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The Global Crossroad internship program in Peru is designed for interns interested in an in-depth study of traditional Peruvian arts and language. Interns can join an internship related to traditional Peruvian arts, the environment, healthcare, and medicine. Visit the Global Crossroad website for more information on internships in Peru.

Our internship programs are designed to enhance your skills and provide you with a real-world and meaningful work experience. Through this program, you can explore your interests and career path. You will also get the opportunity to share your love and compassion, help those in need and make a difference in the world while experiencing a new culture and gaining a valuable, life-changing experience.

  • A great opportunity to learn about the rich history of Peruvian cultures, and learn about ancient language and traditions.
  • Work closely with Global Crossroad staff to design a project and write a final report, making this an extremely rewarding internship opportunity.
  • A culture and language orientation is available for interns in preparation for the internship program.
  • Add valuable professional experience in Peru while giving back to local communities.
  • Visit the Global Crossroad website for more information on the variety of available internships in Peru.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Medial & Orphanage Program in Peru

This past summer (2018) our son and nephew volunteered through the Global Cross Roads program in Peru. From the beginning we knew this would be great. Mr. Mohan spent a long time explaining to us how this would work and how the kids would be taken care of. After registration there was follow up and we were connected with Mr. Roger, the local lead for the program in Peru. And Roger, one word: FABULOUS. We couldn't have had a great experience if not from him. He handled it all for the kids, pick up at the airport, juggle things when the flight got cancelled, take them to the host family and what a gracious host. Roger showed up early next day in morning to explain to the kids their activities how to get from one point to other in Cusco, checked with the kids at lunch etc. etc. He is an example of selfless service who continues to give to the Cusco community and inspires others to do so. He made arrangements for the weekend trip to Machu Picchu and even for that made sure even was safe and taken care of.

The program itself was great and the kids learnt a lot about another country, to take care of themselves and more importantly to take care of others. Thanks for providing the opportunity.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great experience!

When my sister told me about one of her friends that volunteered through a children program from global crossroad I got interested instantly. She had an amazing experience and at this point I was extremely interested in volunteering. After I discussed this with my close friends and my family, I decided to contact them. The initial contact was very promising, they are pleasant, communicative and explain their programs very well. From the several programs in their portfolio I decided to select the Peru children program because of two basic and simple reasons: 1. I love South America, 2. I adore children.

So, from then on everything went on smoothly all thanks to my coordinator Angelika. She was truly great, really patient and ready to answer all of my questions fast and to assure me that everything will be great. In no time everything was arranged and I travelled to Peru. My host mom was amazing. To be honest I was little scared and confused when I first arrived, but she calmed me, showed me around and told me that everything will be ok. That was really motivating and enlightening for me at that point. After that I got accommodated fast and things got great. Throughout my stay she was amazing and she told me stories about other volunteers she hosted. Indeed she is a great person, tens of volunteers hosted by here, isn’t that amazing? She treats her volunteers like family members and that was the case with me as well.

Me working with children was life changing. I tutored them to learn English, both writing and speaking. This nice group of entertaining and positive kids has indeed changed my life and way I see life. They don’t have much money and material things, but they are surely happy, positive and willing to learn and educated themselves to be great.

I traveled with bus which was totally ok. When we were at home, my host mom use to talk and spend time with me eating or drinking coffee. We also went for walks and ate out in traditional restaurants some-times. I’ve met so much wonderful and positive people, tasted so much unique traditional meals.
Usually I went to the school early and I did spent more time than needed with the children, because I loved it. They seemed very interested in my country and asked a lot of cute questions. I guess it was because of their age. When we finally said good bye, it was so emotional, I felt really connected with them, I really hope I will see them again.

After the program ended, I went on several traditional places arranged through Global Crossroad. Puno/Lake Ticitaca and of course Machu Picchu were the places I visited. Again I met some interesting people and with the local representatives of Global Crossroads. They were welcoming, warm and I’ve really spend some really entertaining times with them.

At the end this indeed changed my life in a more positive way. I returned home with great amount of energy, motivation to do better in life and to value the things that truly matter. My experience with Global Crossroad was astonishing. Everything from beginning till the very end was truly amazing! I’m glad I found them!

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No, I don't recommend this program

Sudden increase in program fees and unwanted services

We just completed a program with GlobalCrossroad
The project with the local Association, but dealing with GlobalCrossroad was not pleasant at all.
Surely they were reactive to provide us with information before we subscribed. We subscribed for 2 weeks advertised at 213$ per person (+299$ registration fees)

After paying the initial 99$ registration fees, we received an invoice mentioning:
- 293$ program fees, 28% more than advertised
- 25$ per person for transfer fees from the airport where locally it costs no more than 3$ by taxi
- Spanish classes we never asks for
- mandatory travel insurance for which we never had any details
- 5% surcharge on the credit card

We asked to review the invoice to remove un requested Spanish lessons and the travel insurance as we already had ours
Luckily we noticed the Spanish lessons. We heard from other volunteers they did not notice the trick and got charged.
And It took us 3 months to remove the travel insurance from the invoice

It is our fault not having noticed the increase in program fees on our invoice. Indeed as they are to be paid in cash to the local coordinator, they did not appear in balance due figures

We actually realised when the local coordinator asked us for the money. We sent email to GlobalCrossroad to correct the discrepancy. GlobalCrossroad suddenly lost their reactivity and we had to wait till the very last day to get an answer, and a negative one on top of that.

Iam warning here potential volunteers who might apply or already applied on programs with GlobalCrossroad that they might face tricks in their invoice and be asked to pay a bit more than they thought

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