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Working in an education-focused social business called Driven Entrepreneurs in Johannesburg not only placed me in the hip neighbourhood of Braamfontein but also let me be hands-on concerning company events and feel valued as a newly-trained consultant.
Climbing up Table Mountain was no easy feat but was one of my favourite moments of the program in terms of entertainment.
Bungee jumping at Chaf Pozi off the towers was a true adrenaline pumping moment! This was after a day of visiting Soweto and cultural experiences.
On Table Mountain in Cape Town
On Table Mountain in Cape Town
Local classroom
Local classroom


Ready to try something new this summer? Travel across the globe to South Africa or Peru and partake in a social impact internship with an NGO or Social Enterprise. Emzingo's Global Impact Fellowship is a leadership program designed to offer purpose-driven undergraduate students an international experience and complete in high-level strategy, research, or implementation projects to help organizations achieve their objectives more effectively.

Throughout an eight week period, students are brought together to support local initiatives. Additionally, participants attend local workshops that expose them to different professions in the social impact space and the social, cultural, and economic history of South Africa.

If you're someone who loves experiential learning and is ready for something different - what's holding you back?

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A Once in a Lifetime Experince

Every once in a while we come across people or things that change us forever. For me, the Emzingo experience impacted me in the most positive ways and opened my mind to greater possibilities with regard to my future aspirations and personal development. During my time in South Africa, I learned more about business and social development than I would have ever expected. If you value on the ground meaningful work applied with real life scenarios, the Emzingo internship is for you!

In my opinion, working at an HIV/AIDS counseling, testing, and after school care facility seemed to combine the aspects of business, human rights, and education. I appreciated the diversity of the project and the team I worked with because it challenged me emotionally, and intellectually.

This program balanced mentorship, exposure to a new community, and room for leadership perfectly. Emzingo days were filled with bonding with the interns and learning new things. Not just trying to distinguish Zulu and Afrikaans, but also conversing about the cultures and backgrounds of the fellows. It was clear to me that the program coordinator took time to select brilliant people with distinct personalities. Hands down, the Emzingo Fellowship was my experience of a life time.

The phrase that stuck in my mind this past summer was, "Yolo"! I thought to myself, " You have one life, so live it to the fullest."

What would you improve about this program?
Great program, coordinator, and schedule the entire 8 weeks!
Yes, I recommend this program

An Invaluable Experience

I was fortunate to be one of the students from McGill University selected to participate in Emzingo's Global Impact Fellowship 2016 South African Cohort for a period of 2 months. The experience has been, for lack of a better word, life-changing. I was able to not only have a hands-on professional consulting experience with constant feedback and support from Emzingo, but also spend one of the most culturally-rich and entertaining summers of my life. The peers and supervisors that I met during this program have truly become another family.
I left the program wishing it was longer, with renewed enthusiasm concerning my future career path and the feeling of having grown into a leadership position towards creating social impact. I can only recommend the GIF wherever it may be in the world: get ready to experience one of the most fun, educational and inspiring moments of your life!

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We are glad you enjoyed your experience with us Marjolaine!