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Our Scientific Internship consists of a series of exclusive, high level academic and field-based skills training modules for marine science undergraduates and recent graduates. You will work alongside experienced specialists who know our area and its wildlife better than anyone else, gaining a unique insight into the life histories of these incredible species.

Our training covers a diverse range of skills based on academic and industry demand. You'll learn about and be responsible for great white shark identification and data logging, small shark tagging, cetacean surveys, Baited Remote Underwater Video deployment and more. In addition to these, you may also work with upcoming technologies such as 3D photogrammetry, helping us develop a unique archive of digital animal reconstructions.

As the Marine Dynamics Academy also hosts research projects by visiting scientists, you may have the opportunity to learn directly from individuals currently working in the field.

  • Great white shark biology, identification and population monitoring
  • Small shark tagging
  • Science in ecotourism and marine guiding
  • Scientific authoring and professional development to mention a few
  • Marine diversity assessment and scientific photography

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