Alumni Spotlight: Daniel Brady

Daniel is from Wilbraham, MA, and is in his final year at Westfield State University. He is a business major with a concentration in marketing. Dan refs soccer games during the fall and winter and lifeguards during the summer. He loves playing soccer, exercising, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

CISabroad students at nightclub in Spain

Why did you decide to study abroad with CISabroad?

Daniel: I chose to study abroad with CIS because I wanted to study in Barcelona, and this program was more affordable as compared to other abroad programs that I looked into. Prior to going abroad, it seemed like CIS had all the resources necessary to study, live, and experience the culture.

Now that I have gone, I can definitely say that I had a wonderful experience with CIS and would recommend it to anybody who would like to study abroad. The program had a lot of cool excursions, cultural events, and activities that helped me experience not only Barcelona, but many parts of Spain.

What made this experience unique and special?

Daniel: There were many things that made this experience unique and special. It was my first time leaving the country, and I didn't know exactly what to expect. The culture of Spain was fascinating, and made me appreciate the differences that existed between Spain/Europe and the U.S. It made me a much more open-minded person and helped me realize how large the world truly is, and how different cultures can be. The experiences I had and the friends that I made are things I will never forget and it was truly the time of my life.

CISabroad Spain students at a soccer game

How has this experience impacted your future?

Daniel: This experience will forever have changed me as an individual on a personal, professional, and academic basis. I am now anxious to experience other parts of the world, and cannot wait to go back to Barcelona. It made me more confident in my ability to be independent and self-sufficient after spending 4 months in a foreign culture with a language that I did not speak very well. I hope to return upon college graduation and start my career out there, because I enjoyed my time out there so much. I learned a lot through the courses I took, particularly about Spanish/Catalan culture as I took Sports and Society in Spain and Catalonia, and Great 20th Century Artists in which we studied Spanish artists like Dali, Miro and Picasso.