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Sep 12, 2022
Aug 27, 2016
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Our collaborator is a Hotel chain offering to their clients a wide variety of rooms in the best destinations in Spain! They are currently having several hotels of 3 and 4 stars in Spain.
They offer several positions:

- Animation:
- Fluent English.
- Spanish/Dutch/French/Russian is a plus.
- Study fields: Hospitality, Tourism, Sports, Dancing, Marketing
or Languages.
- Minimum 3 months.

- Bar and Restaurant:
- Fluent Spanish.
- English, Dutch, French or Russian are a plus.
- Study fields: Hospitality, Tourism, Marketing or Languages.
- Min. 3 months.

- Reception Internship:
- Fluent English and Spanish.
- Dutch, French or Russian are a plus.
- Study fields: Hospitality, Tourism, Marketing or Languages.
- Min. 3 months.

Kitchen/cook Internship:
- Fluent Spanish.
- English, Dutch, French or Russian are a plus.
- Study fields: Hospitality, Tourism, Kitchen/Cook.
- Min. 3 months.

All of the positions are for 40h per week.

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  • Payment: 300-400 €.
  • Shared accommodation.
  • Meals.

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Yes, I recommend this program

Great Experience!

This internship enabled me to develop my future profession skills, and provided a lot of fun at the same time.
I understood how it really is to teach someone, inspire and engage into the world of knowledge.
My work was very pleasant, and thanks to my superiors, I didn't feel any pressure at all, which only made me more creative and kept my internship experience at highest level!
If you are ready to experience similar endevours, don't think twice and go for it! :)

75 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

SEO Marketing internship in Seville

This site was the first result that popped up when I was searching for my internship in Spain . It began when I saw a perfect vacancy and send them an email to ask if it was available, fortunately they responded me immediately.
Unfortunately the internship was unavailable because I was a few days too late, but they offered me a great deal of other options so I had plenty of other choices.
I found another exciting internship in that assortment, so the next day after I asked them if it was open, they answered me a few minutes later to arrange a Skype call
After a pleasant and comfortable talk they put me through with the internship of my choice, with them I arranged the data for my next Skype meeting.
After that interview, everything was arranged and I got to admit that the whole process and the internship itself was one of the experiences of my life. This also ofcourse made possible by Spain Internship.
So summarized Spain Internships has helped me to find and connect with a wonderful internship in a period of 3 days after contacting them.
They were free of charge and had a pleasant and helpful service, so yes, I would recommend them if you’re looking for a placement in Spain.

76 people found this review helpful.
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Yes, I recommend this program

Internship in sunny Sevilla

I contacted this company to help me find internship in Spain. After i had interview, they contacted me in two days and they offered me five months internship in Sevilla. I accepted this offer and now after four months I am really happy with my internship, and I dont want to go back home anymore! Sevilla is beautiful city especially in the summer. Really friendly customer service, they also have helped me with all my questions (travelling, accommodation etc.)

71 people found this review helpful.
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No, I don't recommend this program

Be aware!

I paid nearly 500 euros for the service and they were supposed to find me a marketing internship. Afterwards I got only translation tasks in a company which was situated 30 km from Barcelona (whereas it was supposed to be in Barcelona) and I found out that I am paid less that the other interns. After a month the company send me an EMAIL that from the next day I am not allowed to come to work any more and they end my contract because of "salary disagreements". What is more, they told me that they will NOT RESPOND to any of my questions! I did not get any official document confirming that my contract has been broken. Ńow probably my University will have to sue the company for breaking the contract after a month and not giving back the money. Be aware!

77 people found this review helpful.

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