Alumni Spotlight: Krupa Mistry

Why did you decide to intern abroad with the Intern Group in Madrid?

Krupa in front of a Spanish City

Krupa: I decided to intern abroad with Intern Group Madrid because they offered the best deal. I thought it was a lot of money but in the end it turned out the money was used in the most helpful way and saved me a lot of money whilst I was abroad. I also chose this company because I felt comfortable talking to them after the first Skype conversation.

What made this internship experience unique and special?

Krupa: Everything. I've looked around a lot for different internships but this one stuck out. The whole experience was amazing, from start to finish. Meeting all the different people and working in a Spanish place has boosted my confidence and made me realise I can do more than just work in an ordinary job.

How has this experience impacted your future?

Krupa: It was daunting at first because I have never been abroad like this on my own, let alone for a month. Being in a different county and learning the different ways to work was an experience I'll never forget. This has given me the confidence to apply for job positions I never thought I would, especially in different countries. Working in a Spanish company with Spanish talking people felt scary at first but I picked up a few sayings and I also helped them develop their English.

Spanish dancers at a theatre

What is one piece of advice you would offer something considering interning abroad in Madrid?

Krupa: One piece of advice I would give it 'Just take a chance'. It might seem like a long way from home or just plain scary but Madrid is a very welcoming place with lots to see and do! The people are often nice and cooperative and if you make the effort they will too.