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Summer Homestay: This seven-week summer program is your chance to have a Southeast Asian high school experience without missing any school in the US. Have the unique opportunity to become a member of a school class likely different than you've ever experienced before. By attending school, you will have instant access to new friends and will be immersed in the culture both through teen life and by spending time with your host family at night and on the weekends. The school you attend and the courses you take will depend on your age and interests as well your host city. Thai schools offer a wide variety of opportunities in addition to academic courses, including cultural subjects such as Thai language, dancing, sword fighting, music, cooking, arts, history, Buddhism and meditation. There are also academic, sports and recreational clubs that meet both after school and for one period a week during school sessions.

Summer community service: This seven-week summer program will give you an unforgettable experience through engaging in community service, living with a Thai host family, and making friends from around the world. Projects range widely and appeal to a number of different passions and skills; past opportunities have included working as an English teaching assistant, volunteering at a hospital, and developing programs related to health and youth social issues in schools. Thai food is some of the world's tastiest cuisine. You will likely eat a lot of rice, paired with curries, fish and vegetables. Spicy pepper and peanut sauces are quite common, and fresh fruit is available year-round. Most Thai families share the evening meal together. On the Thailand summer program, there are numerous ways to engage with the community, form lasting friendships, and make a difference in the life of others. You could teach English and serve as a teacher's aide in a traditional school, assist secondary school health or physical education teachers develop programs to reduce problems in schools or highlight social/health issues, or work in a local hospital. Regardless of your project, you can earn up to 105 hours of community service credit.

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AFS Program During Junior Year of High School

By far the most humbling experience, I was able to live with a caring host family who provided me with lots of resources out of pocket. It was my first time in a foreign country by myself and I could not have selected a better place. However, mild warning, beware of the mosquitoes. Invest in some heavy duty bug repellent.

Yes, I recommend
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A Summer in Thailand

My summer in Thailand was spent in school with my host sister and around Bangkok and the surrounding areas with my host family. A big part of what I saw outside of school was temples. My family, particularly my host mother was religious and we visited a multitude of different temples. From Wat Pra Kaew, a huge temple in Bangkok near the Grand Palace to a tiny shack of a temple on a hillside in the country. I very much enjoyed seeing the variety of places of worship and learning about and participating in different Buddhist traditions and practices.

How can this program be improved?
For me, the biggest drawback to my experience was the fact that the school I went to was taught completely in Thai. I know from talking with other students that some schools are taught in English. This, combined with the fact that my school did not seriously try to teach my the language, as I was only there for the summer, made my time in school rather isolated. I think that if the program either placed students in English teaching schools or insisting that the students are taught Thai with the intention of fluency would make the program better.
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Land of Smiles

First day of school was a blur of stares, smiles, giggles and so many selfies. For once in my life I felt known and important. Everyone there were so interested in who I was and where I came from. There wasn't a point in the day where I was alone - including going to the bathroom. I remember my first time riding on back of the motorcycle with my friends, going 40 mph, the road clear in front of us and rice fields surrounding us. I never felt so at peace. Also being at an Open Zoo was a wonderful experience, I got to pet, feed and watch animals as they would interact in the wild. My time this summer was something I'll always remember and continuously try to recreate.

How can this program be improved?
I think I would change it so that more AFS kids could hang out with one another and be able to go to more trips together because it is during the summer and school is not the main priority.
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1st day in Thailand

My first night in Thailand was very exciting. We arrived in Thailand to a find a party awaiting us. I met so many exchange students from all over the world. We then had a pool party and exchanged contact information with each other. The next day we had our first day orientation and then prepped to meet our host family. I was so anxious to meet my host family but when I finally did it was so worth it.

How can this program be improved?
Yes, I recommend


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