Alumni Spotlight: Thelma Brooks

Ni Hao!!! My name is Thelma Brooks. I am a recent law graduate from Charlotte School of Law. I love traveling domestically and internationally. I absolutely love China!

What was the hardest part about going abroad?

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The hardest part about going abroad is realizing that you are so far away from your family and friends. However, CRCC Asia did a great job of ensuring that we made new friends and it helped that I loved working for Chang An law firm and the transition was so much easier.

What's your favorite story to tell about your time abroad?

I received an awesome opportunity to become immersed in Chinese culture when a partner at the law firm I worked for in Shanghai, China invited me to her home in a province outside of Shanghai. Her family taught me how to make Chinese food and I learned all about their traditional way of life!!!

What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone going on your program?

I would advise any student attending one of the CRCC Asia programs to take full advantage of every opportunity to learn about China and the culture. It is also a good idea to apply yourself in your job because you learn and get to work on so much more, once you prove you are willing to work hard.

What made this trip meaningful to you, or how did this trip change your perceptions, future path?

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This trip was very meaningful to me because it forced me to use my Mandarin skills. The experience has opened up many doors for me in the United States by virtue of the skill set that I enhanced while living in Shanghai.

International law is an emerging area that creates employment opportunities because the world is becoming much more globalized. The business skills and legal skills I bring to the table coupled with my experience of living and working in China make me very marketable to potential employer's.