Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Shefferly

My name is Sarah Shefferly, a 21 year old who attends university at Michigan State University (go green!) and will be graduating in Spring 2014. I major in communications with specializations in public relations and political economy and minor in Spanish. I grew up with six siblings so I am definitely an outgoing spirit who loves a bit of mystery, spontaneity, and adventure!

Why did you decide to intern abroad with Connect-123 in Barcelona?

Sarah and interns looking out over Barcelona

It's not that I decided to go with Connect-123, its that the university I attend, Michigan State University, chose to use Connect-123 as its company to work with when sending its students abroad. And I am so happy MSU did choose Connect-123 as the company to work with because I had a better experience working with Connect than I believe I would have had without them. I chose Barcelona because I speak Spanish and knew that that would be a viable country to go to in order to improve my Spanish while having a great time doing so.

What made this internship experience unique and special?

This internship experience was made spectacular by the amazing job I received that Connect-123 had gotten for me. I was able to experience Barcelona from a perspective that I never thought was possible. I attended many events through my job and got interviews with the "inside" individuals, such as DJs at club events and with underground artists and musicians.

How has this experience impacted your future?

This experience has impacted me personally by showing me life in a new way. I learned so much about life in general through each experience I encountered while living in Barcelona for three months. And now, because of the experience I received from living and working in Barcelona, my academic and professional future has been enhanced substantially by the knowledge gained. Both my resume and intellect are fuller and I feel more ready to take on the world as I know it!

Surfing in St Sebastian

What is one piece of advice you would offer someone considering interning abroad in Barcelona?

A piece of advice? I would have to say to enjoy it all! Whether the internship you get isn't exactly what you had in mind or if you had a different perspective of Barcelona. Living in Barcelona has been an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. There has been so much I have learned, felt, been through, and realized while living in Spain for those three months. The best thing I did was to take it all in from a whole new perspective. Appreciate what is going on around you and know that life in Barcelona is substantially different than life in your own country, but is also a whole new learning experience that will allow you to grow in ways that will enhance you professionally and personally.