Part time internships (work & study) at Liden & Denz
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Part time internships (work & study) at Liden & Denz

Liden & Denz offers internship positions year-round in St.Petersburg or Moscow. For legal reasons all offered positions are unpaid but there are other benefits. Part time interns at Liden & Denz enjoys:
- free standard group course with 20 lessons per week
- free ISIC student card
Internships can last from 4 weeks to 6 months, on request even longer.

St. Petersburg
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Part time internships (work & study)
This attractive formula allows to combine a normal group courses (20 weekly lessons Monday-Friday) with a part time internship of 20 working hours in the afternoons (usually starting at 2:30 PM).
Accommodation is not included and must be organized by the intern, either through Liden & Denz or independently.

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  • Fun 9.6
  • Housing 9.3
  • Safety 9.8
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Amazing experience

Liden & Denz is THE place to be if you want to learn Russian and progress rapidly. It is a great way to combine learning Russiand and getting work experience, as well as exploring the city and Russian culture. I was a blogger and editorial assistant, meaning I mostly wrote blogs and went around the city for good pictures and spots to write about. Interns are given a great amount of freedom to come up with their own ideas, whether they're blogging or working with the school's social media accounts. You'll find a lot of people in the same situation as you, meaning you'll have no trouble finding someone to cook or go to one of St. Petersburg's hundreds of museums with. I've had two six-week stints at Liden & Denz, and would highly recommend you to do the same. The school is professional, teachers are magnificent and the atmosphere is something you'll miss as soon as you leave.

I can not recommend Liden & Denz enough for Russian learners who wants to combine it with some work and avoid paying for top-quality language classes.

Yes, I recommend

Fun and serious at the same time!

I had lots of fun to intern at Liden & Denz in St-Petersburg. That was my 4th time at Liden & Denz and coming here as an intern was the right decision! I made videos for the Youtube channel and I felt like that I improved in this field. Thanks to all the staff and especially Liza, the supervisor, who was always here to help us (and to have fun!)! I would recommend this program to anybody who would like to improve his Russian and make something useful for his CV!

Yes, I recommend
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Best 2 months!

I would highly recommend the Liden & Denz internship programme to anyone looking to live and work in Russia, while improving their Russian language and gain a deeper understanding of Russian culture. My tasks included proof-reading pieces in English, the odd bit of translation and writing three blog posts a week about learning Russian and living in St. Petersburg. Every aspect of the programme met my expectations: the lessons in the morning were led by excellent teachers and I really felt my Russian came along in the two months I was there, and the working environment at the school in the afternoon was very pleasant, positive and supportive. There was always a staff member on hand to answer questions and help out, and eventually with some staff members the relationship became less formal and we really got on well. Writing blogs forces you to get out there and find inspiration, saying yes to things you might not usually have gone for. There is a really nice dynamic between the interns and saying goodbye to the wonderful people doing the same job as me was not easy! Overall, I am so grateful to all the staff and students at Liden & Denz for making me feel at home, you will be missed!

Yes, I recommend
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Student and Intern for 1 month

Efficiency, positive and friendly atmosphere, teachers' professionalism and willingness to help, what more could you ask for? It has been only a month for me, but it was absolutely worth it. I noticed an incredible improvement of my communication skills and my internship, as a translator and a blogger/editorial assistant, has been a unique experience. I came back home with a valuable working experience that allowed me to work independently and to discover the most hidden aspects of the capital and Russian culture in a very easy and exciting way. I cannot do other than recommend the school and I can't wait to come back!

How can this program be improved?
I suggest they improve the Muscovite spirit team, since the head of the interns' team and its main body are based in St Petersburg and you could feel a little alone in Moscow (when I was there, there was only one intern other than me).
Yes, I recommend
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Gap Year Success!

What an amazing way to spend 5 months! This is my second time interning at Liden & Denz, this time as a full-time video blogger. My Russian improved by leaps and bounds with the private lessons, and by the end, I was able to converse with my manager in Russian about my work. I was given immense creative freedom and my responsibilities grew as the internship progressed. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

How can this program be improved?
More informal meetings over lunch/dinner would be really fun!
Yes, I recommend
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A brilliant experience!

Working as a blogger at Liden & Denz in St. Petersburg was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I gained valuable communication, computer and journalistic skills and really felt like part of the Liden & Denz family. From writing articles on Russian culture to exploring new parts of St. Peterbsurg, there was never a dull day in the office! I also had Russian lessons as well as working as an intern, and I made huge leaps in my language skills. The immersive teaching techniques are brilliant and the teaching staff were so encouraging and friendly. I would definitely recommend coming to study or work here (or both!) – you won’t regret it! Большое спасибо!

Yes, I recommend
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Best experience of my life!

After a three-month working experience at Liden & Denz, I couldn't be more satisfied with the whole experience! Before applying for the "Blogger - Editorial Assistant" internship, I already knew pretty well the school (I studied there for a month in October 2015) and I was already well impressed by its professional team. After having worked there, this feeling has been confirmed and, if possible, enhanced. The team is great and very responsive: from the application procedure to the bureaucratic matters (invitation letter, visa, registration), I've always been helped and supported by dynamic and responsive people! Once in St. Petersburg, the experience has been amazing: my tutor, Liza, has always explained me clearly my tasks and helped me but, at the same time, she has placed her trust in me, pushing me to do my best. The working tasks are always different and challenging: from translating the school website into Italian to taking pictures at school events, from writing blog posts to assisting in marketing research, I've never got bored!
If you are looking for a significative working experience abroad in a dynamic and positive team, Liden & Denz is the right choice!

Yes, I recommend
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A Fantastic Way To Spend A Summer

I can't think of a better place to spend your summer. The teachers are very laid back, the facilities are immaculate, and the atmosphere is very positive. I studied in Saint Petersburg for two months as an video blogger intern and had a wonderful time. If you have the opportunity, I definitely recommend that you come! Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and you owe it to yourself to come learn Russian in the Venice of the North :)

How can this program be improved?
Having more than 1 intern work on the same project would make things much easier and go much faster.
Yes, I recommend
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Fantastic Programme to learn Russian in Russia!

I spent one month studying and interning at Liden and Denz Moscow. It was a wonderful experience.

The classes are small - no more than 10 people, and the teachers are dedicated and interesting. They are sorted by ability based on the European Languages Framework (A0, A1, A2 etc.) There are classes from complete beginners to advanced users. The students are all ages, from all walks of life and all over the world, which makes for a varied learning experience. The work is hard, there is homework and the classes are intense, but this is how your Russian language improves so much in a short space of time. After just four weeks of classes I felt my Russian had improved a lot.

The internship programme at the Moscow school is remotely supervised, which meant that we had a lot of freedom to work on things which interested us, but that we could always speak to our supervisor via messaging/email etc. The experience was really useful for me as it allowed you to be creative and think about all of the ways that you can share your experiences of Moscow.

The school offers trips to visit key Moscow sights but there is usually a charge for them. They were usually good value and a good way to meet fellow students. I would have liked to have even more opportunities to socialise with fellow students through the school though.

How can this program be improved?
More social activities through the school.
Yes, I recommend

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