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Reach Cambridge

Why choose Reach Cambridge?

Reach Cambridge is recognized for providing high quality residential spring and summer school programs in Cambridge, England. High school students from around the world enroll in classes of their choice and live and learn in the historic and inspiring surroundings of the University City of Cambridge, whilst making friends from across the world.

In addition to their academic classes, Reach Cambridge students participate in a variety of workshops and lectures as well as activities ranging from sports, arts, drama and visits to exciting places in the local area. At the weekend, all students go on excursions to places of cultural and historic interest in the UK, from London to Stratford-upon-Avon.


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Yes, I recommend this program

Reach Cambridge Summer 2023

I thought that the Reach Cambridge program was so much fun! It contributed to so much personal growth for me both as a student and as a young person. Meeting people from all over the world and making real friendships that I have kept is a big highlight. The classes were also amazing, in Cambridge University buildings with expert professors to teach us. Exploring the city of Cambridge and taking advantage of the social events the program offers is something each student should do. Overall, I would highly recommend the Reach Cambridge program for high school students!

  • Explore the city of Cambridge
  • Looks good on Resume for University
  • Meet other people from all over the world and make friendships
  • I wanted more time in classes
  • Exploring the city more
  • Some colleges are farther away from each other
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Yes, I recommend this program

Reach Cambridge Student Experience

First of all, you get a lot of free time in Cambridge, ideal for exploring the city. Cambridge has a lot of parks and sights to visit and learn from. Additionally, the lecture hall was nice. All teahcers had extensive knowledge on their subject and could easily communicate the lesson. The evening activites offered such as punting were excellent. The trips we went to Thames and central London were both breathtaking. We got to see the Tower bridge from up close and London's eye was majestic. The dorms were quite small, but spacious enough. I have to admit though, the dorms felt really cozy. The classes were enjoyable, and not exhausting at all. Curfew was at 10pm, a reasonable hour. ALL of the stuff were incredible, including the supervisors, which were really funny. The music room was fully equipped too. Last but not least,I believe the most important aspect of the trip to have been the people I met during my trip. My classmates, including students following other courses, not only helped me decide what career to pursue in the future, but helped me understand different cultures and broaden my horizons.

  • Amazing environment and nice buildings
  • Little river flowing through and connecting all the colleges
  • Tasty food
  • No lunch
  • Some colleges are far away from each other
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Yes, I recommend this program

Review Reach Cambridge summer course

The Camrbidge summer course at Reach was simply wonderful! As a high school student, I feel it gives you a great oppurtinity to explore subjects and to make new friends coming from all over the world.

Personally, I did the medicine course, and it gave me a clearer view of the subject and how it is going to be in university. We did not only learn the theory, but it also gave us the chance to do a lot of practicals. This, again, gave us an even clearer insight. In my opinion, this was my favourite part!

  • getting to know people from all over the world
  • getting to know your subject and be able to decide whether you like it or not afterwards
  • getting to know how a life of an undergraduate looks like in university
  • the organisation of the events were sometimes a little bit chaotic
  • the activities were quite limited and not very original
  • I think it would have been better if curfew was a little bit later
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Yes, I recommend this program

A Transformative Experience!

My 16 yr old has been interested in the UK for some time, so we looked around online and found Reach. It looked incredible and the kids looked very happy—still, it was a risk coming from the US and not knowing anyone who had been to the program. I felt more and more reassured in the months leading up to the program because the communication was excellent, the portal and the checklists were well-run and buttoned up, and we got every detail we needed including all of the housing info before we left. Little did we know the experience would be so much more than we imagined. She came back feeling on top of the world. Living on her own, making wonderful new friends from all around the globe, and learning from the incredible professors have made her feel like there’s nothing she can’t do. She has begun her third year of high school with extreme confidence and plans to return to the UK for her university years. If you're on the fence about whether or not to send your child to Reach, I would say do it and you will be more than delighted!

  • Social activities/friendships
  • Engaging curriculum
  • "Structured independence" - freedom to move around and make choices within a schedule, always with safety in mind
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Yes, I recommend this program

Life-changing Experience for Our Daughter!

Reach Cambridge was an incredible experience for our daughter. She made friends from all over the world and learned about the cultures of different countries from these new friends. The setting at Cambridge University was perfect - the dorm was clean, safe, and comfortable. She also had so much fun exploring the city of Cambridge during free hours. Most importantly, the teachers and classes were engaging and interesting. The life sciences courses, in particular, got her really excited to study medicine in college. We’re so happy she joined Reach Cambridge this summer.


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Alumni Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with verified alumni.

Why did you choose this program?

There were several factors that made me choose this program above others. First, I love England, so the location was a huge plus for me. I loved the idea of taking an English literature class in one of the most prestigious English universities in the world. I also really liked the international crowd the program promised, as well as the prospect of having the college experience in a proper university town.

What did your program provider assist you with, and what did you have to organize on your own?

Travel arrangements, be they by plane, train, or car are up to you, however, the program does offer pickups at Heathrow and Gatwick. Reach provided a lot of advice about how much money to bring, what to pack, and how to go about both arriving and leaving. They also held at least two Instagram live streams in the months leading up to the program so that you could ask whatever questions you wanted.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

I would tell you to be prepared to meet a crowd more international than any you've likely encountered before. Speaking as an American, I had never truly interacted with people my own age from other countries. By the time I left Reach, I had friends in San Francisco, Belgium, London, Iran, Austria, and Greece, many of whom I am still in contact with. This allowed many fascinating discussions where we compared our cultures as well as our school systems.

What does an average day/week look like as a participant of this program?

Breakfast starts between 7:45 and 8:00, and classes start at nine. It can take between zero and twenty minutes to walk to your class, depending on which college it is in. The classes then run until one, with a few fifteen- or twenty-minute breaks. Most afternoons, you are then completely free until dinner starts at 5:30. There are afternoon activities, such as sports, but most weren't mandatory.

Many days, though not all, there was a lecture in the evenings, which lasted from 6:30 to roughly 7:30. There were then evening activities, such as the talent show or the charity auction. On nights when there were no compulsory evening activities, Reach was usually still running something like Wii sports or a sing-along competition, to name a few. Curfew is at 10:30, but you're supposed to be back in your college at 10. It is then entirely up to you when you go to sleep.

Going into your experience abroad, what was your biggest fear, and how did you overcome it? How did your views on the issue change?

I suppose my biggest fear was that I wouldn't make any friends and I would have to spend the program alone. It was sort of a nagging fear in the back of my mind up until the first day. As it happened, I did meet three people on the first day with whom I immediately connected, and over the next few days, three more joined our little group. However, even if I hadn't met those, Reach was a uniquely welcoming environment.

Breakfast and dinner are both eaten in a dining hall, where everyone sits at one or two long tables. This means that you couldn't sit alone even if you wanted to. Because everyone is let out from classes at the same time, there is a good chance someone would invite you out to lunch with them. I found the kids at Reach to be extremely socially proactive and inviting. I can only assume that this will also be true of future programs.

How is rooming decided?

Reach students will stay at one of two or three different colleges. Both colleges and rooms are decided based primarily on age group. I stayed at Downing, where the younger students were. There were about forty five kids between 14 and 17. The older students, the 17- and 18-year olds, stayed at another college.

Neither your course nor your nationality has any effect on where you stay. My roommate happened to be taking the same class as me, but that seemed to be unique. Corridors are single-sex, but the staircase as a whole is co-ed. My staircase had boys on the first two floors and girls on the third. You can also put in a request for your roommate if you know someone else who is going, or you can request a single room.

Staff Interviews

These are in-depth Q&A sessions with program leaders.

Luke Belmar-Jones

Job Title
Senior Marketing & Programme Coordinator
Luke grew up in Merseyside, England before moving to Cambridge to study at the University. He had a temporary role at Reach Cambridge during the summers of his university years before adopting a full-time position in marketing.

What is your favorite travel memory?

When I traveled to Switzerland for work, I went to a school fair in Zurich. There, by chance, I bumped into two students who had attended our programmes before - it was amazing to see how much they had grown in confidence over the summer, and great to catch up. They were in a place where they were now thinking about applying to university, and it was lovely to see them begin to plan their futures with confidence.

How have you changed/grown since working for your current company?

My ability to think analytically and prioritise has grown immensely since I started in my role. I have been trusted with responsibility for high-priority tasks, and as a result, my confidence, time management, and people skills have seen a vast improvement.

I have also grown personally, as I learn to see things from a different perspective each time we hold a programme, thanks to the international diversity of our students.

What is the best story you've heard from a return student?

We had one student, who studied Business Management & Economics at Reach, who then informed us of her decision to study Economics at University, and said it was the projects and fun tasks during our programmes that made her fall in love with the subject.

She also mentioned that she frequently met up with another student she met in the programme years prior, and they remained best friends despite living thousands of miles apart.

If you could go on any program that your company offers, which one would you choose and why?

I would probably choose the Liberal Arts summer course since it offers such a diverse range of topics, some of which I've never really delved into before. To get such a solid foundation of various humanities subjects, taught by experts in their respective fields, would be a massive thrill from an arts-nerd like me!

What makes your company unique? When were you especially proud of your team?

I would say it's the welcoming atmosphere that truly makes Reach special. Whether you're a staff member of 10+ years, a temporary employee on your first day, or a passionate student nervous about being away from your parents, Reach has a way of making everyone feel immediately at home.

I get especially proud of the team at the end of every spring/summer, when students who've known their peers and staff for only one, two or four weeks are overcome with emotion at having to say goodbye. It says a lot about the effort of every individual team member that we can create such a wonderful & lasting experience in such a short space of time.

What do you believe to be the biggest factor in being a successful company?

I believe that taking responsibility and providing support for your fellow team members is what makes a successful company. Work ethic and skill-set are obviously important, but if you're not comfortable enough to ask for help or own up to mistakes, the trusting dynamic of the team suffers and productivity will suffer as a result.