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15 Internship Abroad Scholarships & Grants to Apply for Now

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Desiree, City Internships London

Internships are undoubtedly helpful for young people to gain knowledge and experience in their career field, but they can be quite expensive – especially if you are looking for an internship abroad.

The cost of internships can lead to many students to forgo this amazing opportunity to live, experience, and gain knowledge abroad. That is why many organizations provide funding, through scholarships and grants, to help students intern abroad and level the playing field for recent grads.

We know it can difficult to locate funding for an internship abroad, so here we’ve compiled a list of 15 scholarships, grants, and awards that you can apply for to help pay for the global internship of your dreams. Read on to find the best internship abroad scholarship to help you achieve your educational and professional goals.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Daniel, The Intern Group Barcelona

This scholarship is for students with financial need who are studying abroad or are participating in an internship program abroad. The U.S. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs supports this scholarship, which is why it is open only to U.S. citizens. The scholarship can be put towards an internship abroad program.

  • Award: Up to $5,000
  • Requirements: For those receiving Federal Pell Grant funding as an undergraduate
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Application: Click Here

Fund for Education Abroad

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Sophie, The Intern Group Dublin

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) aims to support underrepresented undergraduate students with an interest in education abroad. You can apply before, during, and after participating in a study abroad program or internship abroad program. The FEA is open to first-generation students, minorities, and community college students with financial need.

  • Award: $1,250-$10,000
  • Requirements: For diverse US citizens in an undergraduate program
  • Deadline: September 10th (2019)
  • Application: Click Here

CEA Scholarships

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Gracie, CEA Alicante

CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad) is a study abroad program provider that offers a variety of intern abroad programs from Buenos Aires to Shanghai. They have several different scholarships available that could be used towards an internship program. Some scholarships are need-based, merit-based, or open to all applicants.

  • Award: $250 - $3,000
  • Requirements: CEA participants only
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Application: Click Here

CIEE Scholarships and Grant

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Brittany, CIEE Amsterdam

CIEE is a study abroad provider that offers over 20 internship abroad programs in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and even the Caribbean. Applying for CIEE’s many scholarships is easy – it is simply a part of the program application!

They offer a variety of scholarships for diversity, merit, and for low-income students, many of which can be applied towards an internship program.

  • Award: Varies
  • Requirements: Must be a CIEE program participant
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Application: Click Here

Cultural Vistas Scholarships

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Brad, Cultura Vistas Spain

Cultural Vistas provides internship and work abroad programs in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and more. Many of their internship or fellowship programs are paid, but for those that are not, they have a need-based scholarship for qualified applicants.

Those who are eligible to apply will be sent an application upon enrollment in an internship or work abroad program. These scholarships help to cover the expenses that can make interning abroad so difficult like, travel, rent, and language courses.

  • Award: $873 on average
  • Requirements: Cultural Vistas program participants only
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Application: Click Here

The Intern Group Scholarships

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Michaela, The Intern Group Tokyo

The Intern Group offers programs around the world, but their scholarships only cover certain locations. Currently, they offer scholarships for those looking to intern abroad in Colombia, Dublin, or Hong Kong.

The scholarship is intended to aid high-achieving students or those with financial need. The aid offered covers all or up to half of the program fees, making interning abroad much easier.

  • Award: $600-$3,000
  • Requirements: The Intern Group program participants only
  • Deadline: February (2020)
  • Application: Click Here

Global Experiences Scholarships

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Camille, Global Experiences Spain

Global Experiences offers over ten internship programs including some in Shanghai, Milan, Barcelona, and Sydney. They have three types of scholarships available for people from diverse and underrepresented groups, such as African-American students and women.

If you participate in an internship program with Global Experiences, you also qualify to apply for the AIFS Achievement scholarship (listed below).

  • Award: Varies
  • Requirements: Global Experiences program participants only
  • Deadline: VariesApplication: Click Here

CET Academic Programs Scholarships

Internship Abroad Scholarships - John, CET Jordan

CET is an internship abroad provider with locations in China, the Czech Republic, Vietnam, India, Jordan, or Taiwan. They seek to help students gain a unique internship abroad experience by emphasizing the culture and language of a place, which creates a more rounded and complete educational experience.

If you are looking for a program that emphasizes language learning, CET is right for you. They offer language courses in each location and strive for complete language immersion!

  • Award: $500-$1,500
  • Requirements: CET program participants only
  • Deadline: None
  • Application: Automatic submission upon applying

Diversity Abroad AIFS Achievement Scholarship

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Jennifer, AIFS Barcelona, Spain

The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) offers 2 scholarships every semester to students from under-represented groups, such as minorities, first-generation students, and those with financial need. Recipients have high academic achievement or have made an impact in their community.

  • Award: $5,000
  • Requirements: AIFS programs participants only
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Application: Click Here

IIE Generation Study Abroad Travel Grant

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Taylor, The Intern Group Dublin

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is a large organization that overlaps with many programs on this list. They manage over 200 programs with over 29,000 participants annually. If you attend one of their programs through a “Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner” you are eligible to apply for their travel grant, check if your program applies.

This grant can be used towards travel for an internship abroad or study abroad program. IIE intends for this grant to benefit a student who would otherwise not be able to participate in an international program, like students from diverse backgrounds or low-income students.

  • Award: $2,000
  • Requirements: US citizen enrolled in an undergraduate program at a Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner
  • Deadline: June 2020
  • Application: Click Here – Opens May 2020 for Fall 2020

Future Leaders Foundation Fellowship & Internship Funding

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Casey T., The Intern Group New York

If you are a first-year student, the Future Leaders Foundation Fellowship is an amazing opportunity. Not only do they help to fully-fund an international internship, but they provide leadership training and personal mentorship throughout your time at university. Fellows also enjoy one-on-one career advising and the opportunity to make valuable connections with top professionals.

If you’re an ambitious student from a disadvantaged background, the fellowship could be an amazing way to boost your undergraduate career, intern abroad, and set yourself up for success in the future.

  • Award: Full funding
  • Requirements: First-generation or low-income first-year undergraduate students
  • Deadline: January 31st, 2020
  • Application: Click Here – Opens November 2019

RISE Program of the German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship

Intern Abroad Scholarships - Lenin B., The Intern Group Colombia

The Research Internship in Science and Engineering (RISE) offered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) a truly unique opportunity. RISE is a summer internship program for undergraduate students studying biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences, engineering, and computer science. Interns are also able to attend language courses as part of their program.

Members of the program work as mentors to doctoral students at top research institutions across Germany. If accepted into the program you will receive a scholarship consisting of a monthly stipend that will cover daily expenses and paid airfare to and from Germany.

  • Award: Airfare and month stipend of €750 (~$840 USD)
  • Requirements: Undergraduate students from the US, UK, and Canada.
  • Deadline: December 15th, 2019
  • Application: Click Here – Opens November 2019

CAPA Global Education Network Internships

Intern Abroad Scholarships: Lilly, CAPA Sydney, Australia

CAPA offers internship programs in several exciting cities around the world. With CAPA you can participate in a program in Dublin, Shanghai, Florence, London, Barcelona, Buenos Aires or Sydney. CAPA has a wide range of scholarships and grants available for their participants – there is even a scholarship for bloggers!

If you are a minority student, disabled, low-income, or first-generation student participating in a CAPA program you are eligible to apply for one of their scholarships!

  • Award: Varies
  • Requirements: CAPA program participants only
  • Deadline: Varies
  • Application: Click Here

Diversity Abroad Consortium Summer Scholarship

Intern Abroad Scholarships - Georgia, Road2Argentina Internship

Diversity Abroad strives to provide underrepresented students with the opportunity to study abroad through their many scholarships. This scholarship provides minority, first-generation, or low-income undergraduate students with the funds to help them participate in a summer study abroad or internship abroad program.

If you attend a Diversity Abroad member school or participate in a program run by one of their members you may apply for this scholarship. Participants in a CAPA, AIFS, CIEE, CET, DAAD, or Cultural Vistas program (all listed above), are eligible to apply!

Check here to see if your program or school is a Diversity Abroad Member.

  • Award: $1,000
  • Requirements: Undergraduate student from a diverse background participating in a program affiliated with Diversity Abroad
  • Deadline: April 2020
  • Application: Click Here

Tobi Cares Scholarship

Internship Abroad Scholarships - Yana M., Connect-123 Cape Town Internships

Every year Tobi, a San Francisco based clothing retailer, awards a $3,000 scholarship to a female student to help support their pursuit of higher education. This scholarship can be applied to study abroad programs and some internship abroad programs in any year of your undergraduate degree.

In addition to the educational support, Tobi provides a $200 credit to their online store – perfect for stocking up on a new, internship-appropriate wardrobe!

  • Award: $3,000
  • Requirements: Female students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program
  • Deadline: December 31st, 2019
  • Application: Click Here

To increase your chances of receiving an award be sure to apply to as many opportunities as possible. Who knows, you may win multiple scholarships to fund your intern abroad experience! There are surely many more scholarships out there that can be used towards an internship abroad not listed here, just remember to keep your eyes open and apply even if you don’t feel qualified enough!