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Come join us for the experience of a lifetime in the inspiring and historic University City of Cambridge, UK. Join us during your summer holiday and make friends from across the world whilst expanding your mind with our academic programs. Live like a college student in one of the historic colleges of Cambridge University or in our riverside headquarters, Reach Hall.

You will choose from a wide range of academic courses (everything from Law to Life Sciences & Medicine and Psychology to Politics!) to study. You will also have the chance to explore Cambridge as well as London, Oxford and other exciting locations around the UK and will have the chance to take part in a wide range of activities, from sports to arts and drama.

Our team is dedicated to offering our students the international experience of a lifetime within a safe, positive and inspiring community. Reach for the stars, and you'll have a truly unforgettable experience in historic Cambridge!

  • Academic Excellence - Learn from leading scholars and experts; engage with dynamic classes, lectures and workshops.
  • Inspiring Surroundings - Live, learn and grow in the historic and world-famous University City of Cambridge.
  • Excursions & Activities - Explore the UK with culturally enriching excursions and engage in fun, inclusive activities.
  • International Experience - Meet people from all over the world, learn about different cultures and make friends for life.
  • The Perfect Balance - Manage your own free time and balance it with your studies. Grow in confidence, understanding and independence.

*NEW* Online Courses

Reach Cambridge are now offering one-to-one personalised pre-university tuition. Available during the summer and all year round for students aged 12-18. For more information, visit

Popular Programs

Reach Cambridge Medicine Course

This course offers a unique combination of lectures, practicals, and excursions led by a variety of experienced, successful academics, as well as Cambridge alumni working in the highest tiers of their fields. The course introduces students to a range of subjects taught by scientists at the cutting edge of biological and medical research, perfect for students wanting to learn more about the human body, or who want to gain an insight into what being a doctor would be like.

Reach Cambridge Computer Science Course

Where better to study computing than at the university which produced Charles Babbage, the father of modern computer science? The Reach Cambridge Computer Science course is designed to equip students with everything they need to develop their programming, coding and mathematical skills. Whether students are aiming to create bestselling smartphone apps or wish to become a leading software engineer, this course is the perfect way to take their first step in that direction.

Reach Cambridge Psychology Course

Our Psychology course aims to provide students with a broad and engaging introduction to the many different areas of the discipline that can be pursued at university level. The course will touch upon a range of research areas such as cognitive psychology, behaviourism, social psychology, neuroscience, psychopathology and developmental psychology. If you have ever wondered how the brain works, how the mind develops through childhood, or what constitutes personality, this is the course for you.

Reach Cambridge Business Course

The Business Management & Economics course aims to provide a broad introduction to the subjects, perfect for those interested in studying it at university, or just those who are curious about the modern economic world. Topics covered in the course include development, globalisation, the place of the firm in the economy, inequality and macroeconomic management. The course is designed to allow students to make their own judgements about the most appropriate approaches to economic problems.

Reach Cambridge Engineering Course

For those curious about how things work, our Engineering course is the perfect opportunity to satisfy their curiosity and inspire future studies. This course will give the students a theoretical overview of relevant concepts as well as some hands-on experience. In a series of projects, from bridge building to electronic circuits, the students will develop the skills necessary for a future engineer and through lectures and classes they will learn the basics necessary for engineering in practice.

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It is open to students from 14-18 years old. Hope that helps!


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Yes, I recommend this program

A week of your dream college life

Even though I participated in the program for one week, it seemed like a month had passed - there were so many activities, amazing people and unique experiences that I truly did not want to go home. We had a chance to see how interesting and thought-provoking the lectures at Cambridge are and how many intelligent, kind-hearted and life-smart people there are on campus. The program left me with so many memories that I still remember how I felt every day at Reach - welcomed, happy and with limitless possibilities for me to explore.

What would you improve about this program?
Keep up the good work!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best thing I could have done with my summer

This was my first experience in such an intellectually gratifying environment filled with students as passionate about the subject matter as I was. The English Lit class made me fall in love with my favorite subject matter all over again and I now know more than ever that I want to pursue this subject in my further education. The teachers were both so much fun and helped to guide us, but also let us share our own ideas and lead the class on our own to a certain extent. Our visits to museums and to see Macbeth really helped to enhance the class and broaden the experience past just sitting around a table. The program as a whole was fantastic and I particularly enjoyed the independence that came from staying in a university town.

What would you improve about this program?
The two excursions were rather sparse in terms of activities, but other than that there was never really a moment in which I found myself bored.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Experience of a lifetime

My son attended the Summer 2018 program 3 (Medical and Life Sciences) and had a fantastic time. This was his first camp as a residential student. He and I were a little nervous. But the staff and organization of the program put him at ease. He made life long friends from all over the world. The administration of the program and his experience were beyond measure. He was sad that his time in the program had to come to an end. He will definitely attend next year. The speakers/lecturers were amazing. The children were able gain knowledge through hands-on processes and demonstrations. This experience helped our son confirm his desire to be an Orthopedic Surgeon in the future.

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Yes, I recommend this program

The best way to spend your summer!

Reach Cambridge was by far one of the best experiences of my life. I have travelled across 10 countries and engaged in many academic programs, yet the amazing atmosphere of the program set it apart from any other. The courses were extremely informative and I learnt loads of new things. The teachers were caring and always pushed us to look at things from a different perspective. Our housing was extremely clean and nice and the supervisors were always around to help us out. Although our schedule was packed, we had the best time! The activities were fun and engaging (and also very competitive) I would 10/10 recommend this program. I made friends for a lifetime and we still video call or text! I left this program much more polished and happy!

What would you improve about this program?
Everything was perfect!
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Yes, I recommend this program

My experience

I had an amazing time at reach learning about physchology and meeting new friends from all around the world. Through out the programme we were always doing fun activities to keep us busy. The college residential facilities were amazing in downing college. If I was to go again I would! It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. All the different teachers I had were amazing and the lectures made me very interested in certain topics that I thought I would never be interested in. I definitely reccomend this experience to the people who are thinking about it!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Reach Cambridge

Reach Cambridge was an incredible experience that I will never forget. I have made lasting friendships, and the teachers were wonderful. Our class discussions were intriguing. I was encouraged by both my teachers and classmates to share my thoughts and ideas with the group. I learned so much during my time at Reach, and I met some amazing people. I definitely recommend checking this program out if you are looking for a fantastic summer adventure and lasting memories!

What would you improve about this program?
The creative writing add-on could be longer than two days.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing Experience

Reach Cambridge has been one of the most educational and beneficial experiences I've ever had. It teaches you to be responsible and make new friends, and introduces you to all types of cultures from all over the world. In addition, the classes are very good and advanced. They give you a glimpse of what it wold be like to learnt these subjects in university. You leave ReachCambridge knowing so much more. It is a wonderful experience where you meet people that you will remember your whole life. Even the supervisors and everyone in charge have played a huge role in making sure we had the time of our lives and did all sorts of activities, and I will always be grateful for that. I highly recommend ReachCambridge and I will always remember all the amazing memories I made there.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Reach Cambridge Summer Camp :D (Almost Daily Diary)

Day 1 -
Welcoming tour + very amusing presentation. Nice (small) and cosy room. Sinks in closets :)
Trinity hall mug looked great so I got one.

Day 3 -
Catapults in engineering class. Worked great in testing. Not so well in actual demonstration -__-

Day 4 & 5
6 hour straight of time dilation (among other things). Interesting, but extremely exhausting. I wanted to sleep then but learnt some interesting stuff though. My friend did sleep for two hours.


Next day we went to observatories and telescopes for lesson + a lecture on negotiation. China's fake markets trained me well ;)

Couldn't sleep that night. Dance and music lesson just across from my room. Yay.

Day 6 -
Stratford upon Avon (Shakespeare's Home). My friends and I ended up grabbing some McDonalds and eating most of the while. I think the view was better than the house.

Went to Warwick castle after. Card Games with friends on the bus. Maybe it sitting in the backwards chair was a bad idea...
Eagle show + Jousting. How much more medieval can you get???
Another friend bought a metal sword there. Fruit ninja in the dorms that night :O

Day 7 -
Much Ado About Nothing... MEXICAN EDITION in the Glove Theatre London.
Another game of cards. Some friends promised to teach me 52 pickup on the bus. You have NO idea ;)
Got a free watermelon from the cast (they had them in the scene and I was at the front of the stage. Yummy!)
Modern Art museum definition = big building with coloured squares, sand Carlos and Sainsbury receipts. Huh.
Pizza express dinner :P

Day 8 -
"School day" again. D:
Electromagnetism. I think the highlight of the day was punting, and I nearly got catapulted (literally) into the water when the punt got stuck and was going under the boat :/ It was fun :)

Day 9 -
Charity auction
Free Higs for 73 Pounds? SOLD.
DONUT Eating competitions too :)

Day 10 -
Leaving party? I think my diary I wrote before is messed up. ANYWAYS. Disco :D
I'm not big on it, so I played lots of card games with friends. Banker ended up having to write "check". I had over 20000 money. :)

It wa great fun, and I was sad to leave. I wished I had chosen the four week course instead.


Written by "God" (as dubbed by my friends. I had everything they needed when they need it most ^^ )

What would you improve about this program?
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