Nicaragua: Community In Action (Summer Abroad)
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Nicaragua: Community In Action (Summer Abroad)

Central America, a narrow strip of steaming jungles and fiery volcanoes, is the earth’s most recent major land formation, and a melting pot of cultural and biological diversity. At its heart lies Nicaragua, the “land of lakes and volcanoes,” and a hotbed for innovative community response to the rapid changes of globalization. With an emphasis on community based learning-service, intimate home-stays, and exceptional language instruction, our Nicaragua program allows students to learn directly from community activists, famers, and NGOs working for social justice and sustainability.

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  • Two weeks of formal small group (2-3 student) language study for four hours per day and opportunities for language immersion throughout. Language programs are customized for students.
  • Land-based social movements and the local response to the globalization of labor, land, and economics.
  • Focus on communal models of development and localized management of resources; examination of globalization, privatization, and U.S. - Latin America relations.
  • Volunteering in El Lagartillo around community-based development and sustainable technology. Farm work on coffee and/or dairy farms and work with Permaculture design.
  • Three-day hike in the cloud forests of Miraflor conservation area, volcano assent.
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The land cost for Nicaragua: Community in Action is 6,360$ for 4 weeks. Flight costs are estimated at $905. Need-based scholarships are available.

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18 years old
Groton, Connecticut



The homestay was so helpful for me in learning Spanish. I'm currently a teachers assistant in a Spanish class at my school-- Español para hispanohablantes (Spanish for native speakers) and I understand everything the class says! My family was so patient with my Spanish and very welcoming. I couldn't have asked for a better homestay experience.
I made so many great connections while on the trip, with both my group members and Nicaraguans we met while traveling. While my homestay family was the most prominent in my mind, my Spanish teachers from the village and all the people who helped me practice my Spanish on the farm also played a role in my success as a Spanish student.

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24 years old
Cambridge, MA
University of Vermont

An informative and dynamic educator course


This review is for the Nicaragua educator course (Training Best Practices in International Experiential Education).

This course provided the perfect environment in which to share information among engaged peers and to develop personally as well as professionally. The integrity of WTBD's staff training, programming and administration was evident throughout, as well as a high level of professionalism and the company's commitment to lifelong learning.

Thank you for the wonderful course!

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