Alumni Spotlight: Katrina Escudero

CEA Spain alums

Why did you decide to study abroad with CEA in Spain?

Katrina: I choose CEA because I was looking for a program that had everything prepared for me and that offered the opportunity to take classes in Spanish. CEA seemed and proved to be the most organized program.

What made studying in Barcelona a unique and special experience?

Katrina: Personally, I love to travel and new experiences. Therefore, I loved how every moment in Barcelona was new. The people were so welcoming and the culture so loving that I never wanted to leave. What made the experience special to me was how easily I was able to travel to other countries and that for the first time I was able to be truly independent.

How did this experience impact your academic development?

Katrina: Being abroad has taught me how to be more accepting of other people’s lifestyles. Traveling with other people helped me understand how other people work and how I need to improve my own patience. In addition to learning about other cultures, I learned how to be more independent and necessary life skills. I truly think that everyone who goes abroad learns more about themselves and others than can be taught in any classroom.