Set In China: Internships Throughout China
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Set In China: Internships Throughout China

Our company is doing all the best to help people from all over the world to find an internship and live happy and comfortable life in China. We work with over 200 companies to offer wide range of internship positions in China's cities. We ensure our clients that they will be satisfied by our services. Not only we work professionally, but also we give the lowest prices to our clients. We look at each client from individual perspective, that helps to focus more on clients needs. By achieving understanding on both sides, we reach amazing goals and long term relations between our clients, who eventually becomes our friends.

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By reflecting on your needs we are going to find the best internship position. We will reduce all your paperwork and other anxiety causing difficulties to minimum by assisting you in every step. We will help you to get visa, pick up from the airport, find your preferred apartment, provide you with sim and transportation cards and depending on your needs we will set up Chinese classes.

After you order one package and pay 200USD deposit , we will start your internship placement procedure. This is how it will work:
1. We will send you job description of the internship and introduction of the company.
2. Arrange online interview for you with the internship company if you are interested in the position. If not, we will recommend you other internships based on your requirements.
3. Visa application assistance.We will provide you all necessary paper work for your M visa or student visa application.
4. Airport pick up and arrival service including accommodation arrangement, police station registration, SIM card ,transportation card.
5. Take you to the internship company and introduce you to the company .
6. Regular events and activities for all of our clients.

We are currently working on finding the scholarships for our interns.

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22 years old
Hamburg, Germany

Internship at Le Ran Art Center


One of my best friends, who already lives in Shanghai, showed me the description of the traineeship at Le Ran Art Center, that the agency Set In China posted on Wechat (Chinese Whatsapp).
I was enthusiastic about this internship offer, because the duties are extremely practical and exactly what I wanted to do.
Only a few hours after I sent my application, I got a friendly reply of “Set in China”, which was quite positive about my application.
The staff was always friendly, helpful and obliging to me. Then we had a Skype interview to make each other acquainted and to answer all the questions I had. Because the agency is well organized and structured, I always felt like being in good hands.
I don't have to care about visa application and other stuff, what made my life much easier.

Now I am just pretty excited to start my Internship at Le Ran Art Center. I think it will be a big step to a new level in my life. I will make a lot of experiences, improve my Chinese, make some new friends, and get to know a completely different culture.

Thank you Set In China for making this dream come true.

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25 years old

Friendly people you can trust for setting in China


Carrying out an internship in China? Sounded amazing but also amazingly scary to me.
However the staff from Setinchina made it very easy: they helped me obtaining a visa, found an accomodation, quality internship, and even part-time jobs. They picked me up at the airport and helped me with the foreigner registration as well. This was all done very quickly and efficiently.
Shanghai is amazing and I could never thank enough my flatmate who put me in contact with Setinchina, because going there would indeed be very difficult without help.
If you are unsure about your decision, do not be afraid to get in contact with them, you will feel more secure when you see what they can provide and how fast they do so.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm going for a welcome dinner :P

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26 years old

Awesome Life Experience ! | 6 Months of Internship in Shanghai


Very glad to have chosen this agency for my internship placement in Shanghai! For a more competitive price compared to other major agency, they helped me find an internship in a short time and assisted me a lot with all the papers you need to get the right visa. I took the 6 months internship package with arrival & accommodation services included. They picked me up at the airport and found me a very nice accommodation around the downtown with an affordable price. The staffs are young and friendly people, always reachable by Wechat (Chinese Whatssap) in case of any questions.

For my 1st day of internship they showed how to go to the company and introduce me to the person in charge of the internship program. Overall the internship went pretty well. First days was a bit confusing, everybody was busy and I didn’t have much to do. I had to continuously pursue my manager to ask her for guidance and to give me some tasks. After a while I understood better how the company works and become more independent. The program wasn’t as structured as I thought it would be but you get to see how working environments look like, how to deal with your manager and colleagues, participate in a meeting, discover their ways of marketing and selling, etc.

In conclusion I had great time in China! I love discovering Chinese food and hanging out with my friends from work. Shanghai is a big city with an ever-ending stuffs to discover and you’ll barely get bored. If you’re interested to try new things, whether it is to experiment with certain careers or just to discover new places and culture, I do recommend you to come to Shanghai!

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Our company is doing all the best to help people from all over the world to find an internship/teaching jobs in China. We work with over 200 companies to offer wide range of internship positions in China's cities and helped more than 300 applicants with