Internships in Toronto, Canada

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Internship Programs in Toronto

Internships in Toronto, Canada


Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and arguably the cultural capital of the country. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. The city boasts that 45% of its population is foreign-born. There are many different cultural and language groups represented in Toronto, making it a fun and interesting place to be. Culture in Toronto has been strongly affected by foreign-born residents who have held onto their language, dress, customs, and food.

Because the city is so ethnically diverse, so is its culture. Toronto is full of so much cultural activity - music, art, theater, performing arts, sports, festivals, media, literature, parks, and nightlife. It’s hard not to get swept up in all the amazing things going on in Toronto. Your time interning abroad in Toronto will make you never want to leave.

Top Industries

Business/Finance: Canada’s largest city also happens to be the country’s largest financial center. The Toronto Stock Exchange is the world’s seventh-largest stock exchange. Furthermore, important companies such as Bell Media, Torstar, Magna International, and Four Seasons Hotels. Whether you’re interested in learning about business administration or financial accounting, you will find an internship in Toronto that will skyrocket your experiences.

Theater/Performing Arts: It’s no secret that Toronto has a vibrant theater community. It is home to the National Ballet of Canada, the Canadian Opera Company, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, and the Canadian Stage Company. For those interested in the performing arts, there is no better place to intern. Interns could have tasks in fields such as communication, education, marketing, scenic production, costumes and more!

Media: Toronto is Canada’s largest media market, and home to many major newspapers, television networks and broadcasters, and magazines. The city makes a perfect place for those interested in journalism. You could end up writing, publishing, and reporting for major national or city newspapers. Popular channels such as MuchMusic, MuchMore, and MTV Canada are based in Toronto - internships at these channels are popular among young professionals.

Technology: As the world becomes more focused on green technology, Toronto’s technology sector has been adapting to this market. Interning in Toronto will allow you to peek into the developing world of green technology. Green technology is the future of many industries throughout the world, and you can be on the cutting edge of this field.

Planning Your Trip

When and Where to Look for an Internship

Because Toronto is an urban area, you will be able to find internships throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). You should also be able to find an internship that suits your career goals throughout the year in Toronto's buzzing economic atmosphere.

Cost of Living in Toronto

As the largest city in Canada, Toronto is also the most expensive to live in. On average, rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs of Toronto is about CAD$9,000. The price for an apartment closer to the center of the city is even more expensive, at about CAD$1,300. You may want to decide where to live depending on where your internship is. For more information
and specifics, visit

Work Culture in Toronto
  • Etiquette: Because Toronto is such a huge business hub, the culture tends to be more business-like and conservative. Politeness is considered hugely important in building both business and personal relationships. Most of your meetings will tend to start off more reserved, and then become more open as people become more comfortable with the situation. Expect the people to be straightforward and modest; they are suspicious of exaggeration.
  • Language: English is spoken widely throughout Toronto, and native English speakers will not have any problems in the city.
  • Networking: Building relationships is important in Toronto for business. This can be done formally through organizations or informally with coworkers. Networking organizations include, BNI GTA, and Enlight, and Women into Networking. There are many more that you can find based on your career goals.
Work and Labor Laws in Toronto

Canadian law is very vague on the differences between “work” and an “internship.” There are no specific written rules about internships, which makes it difficult to understand what the rights of an intern are. For more information, please visit the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development.

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