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Maximo Nivel offers internship programs in Cusco, Peru. Develop professional skills and Spanish language fluency in an international setting. International internships provide excellent work experience and build your professional network. Native Spanish immersion takes your Spanish language skills to the next level.

Internship placements include:

- Education (K-12)
- Special Education
- Micro-Business
- Human Rights
- Hospitality & Tourism
- Medical

Internship programs are offered as “Practicums” (4 weeks) or “Internships” (8+ weeks). Internship programs are available year round and new programs begin every Monday. with lots of flexibility to meet your needs.

Internships qualify for university credit via our School of Record: California State University-Monterey Bay.

  • You are assigned an on-site intern adviser from our team who assists you with setting goals, completing course work, and providing you with any other support needed during your internship.
  • You develop practical and professional skills applicable in your profession through small, community placements.
  • You develop an understanding for one of the largest growing and influencing cultures in the Americas.
  • You develop your Spanish language skills, adding yet another applicable skill to your resume.
  • You are able to demonstrate to future employers that you are flexible and able to adapt to new situations.

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  • Support 9.8
  • Fun 9.5
  • Housing 8.8
  • Safety 9.4
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Medical Internship

I had such an amazing time here in Cusco Peru as a medical intern. I would 100% recommend this to another medical student or someone interested in the medical field. I will be coming back hopefully soon. The staff I worked with was so helpful and I learned soo much in such a small amount of time. I gave my first injections and I also did my first ultrasound. I was able to measure a pregnant woman's belly and hear baby's heartbeat. Its been a life changing experience one I will never forget.

thank you
Vianka barrios

How can this program be improved?
perhaps create an outlined day to day project for the interns. Example, one week in triage and one week with the medical doctor.
Yes, I recommend this program

Máximo Nivel - Valuable Experiences and Lasting Memories

I interned as a medical student with Máximo Nivel during the summer of 2017. It was honestly one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had, and prepared me professionally for my career in the future.
I lived in Cusco for 6 weeks and during that time I took Spanish classes and interned at a health clinic in Oropesa, about an hour outside of Cusco. At the clinic I was very hands-on with patients which allowed me to physically interact with the patients and provide healthcare in a form that would not be possible in the USA. My main duties included triage, helping doctors with pre-operative care, recording vitals, and assisting in medical emergencies.
My most cherished experience was when I was able to provide medical care during an emergency. A man came in with a big laceration across his chest from an accident with an electrical saw. When I was observing the doctors and assisting with the gauze, one of the doctors called me to the side of the patient's bed and handed me a suture and told me he was going to teach me how to sew stitches. I was shaky at first but after a couple knots my confidence grew and I was closing up a patients chest all by myself! All in all I performed about 15-20 sutures across his wound.
Máximo Nivel also provided Spanish classes that greatly improved my fluency and confidence while talking to locals in the community. The teacher's were energetic, student-oriented, and seemed to love their jobs! You can even choose to leave the classroom and have your Spanish class with your teacher in different places around Cusco. This allows you to practice your conversational skills outside the classroom, where it really matters, such as at a museum, a restaurant, a local market, or any other place!
The homestay that I lived at for 6 weeks was wonderful. The family was so loving and genuinely nice. They prepared meals for us twice a day and invited us to their personal activities such as mass and family reunions. The food was delicious, the sleeping and showering accommodations were super comfortable and my housemates became family to me after just a short time.
During the weekends I was able to visit different cities and landmarks around Cusco. Macchu Pichu was, of course, awesome in the truest sense of the word. The experience on Lake Titicaca was extraordinary and introduced new cultures. The salt mines were mesmerizing and the Amazon Jungle was a wonderland for animal-lovers like me.

Overall, this experience was jam packed with new experiences and educational opportunities. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is looking for an experience that will develop professional skills, reinforce your love for world cultures, and make you a more-rounded and better human being.

How can this program be improved?
The only way this program could be improved is if the clinics were bigger (saw more patients). This could be achieved by setting up students in a hospital setting instead of clinics.
Yes, I recommend this program
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7 Weeks at 3,399 Meters = Best Decision of My Life

I worked as a medical intern with Maximo Nivel in Cusco, Peru over the summer (2017) for 7 weeks. I was looking for a program in which I would get hands-on experience while also improving my Spanish-speaking abilities and experiencing another culture first hand. I gained exactly that and even more!

During the week, I worked 4-6 hours in the morning at a clinic in Cusco, assisting with a variety of tasks ranging from taking weight, height, and blood pressure measurements, completing paperwork, cleaning, managing patients, visiting local schools, measuring hemoglobin, etc. I was able to learn a lot and develop relationships with the staff at the clinic. I felt I was doing very appropriate tasks for my skill set, having only completed one year of undergraduate pre-med education. One of the most memorable experiences I had was parading with the clinic staff and all medical employees in Cusco just prior to the big festival of Inti Raymi.

In addition to working, I took an hour-long private Spanish lesson every day through Maximo. My teacher was phenomenal and helped me with a range of Spanish techniques, vocabulary, common usages as well as with understanding the Peruvian culture.

I lived with the most amazing family about 20 minutes (walk) from Maximo's office. Three other students also lived with me there. Getting to know my family and celebrating the holidays with them were probably some of the best experiences I had!

And of course, the weekends and occasional weekday holidays were excellent opportunities to travel! Maximo Nivel provides excellent resources to make travel plans, so you truly can go anywhere and do anything. We went to Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Puno (Lake Titicaca), Tres Cruces, and more!

How can this program be improved?
The biggest improvement I can recommend is better communication prior to the participant arriving to Peru.
Yes, I recommend this program
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1 month internship in Cusco, Peru

I interned in Cusco, Peru through Maximo Nivel and the experience was amazing (10/10!). Maximo Nivel thoroughly prepares its volunteers/ interns. Every staff member I interacted with at the institute was pleasant and always happy to assist. Cusco, Peru is in a great location as there are many unforgettable day trips available. I was able to visit Lake Hummantay, Machu Picchu and the Salt Mines with other volunteers/interns in the program. The experience I gained at my internship was terrific. As a business management student, I found it fascinating how different the work pace and work culture is from what I am used to. Still, I was able to apply what I've learned from my education in Cusco. I highly recommend the internship or volunteer program!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Maximo Nivel - Micro Business Internship

Thank you to Maximo Nivel for coordinating the perfect Micro-Business Internship. I spent four weeks in Cusco, Perú working in a chocolate making enterprise. Not only did I get to taste delicious chocolate treats and beverages every day, but I was also able to thoroughly study and observe an international business organization. I am so thankful for my coworkers and bosses for all of their patience and kindness during my internship. Additionally, my program included private Spanish lessons each day of the week for one hour with a certified Spanish teacher at Maximo Nivel. My instructor was incredibly kind, helpful, and fun to learn from! Maximo Nivel followed through on all of their promises when it came to comfortable and safe housing, passionate and engaged instructors, and appropriate internship placement. I would sign up for another Maximo Nivel program in a heartbeat!

How can this program be improved?
I wish they could have notified me of my housing and internship placement before I arrived in country - for peace of mind.
Yes, I recommend this program
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A great experience!

Doing an internship thorough Maximo Nivel at Casa Acogida was one of the best experiences I could have asked for. Maximo Nivel made sure I was taken care of and was always making sure that I felt comfortable during my time there. All the staff was amazing, helpful and kind! Maximo Nivel provided me with a great internship and host family.

The host family provided by Maximo Nivel was absolutely amazing, I could not have asked for a better one. They were welcoming and treated us like we were a part of their family. All the family was caring and wanted to make sure we were comfortable during our time there. The food was delicious, the apartment was spacious, and the family was phenomenal!

The girls at Casa Acogida are sweet, loving, and welcoming. They were incredibly appreciative that I was there and spending time with them. Maximo Nivel does a great job in providing support and help for Casa Acogida. They make sure that the interns have the support and supplies they need to have a positive impact there. Doing an internship at Casa Acogida was a great opportunity that I learned from and one I am thankful for.

Overall Maximo Nivel is an incredible program with a great staff to work with. I am grateful for the experience they provided me with in Peru. I was able to immerse myself in their culture, take in the environment, and best of all; enjoy delicious Peruvian food. This experience was life changing and one I am happy that I had the opportunity to do. I definitely plan on returning to Cusco, Peru and I look forward to working with Maximo Nivel again. If you want to travel to Cusco, Peru to volunteer or do an internship I definitely recommend going through Maximo Nivel they are an incredible program to work with!

Yes, I recommend this program
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Maximo Nivel Special Education Internship

I did the special education internship for four weeks in Cusco, Peu through Maximo Nivel. Maximo Nivel set me up with a great house family, and the perfect school and orphanage to learn about kids with mental disabilities. Chelsea showed me how to get to each place on my first days there and introduced me to the people and children I would be working with. Everything went smoothly with Maximo Nivel.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Amazing Special Education Internship in Cusco

I went to Cusco for 8 an week internship in a first grade classroom at a special education school and worked as a special education intern right outside of central Cusco. I was able to establish very strong relationships with the people that I met there including students, teachers, and parents. As an intern, I helped supervise the students in the classroom, plan and teach lessons, play with the students during recess, and furthermore, I was able to partake in special festivities that the school organized. It was such an amazing and unforgettable experience for me as I was truly able to have a meaningful impact on the students and teachers at the school and they definitely had a profound impact on me too. Everyone in my school, and in Cusco in general, was so welcoming and kind to me. My host mom was one of the most caring people I know and took the greatest care of me. I was able to immerse myself in the culture and become a part of the community. I also loved the city of Cusco from the moment I saw it. It is a beautiful city with so much to experience. The Maximo Nivel staff were all amazing and so helpful all of the time. A year later and I am still always thinking about when I will be able to go back to Peru.

Yes, I recommend this program

Amazing three months in Cusco

Thanks to the program that Maximo provided me, I've got wonderful experience and had amazing three months in Cusco. Especially, I would like to let everyone know a point that I felt attractive about the program.
They gave me great support during the whole time. The introduction of the city of Cusco and tour at the beginning of the program was so helpful. Before getting some kind of problem, I could get where is general hospital, safe ATM, big supermarket, and so on. Enough information about the city that we don't know well is very important for students. Maximo gave me almost all of the information that I'd wanted to know. Furthermore, the advice or instruction against the problem was fast and accurate. When I had question, They helped me a lot and sent me Emails for anticipating me. For a students from other side of the globe, it was really valuable and grateful. More than anything, All staffs at Maximo are very kind and reliable persons. I really love all of them and now remember how heartwarming it is the atmosphere there.
Now I want to appreciate to all guys who supported me. Thank you.

Yes, I recommend this program
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Invaluable Internship Experience

I had a great internship experience with Maximo Nivel! I spent one month in Cusco, Peru interning at South American Explorers. SAE is a non-profit organization that offers services such as travel information, books, maps, unique trip ideas, and first-hand knowledge to travelers from all over the world. I got to meet a huge variety of people; there was always at least three or four languages being spoken in the SAE lounge! Interacting with all of the people and practicing my Spanish was invaluable, I truly think this internship has better prepared me for my career.

Maximo Nivel staff were incredibly supportive throughout the whole internship process and helped me with any questions I had. Maximo set me up with an amazing host mom! To her, we were all her bebes and she treated us as such. My Spanish lessons with Maximo were also a lot of fun; the teachers were kind and knowledgeable.

I can't imagine a better place to intern than Cusco. The city is beautiful and full of history, the people are friendly, the food is delicious (try aji de gallina), and there is always something to do! Go to the salt mines, tour the churches, take local transit, see native dances, learn the difference between alpaca and "alpaca", learn words in quechua, and, for more recommendations, just visit SAE! Visiting Machu Picchu was definitely the highlight of my trip! Along with the sexy-woman ruins (haha) and abundance of alpacas. Hope you enjoy it too!

Yes, I recommend this program

Human Rights Internship-Cusco, Peru

My experience with the Human Rights internship was incredible. I was placed in Casa de Acogida Kausakusun. This is a shelter for women and children and I was the only intern or volunteer working at the times I was assigned. The women, children and employees there are eager for outside support and at times didn't know what to do with the extra help. This program allowed me to explore a possible career in social work by allowing me to work directly with the women and children. There were several instances in which I felt the need to stay longer because I knew that the work I was doing could help improve their lives.
My program director was extremely helpful in helping me figure out what work needed to be done. I encountered many challenges along the way; however, my director was always open and willing to help in any circumstance. Without her help, there would have been little to no progress made for Kausakusun.
The people I encountered were all friendly and welcoming during my month of interning. My home-stay was probably my favorite part about the entire trip. I grew very close to my family and house mates. They were able to make the experience far more enjoyable because this set-up feels very familiar and close. I made relationships and memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life!

How can this program be improved?
Try to place another volunteer or intern at the same time so that they can help one another speak Spanish and go about their work easier. It was difficult for me to communicate sometimes, and I think with better Spanish skills, more work could have been accomplished.
Yes, I recommend this program
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Education Internship in Cusco, Peru

My time as an intern in Cusco was absolutely life changing, I spent a month teaching 3rd and 4th grade at a school up in the mountains of Cusco. The days were long and sometimes tough and tiring but ALWAYS worth it. Wether it was gaining the trust of a student or seeing their eyes light up when they finally understood a new math concept - every day brought new joy and happiness. I spent my days with my students learning from each other, afternoons were spent at the Maximo headquarters interacting with the absolutely fabulous staff (honestly i cannot say enough about them!) and learning Spanish, and finally nights were spent with the loving local family that took me in and treated me as just

How can this program be improved?
Better way for participants to communicate/get to know each other before they go over
Yes, I recommend this program

Excellent internship experience in the social services sector (Cusco, Peru)

Some highlights if you do not want to read the extended version:
- Very tailored placement
- Great supervision from Maximo - I had biweekly check-in meetings
- Having one Spanish teacher during my three-month internship
- Still had time to do weekend trips to other places near Cusco :)

I completed a three-month internship in Cusco, Peru (Sept-Dec 2015) with a U.S.-based non-profit organization seeking to address issues of poverty and gender inequality through girls'/women's empowerment. Although it wasn't a Peruvian organization, all of its programs took place in Cusco and program beneficiaries were all Cusquenan. As a result, my experience was more of a hybrid of American Peruvian cultures and practices (which was an excellent mix for me since I am from the U.S. and interested in international development). I went into this program with the goal of killing three birds with one stone: gain Spanish language fluency, obtain international development/social work experience, and travel. I can happily report that I've met all three goals.

Because I graduated with my Master's in Social Work and have also had several years of professional experience prior to the trip, I was very specific with the type of placement I was looking for and had specific goals that I wanted to reach. I made sure that I communicated those clearly to Maximo. Maximo did an excellent job tailoring the placement to benefit all stake holders. It was exactly the type of work that I wanted to do and both Maximo and NGO staff provided consistent and helpful supervision. The complimentary hour/day Spanish classes were also a great resource that I leveraged quite liberally.

My time was split between direct service work (teaching & running groups with program participants) and program development. My day-to-day varied, but usually included things like researching relevant material, lesson planning for groups, engaging in my own strategic brainstorming sessions, having skype meetings with the director (who was in the U.S. half the time I was there) to prioritize tasks/develop existing or potential new programs, creating material required to advance/improve programs or donor base, and meeting with the local coordinator to learn about the details of existing services, to update her on the condition of the program participants, and to learn more about the context in which I was working in. I also had a ton of opportunities to get involved beyond my technical scope of work that weren't mandatory, but extremely helpful in building my understanding of the Peruvian context (ie: regular hang-outs with the program participants, home visits, community outreach), all of which allowed me to be more effective in my work.

Overall, I loved my experience in Peru and highly recommend the program. Based on my personal experiences, here are a few recommendations, especially for first-timers volunteering/interning/working abroad:

- Be proactive - can't stress this enough; it is true what you put in is what you get out of it
- Don't expect an immediate grand welcome and acceptance from the locals just because you're a foreigner
- Humility goes a long way (aka spend time learning about the local context before jumping into coaching, giving advice, etc.)
- If you are involved in more coaching/teaching/consultancy type work, go in with the mind set of teaching one how to fish rather than giving the person the fish - all about sustainability!
- Never hesitate to reach out to Maximo staff. They are very helpful and resourceful :)
- Leverage your Spanish teacher as a resource
- Make it your experience & be creative!

Yes, I recommend this program

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