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Jul 30, 2020
Aug 28, 2019
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In this two-week program, you’ll work and learn alongside veterinarians at an elephant sanctuary and a dog rescue. Students live among the elephants and care directly for them while providing check-ups and procedures to dogs in need. This program is divided into two weeks. In one week, students work with our staff vet to care for dogs at the Dog Rescue Clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Students learn how to assess the dogs' health by performing exams and get hands-on practice providing medical care. The other week is spent at the Elephant Nature Park, providing love and support for the 40 elephants who live there.

This program is open for high school students (ages 14-18) who are interested in becoming veterinarians or working professionally with animals. Prices are all-inclusive (less airfare) and financial aid is available.

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Program Highlights

  • Assist veterinarians in dog neuter surgeries at a dog rescue clinic
  • Learn and practice clinical skills for companion animals
  • Help provide medical care to animals in need while learning more about elephant conditions
  • Explore city life in Chiang Mai, including local markets and temples

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Yes, I recommend this program

I love this program

I don’t even know where to begin. I went on this trip by myself and was a nervous wreak the day before I left but I made so many life long friends that I will never forget and miss so much. If you were to ask me what my favorite part of the 2 weeks I was in Thailand was, I would tell you the animals, people, market place, views, culture, food, and adventure. It’s impossible to choose just one. I have also gained so much knowledge about veterinary science and I’m only 17. The hands on experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m so glad I took. The leaders for my group were so amazing and supportive with everything. I never felt alone. Keep an open mind and you will have so much fun. If you are debating on whether or not to go, go! You will not regret it I promise!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
Keep an open mind, and chose to see everything you do as an adventure! Your going to have so much fun!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing program! Well worth it!

When I first herd about this program I was very sceptical, was it real or was it just a scam? After I had emailed Loop they responded back to me within a day and they where very helpful. I had emailed them constanly through the months getting ready for the trip and every time they answered me back and always had helpful things to say. Anything you needed to know they knew the answer. Once the trip had started, it couldn't have gotten any better! The people where always there for you whether it was your trip leader or your Thai tour guide! The vet experience was amazing and defently would not be able to find it any where else. This was my first time out of the country and Loop made me feel right at home! Highly recommend! I will defently be doing more programs with them in the future!

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?
If you are a future traveler, I only have 1 piece of advice. Do not go into this program thinking you know what is going to happen and what to expect. I promise that it will be completely different from anything you know from back home. But if you come with an open mind, your experience will be that much better.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Travel Really "Thais" Us Together

When I was in Thailand, I met some really great people. Probably one of my favorite memories has nothing to do with Thailand, but the people I met there. With the Loop Abroad program in Thailand, you travel throughout the country in buses with the back open and windows that can open. My group brought a speaker with us on this bus and we listened to music from one of the girls' phones. Our vet, Dr. D., also traveled with us on the bus. One day, we were listening to music on the bus and the song "I Don't Mind" by Usher came on the speaker. When Dr. D. heard the lyrics to the song, she became surprised at them. In fact, she changed all of the lyrics to fit the veterinary field, changing words such as money to shots and such. We all laughed so much that she kept doing it for the rest of the songs we heard. It was such an awesome experience. The girls that I spent this experience with ended up being some of my best friends, and we became each others' support systems throughout the trip.

What would you improve about this program?
If I had to change one thing about this program, I would definitely ask to spend more time working with the elephants at the Elephant Nature Park. However, I understand that this is dangerous, so I realize it probably isn't a realistic request.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Loop Abroad High School Vet- Life Changing Program

From beginning to end, the high school vet program with Loop Abroad was an amazing experience. The staff is incredibly supportive and engaged in everyone who attends the program. My parents were very apprehensive to allow me to go to another country and one of the founders, Adam, made to sure to answer the many questions my mom asked him over multiple phone conversations. While traveling with the program, whether that was to Thailand, in Thailand, or coming back from Thailand; I felt very safe. I experienced so many eye-opening things and enjoyed having the opportunity to socialize with our designated Thai staff member everyday. One of my most fond memories is that of planting grass at the Elephant Nature Park. Myself and one other girl from my group went with participants from other Loop groups to go plant grass for the park. My groups’ Thai staff member, Jane, came with us. After we had been planting for no more than five minutes, it started to downpour. We kept planting but we soon got off track when Jane and another Thai staff member, Say, started a mud fight. After the fight, we cleaned off by swimming across the river instead of riding back in the trucks we came in. With the Loop Abroad program you are able to make unique and special memories like this because the staff take time to give you those opportunities. On top of being a fun travel program, it is also very informative. My groups' vet, Christy, was a very good teacher and created a productive learning environment for everyone involved.In addition, after the end of every groups' time in Thailand, the Loop abroad staff has the participants fill out a survey. They want your honest feedback and take it to heart. After you return home, Loop Abroad still keeps in touch with you by offering different opportunities they come across. I would highly suggest this program to anyone wanting to learn more about veterinary medicine, as well as anyone wanting to experience an amazing culture, and making lasting memories while doing so.

What would you improve about this program?
The one thing I would change is making sure that everyone got the time they needed in every veterinary skill. Though everyone gets a chance to try each skill or technique, there were times when unplanned opportunities came up. I was grateful to be able to assist and learn in those opportunities, but as a result I missed some practice time on suturing that I was unable to make up.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing experience

I went to Thailand with Loop Abroad for a Highschool Veterinary Program to learn about and experience Elephants, and cats and dogs.I was able to spend a week with elephants at the Elephant Nature Park about an hour outside of Chiang Mai and another week taking care of dogs at the Animal Rescue Kingdom in Chiang Mai.

While I was at ENP, I learned about the daily responsibilities the elephant caretakers had as well as wound management. Many elephants in their care have foot injuries from stepping on landmines as they were crossing the Burma-Thailand border. I had the opportunity to treat one of the elephants who stepped on a landmine, her name is Thai Koon. Even though she has received treatment for her injury for over three years she still has a large hole in her foot. I cleaned it out with multiple q-tips to remove the dirt then I wash it out with an iodine solution, and lastly I applied a purple antiseptic spray. At ENP they have over 450 dogs and around 300 cats, during our down time we were able to help the veterinarians deworm them by making treats with the medicine inside. I made about a hundred treat balls which included rice, beef, fish, chicken, and wet food and then estimated each of their weights and gave them the treat with the appropriate dosage.

The last week in Thailand I went through a veterinarian workbook with 6 other girls guided by our veterinarian, Dr. D (DVM). We learned skills such as how to restrain animals, how to draw blood, how to give the three types of injections, as well as other skills needed in surgery. I had the opportunity to be on the anesthetic and surgical team for dog and cat neutering surgeries. Going to Thailand and learning these basic Veterinary skills while bonding with all the amazing people who were in the program and the very supportive staff was a once in a lifetime experience. I would recommend this program to anyone who is considering being a veterinarian, working in this field and to anyone who loves animals.

What would you improve about this program?
The only thing that could improve this program would be experiencing more of the Thai culture and learning the language.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Best Trip By Far

This trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I learned so much, met amazing people and lifelong friends. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant at first. Going on a trip with people you met 2 hours ago is not something I prefer to do but the staff and all the students were extremely nice and everyone had the same thing in common-we all love animals! Experiencing Thailand first hand is incredible. We got to go to the evening markets, try bizarre fruits and stuff our faces full with the best Thai food! We also learned a bit of the Thai language as well as the culture which was extremely interesting and something completely new.

The 2 week trip consisted of spending one week at Elephant Nature Park (ENP) and the second week in Chiang Mai at Spicy Thai. Both weeks were equally as great but living at ENP allowed me to meet some pretty amazing people. The program involved a lot of hands on with the animals as well as learning basic veterinary medicine.

Most importantly, through this trip, I have learned and discovered more about myself as an individual and what I really want to do in the future.

Thank You Loop Abroad and everyone involved! This is an experience I'll never forget!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Loop Abroad!!♡♡

This was my first time outside of Michigan (the state I live in). I am so pleased that I decided to travel with Loop. From the moment I got to New York I knew it was going to be great. The staff was very helpful into helping me get to my hotel for the night. Once we finally got to Thailand I met more staff which made things even better!! I think my favorite part would be when my group all bonded together while riding down a river through the Elephant Nature Park! This entire trip was just phenomenonal, from meeting all the elephants and learning how to care for them, to learning to neuter a dog and a cat. Another thing that I loved was trying the different foods! I wish I could tell more but there arnt enough words to describe how amazing this trip was!!

What would you improve about this program?
It is almost a perfect program!! The only thing I would ever change about this program is the length. I didn't want to ever leave. It was the best 2 weeks of my life.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Loop Abroad Veterinary Service July 2014 - BEST TRIP EVER

I always found it so funny to tell people I found Loop Abroad's program as I was scrolling through Facebook. After clicking on the link and investigating further (and pushing for my parents to please say yes), I submitted an application, got accepted, and anxiously awaited for July to come. I had no idea this program would make such an impact on me. I was enrolled in the Loop Abroad high school veterinary service program, group 2. For two weeks I was with a group of 10-15 people. In the first week, my group spent time at the Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park which was founded by Lek Chailert, who has devoted her entire life to caring for all animals. The Elephant Nature Park is said to be one of the most respected elephant conservation efforts in the world. The sanctuary has been recognized by everyone from the United Nations to the United States congress for their work protecting Asian elephants. While there, my group and I were able to assist directly with the Asian elephants reserved there. We learned stories about each of the elephants; their past, what they went through, and how they got to the elephant nature park. Under supervision, we were able to wash the elephants, learn how to feed them, administer "medicine balls", exudating out purulent wounds from the elephants accidentally stepping on landmines, and learning how to harvest the food for them. I was able to go right up to the elephants and hug, kiss, or pet them. Not a lot of words can really describe what it's like when you make eye contact with an elephant, but it does change you. For the rest of our time there, we were able to walk around the reserve, eat our delicious Thai meals provided to us, shop at the street markets, and enjoy the incredible view of the park. There were so many other fun activities we were able to do while staying there, and I was able to create friendships that will last for a long time. Nothing else amazing or aesthetically refreshing can describe what it's like when you get to eat fresh pineapple and deviled eggs on a balcony, and you see the elephants peacefully strolling along the countryside. I will never forget that feeling.

The second week, my group traveled to an animal shelter called the Animal Ark Kingdom, a.k.a "ARK". There, we learned about the basic procedures of caring for animals and veterinary care. We learned how to perform physical exams, blood draws, administering medications, wound care, and surgery. There, I got hands on experience under direct veterinary supervision. I was able to learn the steps into performing neuters and castrations, and was also able to directly assist in these spays and neuters. The experience of ARK helped me begin learning my veterinary skills, and soon I was able to utilize those skills at the Vet Tech Institute as a skilled veterinary technician student. In between, we were able to take little side trips. We were all able to visit the Doi Suthep temple, eat at different restaurants, getting to cuddle and pet tiger cubs and adult Bengal tigers at Tiger Kingdom, and exploring the Chiang Dao Caves on a lantern tour.

Because of this amazing trip, I have been able to impress and inspire others around me. My community's newspaper interviewed me and posted an article in the newspaper, do a presentation about the trip in a college class, and I've been able to use this trip on my resume for jobs and for my vet tech externships; all that I've been able to successfully earn. If I am to pursue a career in zoo/wildlife medicine, I know this experience will make me standout amongst any other potential candidates. I was able to help animals from all walks of life, and the feeling of being able to give to others is a very rewarding feeling. Traveling abroad is a one in a lifetime experience, and I highly encourage everyone to try taking that opportunity.

What would you improve about this program?
If I had to change only one thing in regards to the Loop Abroad program, it would probably be the fact that I wish we were able to utilize more college credits. I do now know that Loop Abroad is in fact offering a program where pre-veterinary students can transfer credits to a college, but I do wish they offered this in the high school programs. They all did an excellent job in contacting my travel partners, as I had the opportunity to email them, Skype, and text them. Other then that, the program is very well organized and definately worth the money.
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