Outdoor Recreation Internship in Hawaii

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Hawai’i is a land of diversity. We’ll explore some of the most beautiful mountains, coastal areas, and rivers in the world. You’ll develop technical skills with route planning and navigation, menu planning, backpacking, backcountry cooking, wilderness camping, and coastal safety. Additionally, you can expect to progress in areas such as leadership, critical thinking, and communication; all critical aspects of wilderness guiding. And, of course, we’ll work on building a firm understanding of environmental and civic responsibility.

Students will have the ability to ideate, develop, and execute projects and programs that encompass a variety of outdoor activities. Working closely with other programs, we design, build and refine spaces and structures to meet the recreation needs of the entire Big Island Farms community. From overnight backpacking trips and day hikes to movie night and a friendly volleyball tournament, the outdoor recreation program serves as a pillar in the fun.

  • The Outdoor Recreation Program focuses primarily around two different areas: experiential outdoor/adventure education and integrative community engagement.
  • We believe in learning through active physical participation. Using the beautiful, natural environment of the Hamakua Coast as our classroom, we are able to engage in wilderness-based experiences such as hiking, camping, trail building, snorkeling, etc.
  • Learn invaluable skills such as wilderness risk management, effective group communication and management, and the ability to teach wilderness skills and environmental ideology in an engaging way.
  • You’ll develop confidence in technical skills such as route planning and navigation, menu planning, backpacking, backcountry cooking, wilderness camping, survival tactics, and coastal safety.
  • Spend three days and two nights backpacking through the beautiful Kohala Forest Reserve. This is an opportunity to experience the exhilaration of 'unplugging', tuning into the natural world, and putting the technical skills you'll learn into practice.

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