United States: Human Rights & College Discovery

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The Experiment in International Living students at the White House, US
The Experiment in International Living students at the White House, US
Statue of Liberty in the USA
Statue of Liberty in the USA
New York City cabs
New York City cabs
Street signs in Washington DC, United States
Street signs in Washington DC, United States


Start your Experiment in New York where many immigrants first entered the U.S. at Ellis Island. Explore from the African Burial Ground National Monument and Chinatown to Little Italy and the Jewish East Side. Tour universities with human rights programs, which might include Columbia University or City College of New York.
Travel to Washington, D.C. and visit the Human Rights Campaign, America’s largest organization for LGBTQ issues. Visit the National Mall to see monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Explore the Smithsonian Institution’s museums, including The National Museum of the American Indian and The National Museum of African American History. You will tour universities, such as Georgetown, American, or George Washington University.
Continue to Atlanta, Georgia, to begin a homestay with a local family. Learn about human rights at Emory and Georgia State University and stay on campus.

  • Peace, Politics & Human Rights
  • Social Change
  • Physical Activity
  • Dormitory
  • Homestay

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Yes, I recommend this program

My Lifetime experience in my dream country

The Experiment in International Living gives me the opportunity to enrich my knowledge about Human Rights and discover some prestigious American Universities in a program called: “USA: Human Rights & College Discovery”. My experience starts in JFK airport where I have landed, met my Leader and my new friends from USA, and all over the world. After that, we’ve gone to the motel, relaxed, eaten some delicious American pizza and gone on a scavenger hunt in order to familiarize ourselves with surroundings. Also, we explored different sites such as «Times Square »,« the Empire State Building »,« Central park», « United Nations Headquarters», « Liberty Island and Ellis Island » . We were really in love with skylines, stores, food and culture. Moreover, we have learnt a lot about the human rights’ history whether it was LGBTQ rights or workers’ rights through many interesting galleries, and organization for instance: « Bronx » which is a public defender nonprofit that helps people tackle their issues and the theatre of Oppressed that taught us techniques to better understand this topic. I have been taught that the amazing NYC is a fruit of a hard work of ambitious people that tried hard to achieve their hopes for a safe, just, and peaceful world that couldn’t be realized only when there is universal respect for the inherent dignity and equal rights of all members of the human family. In addition, we visited my dream University, one of the Ivy Leagues Columbia University where we learnt about the admission process. Furthermore, we visited the District of Columbia, the nation’s capital, where we have learned about the city’s unique human rights’ issues and settled into our dorms at George Washington University after we had toured it. We roamed the National Mall, visited famous monuments of esteemed leaders Martin Luther King, Jr…and explored the Smithsonian Museums. After that, we road-trip to Charlottesville, Virginia as a first stop to the south. We toured the University of Virginia. We continued learning about human rights at Emory University and stayed on the college campus while learning about the college process. Finally , our homestay of six days begun in ATLANTA, with different activities with my host family who helped me a lot and let me spend the best time. The experience I had, exceeded my expectations, develop a deeper understanding to my identities from a global perspective. Also, through this journey to the United States I could think outside of myself, came back with a lot of confidence, inspiration, curiosity to acquire different experiences and the best of memories!
A big thank you to all of you !

Yes, I recommend this program

Serendipitous Adventure

The experience I had exceeded my expectations. I really wanted my summer to be exciting and I was looking for some adventure as well as some learning experience and what I had with EIL was completely what I wanted. I felt like I was in a different country even though we were still in the United States. The group members and leaders made the whole experience even better as everyone was open and participative. I am forever thankful and I will forever remember this trip!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Civil rights awakening

For me this trip provides me with a new look and deeper understanding of the civil rights. I am aware of the civil rights issue we face today but I didn’t take into account that we’ve made so much progress. This experience expand my respect and appreciation of those before me who stood up for the rights I take for granted today. There were many lives lost and risk taken just so I could get a school within walking distance from my home that have a high quality education. So many people who were my age were killed simply because of their race, something they can’t control. Although it still happens today it is no longer ignored and unsolved like the past. Going to different museums that highlighted these crimes and traumatic Times brought me to realize this. Also meeeting with people who lived through these times help me connect with the reality of the past. This experience was eye owning and provided me with a new appreciation for things I took for granted before. I gained more knowledge and respect.

What would you improve about this program?
Better timing for activities so students can have time to rest for the next day and enjoy meals.