International Development Internship
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International Development Internship

The International Development Internship is a unique, hands-on opportunity geared towards those interested in international nonprofits and youth development. It is a 5+ month position with flexible start dates. This position can be done anywhere in the world, with an additional opportunity to work on the ground with our organization in South Africa.

The Internship is broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Run a fundraising and advocacy building campaign in your community.
Phase 2: Visit Imagine Scholar in South Africa (2-4 weeks) to meet our students!
Flight reimbursement contingent on funds raised*
Phase 3: Use your experiences to share your story, raise funds, and build a network of sustainable student sponsors in your area.

This is a chance to be a vital member of a dynamic, small nonprofit organization. At the end of the internship, there will be a final assessment with the opportunity to stay on long term should it be a good fit for all parties.

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Africa » South Africa
3-6 Months
6-12 Months
Phone / Skype Interview
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Fundraising Incentive Structure:

Raise $2000 - $2999 = flight reimbursement credit (up to $250 credit)
Raise $3000- $4999 = flight reimbursement credit (up to $500 credit)
Raise $5000+ = flight reimbursement credit (up to $1000 credit)

There is potential for a stipend during Phase 3, based on funds raised (to be discussed at the time).

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32 years old

International Development Internship


There have been many experiences in my life that have provided me with memories that I will cherish for years to come, but one of the most memorable experiences I have encountered was my internship with Imagine Scholar.

My internship began in the winter of 2015 when I began my fundraising campaign, in an effort to help out IS with their daily needs and support of their students. The fundraising campaign was tough, but fun, and gave me the confidence I needed to try new things and be creative with my fundraising ventures. Although, I was not sue that I would be able reach the fundraising goal that I had set for myself, I eventually reached my goal with 2 weeks left in the campaign.

After reaching my fundraising goal, it was off to South Africa where I would get the chance to work with extremely bright students and a wonderful staff. In my previous jobs/internships, there was not much opportunity to interact directly with program participants, but when working with IS, I was free to formulate lesson plans of various topics including, philosophy and human security, which are two topics I am very passionate about. Not knowing if the students would take to these topics and concepts, I was a little nervous, but how impressed I was, with the student’s level of excitement geared towards the introduction of new concepts and ideas. I will never forget the philosophy lectures we held, the human security debates that occurred, and the passion that the staff and students had for innovative ideas. I was greatly inspired by the love that the students and staff had for their community and one and other.

I highly recommend working or interning with Imagine Scholar, because of the new experiences that will occur. With some internships, the focus is, “what can I bring to the organization, or how can I affect these students in my own unique way?” Although I was open minded to the experiences that may occur, I myself has these same thoughts. When I got to Imagine Scholar however, the impact that I thought I would have on the students, was quickly muted by the impact that the students had on me. The impact that traveling to South Africa and working with the IS students had on me is indescribable, and I am proud to say I was affiliated with the organization.

I would like to say thank you to IS, for all of memories that your staff and students provided me with!!

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25 years old
Karachi, Pakistan
University of Washington- Seattle

Imagine Scholar '15


I visited Imagine Scholar in October 2015, and it was an incredibly fulfilling experience. Not only is the staff at IS welcoming, and supportive; the students are full of gratitude, and work tirelessly for their futures.
I have stayed in touch with them since my visit through email, and have loved to see all the progress they have made in just a few months.
Visiting South Africa was on my bucket list, and through IS I was able to do sight-seeing as well, and visit Cape town over the weekend. The staff at IS will do everything they can to make your trip enjoyable, and a worthwhile experience.

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24 years old
Stonington, CT
Dickinson College

International Development Internship


My experience interning with Imagine Scholar was fantastic from start to finish. Throughout Phase 1, I had the opportunity to organize and host a variety of different fundraising and outreach events. Nick, our intern coordinator, served as a great resource for bouncing around ideas and asking questions. Phase 2 was my favorite part of the internship and one that I think makes Imagine Scholar unique. The opportunity to work on-site at the education center in South Africa provided the ability to see first-hand why Phase 1 is so important. After my month long stay at Imagine Scholar and getting to know the students, as well as the unique and empowering goals of the organization, I knew that Imagine Scholar was a place I wanted to continue working with moving forward. In fact, I loved my internship experience so much that I am back and part of our long-term staff! The International Development Internship is one I would recommend to anyone interested in development, travel, and working with a group of incredibly inspiring, young leaders.

About The Provider


Imagine Scholar is an innovative mentorship program for high school aged youths in the rural Nkomazi Region of South Africa. Our unique, student-centric program focuses on tactile, experiential learning opportunities, personal exploration, and academic excellence. Imagine Scholars are the driving force behind our program, growing