Alumni Spotlight: Laxmi Patel

What originally inspired you to intern in Shanghai with CRCC?

Laxmi: I had been studying International Business Management and the internship was an integral part of my graduate studies in Canada. I had exposure to various marketing strategies and making business plans for a few Canadian and British companies during my academic tenure and the internship required me to put all this experience into practice. It was nice to have a feel of the business environment in China, the world's manufacturing hub. I chose Shanghai as it is the most commercial city and many expatriates work and live there. I wanted to have the real feel of the Chinese market and I found CRCC Asia. CRCC was offering an excellent opportunity at a very competitive price. I can’t deny the fact that CRCC kept its promises.

The Shanghai, China Night Skyline

Describe your day to day activities as an intern in Shanghai.

Laxmi: I was interning at the company called Trepantech Group Ltd. that was founded in March of 2009 by a group of individuals who wanted to inspire change in the world through technology. The company’s mission is to create valuable technology to enrich lives and enhance how users experience their world. As an event coordinator, my major role was to input the live and current events around the city into the mobile application so that app users could take its best advantage. The task for me was to design and execute the marketing strategies for the local market and draft the business plan for Chinese market. During my 8 weeks with the company I was able to give direction towards the lucrative business of the Location Based Services in the Chinese market.

How has this experience impacted your future personally, professionally, and academically?

Laxmi: The internship in Shanghai has given me a broader prospective of International Trade and made me uncover this transition to Global Trade. It has given me a chance to visualize the immense potential of the Chinese market and their business practices. My understanding of business etiquettes and some DO’s & DON’Ts while doing business in China has become more profound. Professionally, this internship has added an extreme value to my resume. Since everything is made in China, employers consider it a huge value to have experience working there. It provided me leverage to compete with other candidates. The internship in China has earned me extra respect in my business school and has made me stand out. I have convocated very proudly.