5 Month TEFL Internship Program

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Shanghai Meiji Staff
Shanghai Meiji Staff
Chinese Culture Activity
Chinese Culture Activity


This program is a fantastic opportunity for new aspiring teachers or anyone who would like to have some practicum experience in teaching while traveling and learning about a new culture. This internship allows you to experience the actual classroom teaching experience without making a long term commitment until you are ready for a career in teaching abroad.

We know how daunting it is to work in a country which has an entirely different culture and the importance of being able to teach Chinese students effectively. We will provide you with the free teacher-training, the introduction and also the orientation to get settled in your life in China.
Our teacher-training sessions will be given by an experienced trainer who has taught for over 10 years at Chinese schools by providing insights and knowledge of the teaching industry in China. This will help you know the difference between teaching in China and other countries.

  • Professional Training and Placement.
  • Ongoing Support.
  • Welcome Orientation.
  • Amazing Chinese Activity.

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No, I don't recommend this program

Avoid Shanghai meiji

You cannot work as a teacher on a F visa. The agency will lie to you and tell you that because you are doing an Internship, that it's legal but it is not.

I was caught working by the police, questioned for 4 hours until midnight, secured to a chair by my ankles, fined over 5000 RMB and threatened with deportation.

The agency do not care about this, have said that this was my own fault and are refusing to give me any compensation for what I have gone through. Even though my contract states I would receive 8000 rmb from them if they broke the contract.

Don't waste your money paying for the wrong visa (including student visas which you cannot work as a teacher on). China is becoming more and more strict and the police will catch you!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
Go to China with an agency that can get you a legal Z visa!