is causing irreparable damage to delicate ecosystems and traditional ways of life.

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20 years old
Jackson, WY
Bowdoin College



I went on the Mekong Semester in the spring, almost a full year ago, and I still am unpacking how it has affected me as a person. I met incredible people, saw fantastic landscapes, ate the best food in my life, and fell in love with everywhere I went. My curiosity in Buddhism has only deepened, as has my desire to learn languages-- I'm now studying Chinese in college because of this trip, and I'm hoping to learn Lao and Cambodian someday. I feel more confident and prepared in college, and I think that I understand myself to a much deeper degree now. The instructors are what made my experience, as they are all so knowledgeable and passionate! I miss the temples and marketplaces I wandered through, and I cannot imagine what I would be like without Dragons.

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20 years old
San Diego
Washington University in Saint Louis

Awesome Trip!!!


I went on the Mekong trip last year for the first part of my gap year, and it was an incredible experience. I learned so much about regional culture, food, language, and politics during my time traveling through China, Laos, and Cambodia and developed frienships on the trip that have continued to this day, almost a year later. I will always remember my WTBD trip as one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

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