Mexico: Marine Biology in the Caribbean & Baja Peninsula

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Land in Mexico City before traveling to La Paz, where you will work closely with a marine biologist. Snorkel among colorful schools of fish and observe sea lions in their natural habitats on the beautiful island of Espíritu Santo. During your homestay, experience daily life with a Mexican fmaily. Practice Spanish as you explore incredible natural wonders with your group.

Travel to the Yucatán Peninsula, where you will experience a new natural environment. On the island of Cozumel, learn about pearl farming and witness ecosystem restoration efforts through the installation of artificial reefs. Do a shift of turtle nest patrol to hopefully watch giant sea turtles laying eggs in the sand. Back on land, discover the region’s strong Mayan cultural influence through visits to the archaeological ruins at Coba or Tulum.

Return to Mexico City, where you will deepen your knowledge of Mexico’s culture, history, and cuisine. Taste authentic tacos and stroll through the Frida Kahlo Museum.

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The Best Experience I ever had

Going to Mexico with all these amazing people from around the world has been life changing. Not only have I learned so much about Mexico and Marine Biology but I have made life long friendships with not only my group but with my host family, our Marine Biologist guide, and many other people. I felt like I was at my best when I was in Mexico with these wonderful people. I would do all these essays over and over again because this program was most definitely worth it.

How can this program be improved?
Everything was perfect. I don't think much would have to be changed if anything.
Yes, I recommend
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Exciting and thought-provoking...

No one can say that this experience didn't change their life for the better. I spent three weeks with some of the most interesting and cool individuals from around the world. I learned as much from my peers as I did from the tour guides! From the rainy excursions in Mexico City to cave snorkeling in Cozumel, this trip was filled with insights from actual Mayan natives, lessons on prehispanic culture, and plates of tasty Mexican delicacies. 10/10 would recommend!

Yes, I recommend

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