Action x Change 2017 - UWC España Summer Programme
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Action x Change 2017 - UWC España Summer Programme

Action x Change is a 15 day bilingual (English/Spanish) and residential summer programme organised by UWC España to extend the reach of UWC values to more young people in Spain and abroad.

With youth social entrepreneurship as a central theme, you will develop your own social project while acquiring skills and tools like public speaking, budgeting, project design, team building, group work, etc. During this program, you will work on topics such as youth social entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, dialogue development among cultures and nations, leadership, creativity, and environmental protection, as well as enjoying artistic and outdoor activities.

This transformational program has been designed by a team of international educators and facilitators, belonging to different fields of expertise and with experience in the field of education. 210 youngsters from Spain and abroad have already participated in this experience, as intense as fascinating. Do you want to be next?

  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  • International team
  • Youth social entrepreneurship
  • In Spain
  • 50 young people from different nationalities
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1-2 Weeks
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Couldn´t be happier to be part of this

I was scared to forget everything we experienced there. I was scared that time will blur memories, faces and events into an abstract ActionxChange, which won´t accurately reflect every second and moment we shared. However, I know that feelings will last and, without knowing how or why we feel them as intensely as we experienced them, I´m certain I will never forget them. I will remember the sensations I had while walking blindfolded holding Ajay´s hand trying to find out how Laura and Belén feel during their everyday life in complete darkness. I won´t forget the sound of the wind through the branches; its touch like a warm hand caressing my face, I won´t forget the changes in Ajay´s voice as he talked by my side, how I perceived people around me, when they walked by my side, whey came close, when they loomed above me, the shorty of the group

When we were all togeher it seemed like time had stoped and we lived a long long intense day that never ends, or that we actually didn´t want to be ended. The activities, each and everyone of them exciting and inspiring, filled us with energy, joy and happiness. When I looked around I saw endless smiling faces, hugs and kisses, signs of friendship, companionship o shenanigan here or there, inspiration and loads of admiration for our facilitators, speakers and let alone our mates. The morning activities were pretty intense. Very intense. We needed to focus on our individual projects, listen while sharing our own opinions and learn a thousand things totally new to us. But there was no problem since we were all excited about our ideas and projects. We wanted to change the world and gain the tools to do so, for our projects to succed. They made us feel impatient but excited, hopeful and strong enough to never give up and overcome any obstacles that may cross our ways. It was an honor and dream to be in ActionxChange 2014

We were 27 persons in the huge girls room, 27 smily faces with twenty seven stories to tell, twenty-seven ideas, twenty-seven experiences, twenty-seven different ways of living. Yet there was something that united us, the reason why we met here, : We want to change the world. And believe me, we will manage to do it.

How can this program be improved?

The "criminal game" should not be done after such a intense activity as we did.
There should be more interaction between Spanish and Internationals (even though it was quite good connection).

Yes, I recommend
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¡Una experiencia genial!

Es una experiencia increíble, donde aprendes muchísimo y conoces a gente increíble. Además aprendes muchísimos idiomas. Yo tuve la suerte de poder optar a una beca completa.
Podría decir, que como actioner del año 2014, Action x Change cambió mi vida.
Desde este Short Course he sacado mi propio proyecto social "Proyecto SOL" y lo estoy poniéndo en marcha.
¡Todo el mundo debería de ser actioner!
Action x Change changed my life.

Yes, I recommend

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