Russia’s capital city is a gleaming star of a travel destination, boasting the most billionaires in the world, the most expensive drinks, even the largest buildings in the world.

Come intern in this energizing city, and immerse yourself in its modernized culture. Everywhere you look, old and new worlds combine. Run down warehouses and abandoned factories have transformed completely into beautiful art galleries and exclusive underground clubs.

Gastronomic pleasures are everywhere, and you can have your pick of incredible wine bars, coffee bars, and sushi bars. What are you waiting for?

Space Development

If you’re an engineering or science student interested in international cooperation and the International Space station, intern with space development! This combines visits to Russian space facilities with tours of cultural and historical sites in and around the Moscow Oblast region. In addition, interns will participate in rocket modeling classes and simulate interplanetary space missions.

International Trade

Are you a business major? A finance and trade internship offers a unique opportunity to everyone who wants to start a career in trading and sales. Interns will dive headfirst into the front office environment from their first day of engagement. Be ready to work as true partners with senior colleagues, while developing your quantitative and technical skills. Broaden your knowledge of the financial market!


Sustainability interns are instrumental in developing and promoting a host of initiatives including a sustainable purchasing guideline report, Earth Week activities, greenhouse gas reports and updates, and more.

When and Where to Look for an Internship

As the capital, Moscow is very popular with international companies that are slowly beginning to open up to interns. This may be the easiest way to come to Moscow, for attaining a work visa can be a difficult and lengthy process if you don’t have a company supporting you.

During the summer, hospitality and tourism industries are very common and easy to find. There are also many specialized programs that focus on Russian language study along with your internship, so that interns have the chance to familiarize themselves with Russian and immerse themselves in the culture of Moscow. These academic internships are generally unpaid and will cost a program fee which covers weekly excursions around Moscow.

Cost of Living in Moscow

According to Numbeo, living in Moscow is slightly more expensive than living in the United States. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant costs $13.96 on average, whereas a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost around $67.01 on average.

A pair of jeans will cost $108.40 on average, whereas in the US the same pair would only cost $54 on average. Rent per month for a one bedroom apartment will range from $911-1553, depending on how close you choose to stay from the center of the city.


Almost every Russian carries the heritage and values of traditional communism with them. In the workplace, this means that Russian businesspeople are not used to taking initiative for fear of risking making mistakes. Because of this, the senior management will always make the final decision. Patience is needed because this way of organizing a business will cause delays in the progress of activities. Russians are tough negotiators, honest in their meetings but also pretty forgiving. Because of this, negotiating in Russia can be a long process.


Similar to work culture, when networking in Moscow remember to be as patient as possible because in general Russian companies will tend to follow a charismatic and paternalistic leadership style. Even modern businesses still follow the traditional hierarchical format of organization (with a single person or group of people in power at the top, and subsequent levels of power beneath them) which causes a type of bureaucracy to occur that can be hard to adjust to at first.


Russian is Moscow’s official language, and so the majority of the citizens in the capital city are only fluent in Russian. However, have no fear! English is more widely spoken in Moscow than in any other city in Russia, and is the second language of 80% of the bilingual citizens of Moscow. In fact, it is the favored language for many government offices throughout Moscow. If you are in need of help or find yourself in an emergency, there will definitely be people around who can understand English and translate if necessary.

Although English is widely spoken throughout Moscow, the ability to speak Russian is often necessary to obtain a job. We recommend that you have at least a basic grasp of the language before deciding to intern in Moscow, because it is important to be able to get around the city and perform everyday activities such as grocery shopping.

Internship Programs in Moscow

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American Councils Study Abroad
Overseas Professional & Intercultural Training Europe Internships
Multiple Countries
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Hudson Group
Teacher Intern Program in Moscow, Russia
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A Teacher Intern is a person who is able to engage students in various...

HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development
Research Associate Internship - Scholar on Brazilian Law

The Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development at the HSE is seeking...

HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development
Research Associate Internship - Scholar on Chinese Law

The HSE- Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development at the National...

Alfa Fellowship Program
Alfa Fellowship Program

The Alfa Fellowship Program is a high-level professional development...

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