Intern Sustainable Community Manager in Hawaii

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Jordie Intern in 2013 at Hedonisia Hawaii
Jordie Intern in 2013 at Hedonisia Hawaii
German Intern Annike
German Intern Annike
Cheyanne Intern in Hawaii
Cheyanne Intern in Hawaii
3 Jungle Queen Interns in 2015!
3 Jungle Queen Interns in 2015!
Victoria - 2015 French Intern at our Hawaii Eco-Community
Victoria - 2015 French Intern at our Hawaii Eco-Community


Learn to manage a sustainable community in Hawaii!

Hedonisia Hawaii is an eco-feminist community tucked away in the rainforests of Big Island Hawaii!

We offer a unique intern program that allows you to become proficient in managing a community based on eco-tourism, social enterprise and eco-feminism!

Once trained and approved, interns have a 'work week' of 2 days per week. This 'pays' for your stay in Hawaii. As well we do have tropical produce like avocados, breadfruit and bananas that are free for interns to eat during their stay.

Interns perform a variety of duties which we classify as Body (physical work: cleaning, weeding, landscaping etc), Heart (creative, communication and social), and Mind work (research, writing or tech work on our eco-feminist web projects).

  • A unique working and educational opportunity in Hawaii
  • Once approved you have a 2-day workweek which pays for your stay in Hawaii!
  • Learn to be a Community Activist Feminist and/or Environmental Entrepreneur (C.A.F.E. Entrepreneur)
  • One of the world's only eco-feminist communities. (However, we welcome males too!)
  • Work with a team of interns in paradise!

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I came to Hedonisia in 2015 right after I finished my two-year Peace Corps service in Namibia. Moving to Hawaii was something I had wanted to do for a while, and I was attracted to this internship because the community's level of organization stood out as I was considering programs in the area. Within minutes of talking to the community director for the first time, I was surprised to connect with him over having traveled to Zimbabwe. Mojo has high expectations from participants in his internship program here, but if you are a good communicator and hold yourself to a high standard of work and ethics, you will have the opportunity to learn much from him and your fellow community members for the atmosphere fosters the sharing/exchange of information. Over my time at "Hedo" I have learned web editing, tropical plant propagation, trail maintenance, building repair, facility maintenance, closed-loop systems, business management, and have had the opportunity to practice numerous foreign languages with guests, volunteers and interns. I highly recommend this program whether you are wanting to come to Hawaii for a few months, or wanting to move here like I did!