Kristin Stevenson

Kristin is from Flint Michigan, USA and studies French and International Relations at Hope College in Michigan. She enjoys singing in the Gospel Choir at her school, loves a good dinner party and hopes to travel as much as possible in her life. Kristin plans on attending graduate school and attaining her doctorate to become a professor of International affairs at a liberal arts college or university. Speaking French is something she plans to keep as a key part of her life for the rest of it no matter where her occupation takes her.
IES France students sightseeing

What was the highlight of your trip?

Kristin: My time in Nantes was one of the most life enhancing experiences I've had thus far. I really enjoyed the opportunity to take a class at the University of Nantes. I enjoy learning new things and studying in a French University gave me a great chance to see a different culture, completely different from my own, in action.

My host family was also one of the most enjoyable pieces of my time in Nantes. They were extremely welcoming and I really enjoyed my time spent with them, I would not change it for the world. They were very accepting and interested, as was I and we got along very well. It was a blessing.

Describe your typical morning?

Kristin: A morning in Nantes for me consisted of waking up around 7 or 8AM eating breakfast with my host siblings or not depending on their schedules and then getting ready for my day. Depending on the weather, I would then walk to the IES Abroad Nantes building in the centre ville. The walk took me about 30 minutes (give or take) and if it was too cold or raining, there was always the bus available.

IES students enjoying some French grub

What about your afternoons?

Kristin: In the afternoons, upon arrival to the IES center, I would usually check my mail box and then get ready for which ever class I had that day. Some days I had my teaching internship so I would have to travel from the IES center to the school where I taught between classes at times. Thankfully, it was about a 7 minute walk.

And evenings?

Kristin: After a day of classes, I would return home around 5 or 6 (sometimes earlier depending on the day) and spend some quality time with my host family. We would talk and bond and have dinner together every night. Evenings were, many times, the best part of my day.