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4 to 52 weeks

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Academic Year Fall J-Term Maymester Spring Spring Break Summer Winter Year Round
Apartment Host Family
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  • Active, ambitious, modest, willing to learn, creative, teamwork, responsible


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A professional internship placement with salary guaranteed

An all-Inclusive Service Pack
- housing accommodation:local homestay, nice shared apartment, private apartment (includes free water, electricity and internet)
- Chinese language classes
- Visa documentation
- Airport transfer
- Welcome pack: Includes local mobile phone SIM card charged, city map, and other orientation materials
- Networking events and weekend electives
- 24/7 onsite support from GAC onsite staff

No Risk Payment Policy and Best Competitive Price
Pls note: Our program fee is subjected to your duration and the program type (1 month - 12 months)
What's Included
Accommodation Activities Some Activities Airport Transfers Some Meals SIM cards Transportation Travel Insurance Visa Wifi
What's Not Included
Airfare Some Meals
May 27, 2022
Apr 25, 2024
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About Program

Go Abroad China, the leading service provider of Internship Abroad Program in China since 2003, only offer you the best internship that suits you the most. Contact us for latest positions and special offers.

20+ important industry sectors: Business, consulting and management - Accountancy, banking and finance - Marketing, advertising and PR - Engineering and manufacturing - International business - IT & Technology - Hospitality and events management - Legal & Law - Recruitment and HR administration - Transport , logistics & supply chain - Media, Entertainment & Journalism- Art, Fashion & Design...
1000+ partner companies made of Fortune 500, multinational organizations and start-ups
2000+ guaranteed paid internship positions
4000+ past participants from 50+ countries with positive feedback
FACT: 90% of our participants obtain a graduate-level job within 3 months and 20% of interns are offered a full-time position at their host company after their internship!

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Program Highlights

  • Personalized internship recommendations based on your academic background, interests, career path, industry sector, destination & budget.
  • Tailored career advice: one-to-one mentoring and coaching from industry professionals- CV, application, interview, workplace advice, etc.
  • Guaranteed paid internship positions chosen from 2000+ vacancies in 1000+ well-known enterprises- all at your choice
  • All-round practical experiences in a real career world (Fortune 500, multinational corporations & Start-ups, etc.)
  • One-stop & all-inclusive service package with 24/7 support to assure a worry-free life & work in a whole new career field as well as a foreign country

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4.78 Rating
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  • 4 rating 18.92%
  • 3 rating 1.35%
  • 2 rating 0%
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  • Growth 4.85
  • Support 4.85
  • Fun 4.7
  • Housing 4.9
  • Safety 4.85
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Yes, I recommend this program

Great internship experience

Hey, I'm Mark. Thanks to GAC, I snagged a finance internship gig here in Shanghai, China. Seriously, finding GAC was like hitting the jackpot! They not only hooked me up with a finance gig that's right up my alley but also made the whole process a breeze. My game plan? Get some real-world work experience before hitting the books at university.

From the moment I landed, GAC had my back. They sorted out my phone, subway cards – you name it! And whenever I hit a snag, their team was on it, making sure I felt right at home in this new environment. Oh, and Saturdays? It's all about the fun – GAC plans out cool activities like food adventures and sports, making every weekend a blast.

The internship itself? Awesome! Met some great folks, and the company GAC hooked me up with? Total pros. I've learned heaps about finance and how the industry ticks. Every day feels like a learning adventure, and I'm soaking it all up like a sponge.

Thinking about interning in China? GAC's got your back! They not only sort out the logistics but also make you feel like family. With GAC in my corner, I know I've made the right call. This journey's been one for the books – unforgettable and full of eye-opening experiences!

What was your funniest moment?
It was very interesting to participate in the activities organized by GAC. We played sports, played badminton and played Frisbee together, which was really fun!
  • people are very friendly and welcoming
  • very safe
  • food was delicious
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Yes, I recommend this program

I really liked GoAbroadChina program a lot and my experience was so much more than I expected

I came to China for the Internship in Finance in an investment company. I chose China because Chinese economy is booming and it is the best destination now. I decided to use GAC services because their program was the most suitable for me and offered more options for Internship Programs. Also those extra activities GAC provides are more tailored for foreign young people. I am double majoring in Real Estate and Finance, my Investment Internship really completes my academic backgrounds. I’m sure my internship will help my future development.

I really liked GoAbroadChina program a lot and my experience was so much more than I expected. I wish I could stay more and explore more, because there are so many things to see. My Home Stay family was very nice and I’d say the whole thing was once in a life time experience. My Chinese classes were very helpful, especially because there is great environment to practice. After staying in China and meeting many people I’ve really started to think about future career in China and keep learning Chinese language.

What was your funniest moment?
My Home Stay family was very nice and I’d say the whole thing was once in a life time experience.
  • My Internship placement in the investment company
  • My Home Stay family was very nice and I’d say the whole thing was once in a life time experience.
  • Extra activities GAC provides are more tailored for foreign young people
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Yes, I recommend this program

Good experience

Hello this is Fadu, and my recent immersion into Chinese culture through the Go Abroad China program was a profound journey of self-discovery. Prior to embarking on this adventure, my perceptions of China were largely shaped by Western media narratives, offering a limited perspective of this vast and diverse nation. However, my experience shattered these preconceived notions, revealing the multifaceted tapestry of China's rich cultural heritage and the warmth of its people.

Upon my arrival in Shenzhen, I was immediately struck by the city's vibrant energy and modern infrastructure, a testament to China's rapid development and innovation. GoAbroadChina agency helped me found a temporary accommodation in China.They also connected me to a nice company in Shenzhen,gave me the opportunity to intern in this company. This working exprience provided invaluable insights into the Chinese work culture, characterized by diligence, collaboration, and a strong sense of community. Working alongside talented professionals, I was exposed to a myriad of job roles, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for growth. This immersive experience not only expanded my skill set but also deepened my appreciation for the ingenuity and resilience of the Chinese workforce.

Beyond the confines of the workplace, I found myself enchanted by the beauty of Chinese culture, from its intricate traditions to its sumptuous cuisine. Exploring Shenzhen's vibrant street markets and ancient temples, I reveled in the rich tapestry of sights, sounds, and flavors that define everyday life in China. The warmth and hospitality of the locals left an indelible mark on me, fostering genuine connections that transcended language barriers.

My journey in China also reignited my passion for Mandarin, a language I had previously studied but never fully mastered. GoAbroadChina agency also have online Mandarin learning program for helping forieners to level up their Mandarin reading, speaking and writing skills.Engaging in daily conversations with locals, I embraced the opportunity to refine my language skills, albeit with a humble accent. The patience and encouragement extended to me by the Chinese people inspired me to persevere, igniting a newfound determination to master this intricate language.

In retrospect, my time in China was a transformative chapter in my life, offering a profound glimpse into the heart and soul of this remarkable nation. From the bustling streets of Shenzhen to the tranquil beauty of its ancient landmarks, every moment was imbued with a sense of wonder and discovery. As I bid farewell to China, I carry with me cherished memories and invaluable lessons learned, forever grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in its captivating culture.

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Yes, I recommend this program

It was extremely useful to have the support of GoAbroadChina!

Hi I am Cathryn Masuda from University of California, USA. I joined 3 month internship program in China. GoAbrodChina internship program provides an opportunity to work with a leading foreign company, Evalueserve in China. Without GAC 's assistance along the way, finding the right employment in my relevant field would not have been that simple. Working for Evalueserve not only allowed me to carry out one of my greatest passions in life but simultaneously enriched me with the cultural experiences of working together with Chinese people. Through my colleagues and GAC staff, I have seen and learnt so much about China’s language, culture,habits, lifestyle and all this has helped me to better understand China. I was very fortunate to have this door of opportunity open to me. It was extremely useful to have the support of GoAbroadChina!

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Yes, I recommend this program

Aerospace Internship at Chinese Company

I just finished a program with GAC over this past Summer. Had a genuinely great experience! They were able to offer everything I asked for, all the info and support, and above all made sure I was safe and living comfortably. That's the long-and-short of it. Here are the details:
I'm an aerospace student, and also a proficient Chinese-as-foreign-language speaker. I wanted to get an internship in the aerospace industry in China, so I told them that's what I wanted. They responded promptly and professionally. They connected me with a few partner companies, and made sure I knew all the details about all the companies. They connected me to the companies via WeChat, helping me to get off on the right foot with all the HR and recruiting people I spoke to.
One of these companies offered me an interview. It was a phone interview in Chinese over WeChat. They liked me and subsequently sent me the internship offer. GAC negotiated with them on this to make sure I wasn't getting scammed. GAC kept me in the loop through this whole process. From me reaching out to the confirmation of the internship was about two months.
GAC then found several housing options near the company, within walking distance. They were very clear about the details, the pros and cons, etc. I picked the one I wanted, and they took the rent from my Program Fee Payment. Considering the amount of communication and support I got from GAC, I find the program fees extremely reasonable. Well worth it for a safe, memorable stay in China.
GAC also introduced me to my roommates over WeChat. They explained the situation -- that I was an American who wanted to get better at Chinese and do some work in China -- and that I'd be living with them for the Summer. They really jumpstarted the friendship among me and my roommates.
When the internship and housing were figured out, GAC helped me decide on my flight US->China, and helped me work out a safe plan to get from Beijing airport to my Tianjin apartment. They showed me how to buy subway tickets, how to set up AliPay and MeiTuan and all the other important services. And they did this all in advance. I felt very supported and safe.
While I was living in China, GAC regularly checked in to ask how I was doing, whether I needed any assistance. and if I had any travel plans or things I wanted to do. Eventually they realized that my Chinese and my understanding of China was good enough for me to work, travel, and find fun things to do all on my own. I didn't need their help as much as they expected. But the point is, they were there for me. If I had ever needed anything, all I would've had to do is ask.
GAC were also very insistent on offering weekend outings, trips and travel opportunities. Mostly I traveled on my own, planned things myself and used my internship salary to pay for things. But several times GAC were able to offer some info, some travel tips, or some assistance that I absolutely needed. And every time I went traveling, they were ready and willing to plan the whole thing for me.
I've not even mentioned the best part yet. The best part was my dear friend Xiaohai Shang. He is a local college student whom GAC employed to be my guide and assistant while I was in China. GAC has a careful process for selecting multilingual, knowledgeable, highly competent people in the local area to assist every program participant. As a Tianjin local, Xiaohai was my guy. Xiaohai knew all the best places to go, the best things to eat, and where to have fun. His salary depended on how many outings he took me on, so at least once a week he would text me enthusiastically "Guess where we're going this time!". We had a whole lot of fun, and it made my experience of China better than I could've imagined. Xiaohai and I are now close friends, and likely always will be.
For anyone who does not already speak some Chinese, I know GAC has wonderful language classes that are available at their Beijing HQ for a very small extra charge. Judging from how clear and supportive their communications people were, I imagine their language instructors would be similar.
Chinese is very different from English, and complete immersion is basically the ONLY way to really achieve fluency. Even though I had good Chinese before going to China, I still underwent massive improvement due to immersion and exposure. So even if you're a Chinese beginner, I still HIGHLY recommend taking the opportunity to go to China, study the language while you're there, and experience the Chinese life.
And I genuinely believe GAC is the best way to do that. When I was originally looking for ways to go intern in China, I emailed back-and-forth with a lot -- A LOT -- of different programs offering opportunities to travel to China. GAC was by far the most clear, communicative, supportive and accommodative.
Let me remind you -- living in China is exceedingly, exceptionally, EXTREMELY safe. But it is also an entirely different culture. So the shock is huge. Society there is different than in the US or Europe, and you will be challenged. You may feel like the change is too much and you can't adjust. Of course, eventually you will, and you will love it. But the adjustment is hard. And you cannot -- CANNOT -- do it on your own. You need support and guidance. That is precisely what GAC provides. They are genuinely there for you.
If you want to spend some time living, learning, or working in China, go through GAC. End of story. There's no better way.

- Elihu Conant-Haque, RPI

What was your funniest moment?
My second week in Tianjin, I tried to walk from the company over to the bank to deposit my first paycheck. I got totally lost, who knows why, and ended up at the nearby university. Not knowing it was a university, I became interested and followed the throng of students. When asked for my student ID, I laughed and admitted I didn't even know where I was, much less that this was a campus! Everyone was very amused that a foreigner (one of the only three or four foreigners living in the whole Beichen district!) had wandered onto campus. I had a good laugh and made many friends that day.
  • Large selection of partner companies and universities
  • Very understanding and compassionate support
  • Clear and constant communication (this is rare among Chinese organizations!)
  • Program fees were a little bit high considering I did most traveling on my own time and dime
  • Xiaohai's role was not very well-defined. Thankfully we were happy to just hang out and have fun!
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Yes, I recommend this program

Architecture Internship in Shanghai

I used this program to find an architecture internship in Shanghai for the summer. A part of me always wanted to try working in China and experience it. GAC helped me set up interviews, making the process fast. The people at the company were great, and I'll forever cherish the memories with them. I think one of the best things I did on the trip was a 2 day trip to Hangzhou to see all their amazing architecture. My coworkers had planned the trip before I joined the company but they invited me. It was an amazing experience, and I wish I could be back in the city. As a Chinese-American, I was initially scared about not speaking Chinese well in a new city, but this program enhanced my experience. I fell in love with Shanghai and its architecture!

If you did this all over again, what's one thing you would change?
I think I overestimated how long 3 months because it went by so fast. For the first month I didn’t do much because I was thinking I can do it later but by the end of the trip, there was still so much I wanted to do. Each enjoy your time and go with the flow.
  • Architecture
  • Coworkers
  • Shanghai
  • The summer heat
  • The mosquitoes
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Yes, I recommend this program

Unforgettable Internship in South Korea

I’m Anna,and I interned in South Korea during the summer of 2022. My company was one of the first to start internships abroad in Asia, so I was lucky enough to be one of the pioneers in what was a very exciting new trend at the time. Although I was an international student and didn’t speak Korean, my coworkers made me feel very welcome and taught me many things about Korean culture and their country. The internship itself taught me valuable business skills and helped give me an edge over other job candidates when applying for jobs after graduation!

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Yes, I recommend this program

I was more open to meeting new people

The most important thing I learned from my internship was being more open to meeting new people. This can be applied to many areas of your life. When I first went to China, I had no idea how things worked and who I could talk to about what we were doing. I As soon as I entered my boss’s (he is from UK) house in China, everyone welcomed me with open arms! They introduced themselves to me, showed me around town, and made sure I knew where everything was located so that I could get settled. They were all very nice and easy going, which made it much easier for me to communicate with them. We would have group chats and share pictures on Facebook. It was such a great experience, one that I will never forget. It opened up my eyes to making friends outside of school or work. Being able to meet new people is something you should always try to do because you never know when you might make lifelong friends! You may even find someone who has similar interests as you. Who knows? You may end up having another friend like me!

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Sure is. You may intern in the sectors of advertisiong, PR, media, press, design, marketing, etc. to do the product or event photography, ads design, multimedia production, graphic design, digital marketing and more related work. Tell us your interests and preferred field, and we'll match you into your desired intern position and company.

Go Abroad China is one of the biggest China Internship and Cultural Immersion Providers. Our intern abroad programs offer all sectors, from roles in Marketing, investment banking, PR to positions in NGOs etc. Our internship program will propel your career development forward and help you stand out in an increasingly competitive job market, enhance your future employability there are 30% of interns...