Alumni Spotlight: Carlee Fields

Carlee Fields is a Junior at North Central College. Her trip to Barcelona was August 29-December 16 of 2012. She's originally from central Illinois, but she currently lives in the Chicago suburbs. She works at NCC's Box Office, and with various jobs in the Fine Arts Department. She is 21 years old and a double major in Spanish and Theatre.

Carlee Fields, CISabroad in Spain alumni

Why did you decide to study abroad with CISabroad?

Carlee: I decided to study with CIS Abroad when I read about their programs in Spain. I researched in to the Barcelona program in particular, and fell in love with it. I think that CIS’s program in the city with Barcelona International College and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona is just phenomenal. They included a ton of activities to get us really immersed into Spanish culture. I tried so many things that I never would have thought about had I not gone with this program. I would highly recommend this program to people who want to study in Spain.

What made this study abroad experience unique and special?

Carlee: I think the key component to my trip’s success was my host family. I lived with my senora, Carmen, and her two sons, Jesus and David. I immediately had a connection with them, and they took me in as not only a student, but a daughter and sister. I shared trips to the beach with them, big family dinners on Sundays, and long conversations into the late hours of the night. My brothers would tease me, and I’d laugh and play games with them. They are the best part of my trip, and I know I’ll always have family in Spain.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Carlee: My study abroad experience hugely impacted my life. I learned how to stop and enjoy life, because the culture required me to slow down. It has taught me how to deal with problems as they come, and realize that I can be in charge of my own life. I learned so many skills that will be applicable to professional life. I can think much quicker on my feet, find alternative solutions to problems, and communicate well with people of all backgrounds. Academically, I am much more successful in learning in Spanish, and my language skills have improved by leaps and bounds. I feel much more capable to take on the work force after living in a different country and speaking a different language.