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rhino and elephant
rhino and elephant


Zimbabwe' with its diverse landscape is home to some of Africa's largest game reserves including the popular expansive Hwange National park. Here is a chance to to work with us through this program by protecting the animals in these game reserves and making sure they are safe and sound in this volatile environment as well conserving our environment for future's sake.

This program is looking for vets, pre vets techs or conservationists yearning to make a difference in these animals lifetime as well as expanding your work experience. This program will separate you from those that just sees the wild animals from a distance, rather you will actually get to go into the restricted areas making sure the animals are being taken of. Volunteers are also welcome to partake in this program. Also you get to travel to Africa for a good cause and the animals get more people looking out for them, it’s a win-win.

  • Support research programmes, including animal population dynamics, predator/prey synergies, mapping of vegetation and fire management
  • Conduct animal and bird surveys – population monitoring
  • Carryout tree planting exercises, while removing foreign invasive species from surrounding forests
  • Wildlife conservation and environment preservation and protection outreach work within local communities and schools

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Hey Archie, Standard working days are Monday to Saturday. Monday to Friday: 6am to 5pm and Saturday 6am to 1pm. Sunday is a free day for travel and relaxing in the pool or lake inside the conservancy. Please let us know should you have any other questions.


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