Alumni Spotlight: Roni Weiss

Why did you decide to teach abroad with Teaching Assistant Program in France?

Roni: I had taught at English immersion camps in France and had met a lot of people who either had done the Teaching Assistant Program or were going to. My two main reasons were: to learn (more) French and to see if I would enjoy teaching in public schools.

What made teaching abroad a unique and special experience?

Roni: In this program, you are limited to 12 hours a week of work. This allows you to do a lot of things outside of the job, whatever you might want that to be. I took the opportunity to traverse a great deal of Europe during my vacations. You also are able to legally work additional hours, so I got a second job at an English language institute.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Roni: Being in France made it so I actually can speak French now. It has helped my travels, being able to understand Francophones all over the world. I also realized from this experience that I didn't want to teach in public schools. So I ended up getting out of it exactly what I wanted.