Organic Agriculture Internship

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This program concentrates on assisting in gardening on this diverse land by utilizing: food forests, distinct gardens, orchards, and our main market garden. We aim to participate in the process of growing, maintaining, and harvesting crops, using sustainable practices, to provide nourishing food for our farm to table meals. This program is hopeful to make a positive impact by working on a director-facilitated project throughout the semester as well as work-trade scenarios and by engaging in local restoration projects on the Big Island.

Alongside the hands-on farming experience, classes and workshops will be taught to broaden the understanding of essential agricultural concepts that will be able to be enacted and monitored, then adjusted in accordance to the environment. Lesson topics include: permaculture, tropical horticulture, plant identification, herbalism, arboriculture, soil building, landscape design, Polynesian agriculture, plant physiology and pathology.

  • Implement modern design with the mindfulness of ancient holistic growing methods.
  • Producing valuable resources for, and utilizing the unique talents of, the community in a comprehensive dependency cycle.
  • A large, enclosed structure will be the frame for an entire hydroponic greenhouse; and eventually switched to aquaponics, gathering our plant nutrients from an intern village koi pond.
  • Collection, propagation, design, and transplant of ornamental species will be an essential part of the organic agriculture program's project list.

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