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On the west coast of Africa lies a beautiful country with expanses of wilderness and coastline: Ghana, meaning “Warrior King,” is a place known for its warm national character, where visitors are always welcomed as friends. Above all, the Ghanaians are peaceful, caring, and hospitable.

In your exclusive Teen Home-Base in Hohoe, you’ll find a unique richness everywhere you look. From the country's cultural history to its varied expanses of wilderness and coastline, volunteering among this welcoming community will open your eyes and heart to new cultures and real connections.

For two decades, CCS volunteers have traveled around the world to work on sustainable service projects. Volunteer abroad and trip to help improve education for local children or assist with the care of infants and children in Hohoe, Ghana This can include anything from arts and crafts to organizing a game of soccer with the neighborhood kids.

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18 years old
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A Great Experience Lesson on Perspective, and Knowledge

Overall 8

From mid-June to late-July I spent a month volunteering with CCS in Ghana. It was the best experience, and trip of my life. I taught kindergarten-1 at a local school and orphanage in Hohoe, and I gained so much perspective and knowledge from the children about their culture, customs, and lives. Besides teaching at the school, I also was able to climb the tallest mountain in Ghana, learn how to weave Kente Cloth, visit the capitol of Ghana, Accra, and so much more.
One thing I would have to say is that I wasn't informed about teaching at the local school and orphanage until a couple days before I left. Some of the other volunteers during my stay didn't have the same intentions and values as the rest of the volunteers and I for the duration of our time in Ghana. Overall, the program is absolutely life changing and I hope to visit the children that I became close with, and also the ones who I gave an impact to.

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18 years old
United States

Great Experience but more initial knowledge about placement would have been valuable

Overall 7

This summer I volunteered at Hohoe, Ghana, with the CCS teen program. It was a life changing experience. I was the last of my group to arrive and when I finally got my luggage I was greeted by a tired, if smiling person holding a CCS sign. His name was Julius, and he was great! Then there was a six hour drive to the home base from Accra. I was quite terrified in the van because we kept on driving on the other side of the road to avoid potholes, but I soon got used to it after realizing that everyone does it. When we arrived, I was greeted by the program supervisors, who insisted on staying up for us even though it was 3:30 in the morning.
Placement is Monday~Friday, and we worked at Happy Kids Orphanage. I wish I had know beforehand that it is a school as well, because we were all very unprepared when we found out we had to teach. I think if we could arrive on a Thursday then spend Friday and the weekend making lesson plans it would be better. I was also not expecting to be able to wear shorts, but it was mostly fine, especially around the home base, as long as it isn't spandex or booty shorts.
I am very happy that I met some fellow volunteers who share my values, although not everyone in the group did, I have become very close to the few who did. This experience has left me with perspective, and I've gotten the rare opportunity to learn about a culture very different to my own. I wish I had stayed three weeks!

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The Cross-Cultural Solutions Volunteer Abroad experience allows students and travelers to gain valuable experience overseas while working side by side with local individuals and communities to make an impact.

Since 1995, over 35,000 people have volunteered with Cross-Cultural Solutions, providing meaningful and sustainable volunteer services to international communities, and contributing responsibly to local economies.

Volunteers gain valuable experience working in areas such as education, healthcare, and social services. Visit the Cross-Cultural Solutions website to learn more about how we're changing everything.

Cross-Cultural Solutions: High School Volunteer Abroad in Ghana

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