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Connect-123 Barcelona Internships

Intern abroad in one of the most popular destinations in Europe, Barcelona! Spain is one of the most traveled destinations, especially for study abroad students, and therefore offers a variety of internship opportunities that can be tailored to meet your professional goals. Talk to a Connect-123 representative today to arrange an internship that best fits your goals!

  • Tailored Placements! Connect-123 internships in Barcelona offer students an array of possibilities, and a staff member will be present to assist you with choosing a program that best fits your career interests!
  • Extensive Network! Connect-123 has placement opportunity with numerous companies in Barcelona. Whether you're interested in healthcare, business, non-profit management, or anything in between you will have no shortage of opportunities to choose from in Ba
  • Service! From pre-departure to in-country support to post internship assistance, Connect 123 provides you with as much or as little support as you need!
  • Flexibility! Choose an internship anywhere from 2-6 months, whether you're looking for a short term internship or a longer term placement, Connect-123 can help you find your ideal internship.
  • Our program deposit is completely refundable! Most organizations require a non-refundable deposit, which they justify by pointing to the amount of work required to put together an internship or volunteer work placement. Connect-123's policy is different
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Connect 123 will try their hardest to hand pick thee best internship for you based on what you're looking to do. Automotive design? No worries! There may not be an exact internship in the city you want,but if you're open to many different cities you will probably get something very very close to automotive design. Otherwise the type of internship you're looking for really has endless possibilities...

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Program Reviews (19)

23 years old
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Kutztown University

A Life Changing Opportunity!


Connect-123 is a program that offers one of the most accommodating, life-changing experiences for anyone looking to explore another lifestyle and culture, while still hoping to gain professional skills in their field of study. For me, it was like a dream come true because they have so many different internship opportunities across the globe, in fields like architecture, marketing, writing, and even if you don't have a set career path, I met students in Barcelona who were doing an internship simply for the educational value of working in that diverse, professional setting.

From the start of the trip, months before I even touched ground in Barca, the Connect team was already making the most of my journey, being that they asked where I'd prefer to stay, what type of living space would suit me best, the cheapest ways to get from the airport to the city, it was the little things that made me realise this was the best choice I've made thus far. The Connect-123 coordinators truly want you to have the time of your life, and what better way to learn the ins and outs of Barcelona than from the people who live there and want to pass this knowledge on in the most fun and refreshing way. They take you to get the best tapas in town, you'll do bike tours for little to no cost, and most of all, they are there for you if you have any questions or concerns about your internship, your accommodations, or anything, really. Plus, one of their team members will meet with you before your internship begins so that your transition down this new path is an easy one.

And aside from their 24-hour services, they introduce you to other students from the program and because of that, I've personally made friends from all over the world, some who even live a state or two away from me back at home. So not only was I able to explore the beautiful city with new friends, I also improved my writing and communication skills in ways that encouraged me to branch out in ways I haven't done before. I really can't thank the Connect-123 program enough for the whole experience in becoming the writer and traveller I've been searching for.

How can this program be improved?

To be honest, I can't think of any ways the program could improve because they truly make the most of your experience right from the start, when you're applying and the ball gets rolling, the next thing you know is you're on a plane to Barcelona to have the best time of your life with the most amazing company.

22 years old
Kinshasa, Congo

The best decision I've ever made !


I always dreamed of living in Barcelona, and being an architecture student, there was no better city to have this experience. I was hesitating at first, when applying to the connect-123 program, I was afraid to believe in it too much, to get my hopes up. Even after everything was set, I still didn't believe it was actually happening...And then, I was Here ! Here in Barcelona living the life I always dreamed of, and it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made! For me, this was not just an internship program, it was a life experience. I had to grow on so many levels and i can already tell that now, I'm a changed person. The architecture internship was better than I expected, I was working with a team of passionate people (small office, big projects & even bigger minds), I had the chance to experiment, to design, and i was trusted and given big tasks from the get go. Not speaking Catalan or Spanish made it harder for me to fit in within the social context of the office, it was challenging, but I managed to bond with every single one of my colleagues....and that was the hard part, realizing how much of an impact the people around you have on the quality of your experience. I was out of my comfort zone in every possible way, and I managed to adapt. Throughout my stay in Barcelona, I was in contact with the connect-123 office, I met some of them, they introduced me to other interns and made me feel like I was genuinely cared about. At the end, looking back at this experience, I can say that I truly LIVED in Barcelona, I walked every street, met so many people from all from so many places, worked till my eyes shut closed, danced till my feet hurt, sang at every corner, laughed and cried my heart was one of the most intense periods of my life, I loved every second of it, and I will do it again in a heartbeat!

21 years old
Westlake Village, California

Connect 123


Spending my summer in Barcelona was one of the greatest experiences I could've asked for! Thanks to Connect-123, I was abel to live in my dream city, and work there! I had always had a fascination with Barcelona, but I never had a reason to go.
I was very nervous to come to Barcelona without knowing anyone, but Connect 123 provided me with all the tools I needed. Through my program, I didn't have to worry about finding housing, which took a huge weight off of my shoulders. Also, Conenct 123 had weekly social events to meet other people from the program! Even though I was able to meet a lot of my friends through living in my apartment, it was awesome to meet people who didn't live near you, and the events were always super fun!
Barcelona is such a beautiful city and there are always things to do. When I wasn't at my internship I could go to the beach, go sight-seeing, or just walk around the city.
It's sad that my time here in Barcelona is coming to an end.My internship was exactly what I was looking for, and I was able to gain a lot of experience for my field in journalism. If it wasn't for Connect 123, I would have never been able to find an internship like this. Looking back, I will never forget this experience, and I will forever cherish the memories and friendships I made here.

24 years old



If you are searching for a sign, this could be it. It has always been a dream for me to see the well-known Sagrada Familia in real life and before I know it, I was right at the foot of the history-in-the-making. My experience with Connect-123 has been nothing less than spectacular! The application process was really easy and fast. I was really impressed by the level of energy they have in initiating regular meet-ups and events for the group of Interns & Volunteers in Barcelona. I no longer need to depend on “Trip Advisor” or search for tourism suggestions as Connect-123 team is constantly suggesting various events and festivals that we can choose to go via a common Facebook Group. What is more heartening is that they will listen to your interest and henceforth look out for any related activities.

I chose to do an architecture internship in Barcelona for 3 months and it was an eye-opening experience. Within the first 2 months, I was closely involved in 4 projects and even a chance to manage the company’s portfolio website. One of the projects was a submission for a local competition and the adrenaline rush during that period was pretty unforgettable. It’s working hours are very flexible and as long as I am done with the work assigned, I can leave as early as 4pm. Hence, I was able to do a little bit of exploration around Barcelona on my own, discovering random places and people around. Every day is unpredictable and there is always something to look forward to. The only difficulty I faced was probably the language barrier, as I do not speak Spanish or Catalan. Hence, there are certain moments when I wished that I learned Spanish before coming over to Barcelona. However, the people there were really nice and will always try to translate whatever they were saying in English for me.

Overall, I am really glad that I signed up for this! My term break has never been so productive yet enjoyable at the same time. Barcelona has taught me many valuable lessons in balancing between work and life. I enjoyed every moment in the streets of Barcelona as I witnessed every details of the remarkable architecture! Hence, for those who are still considering, wait no further to click that sign up button because it will bring you to whole new adventure!

How can this program be improved?

Probably with the help of settling for accommodation instead of just recommending few options. Other than that, I think it's program has been great.

San Francisco, California
California State Polytechnic University- Pomona

Barcelona is your next trip!


Barcelona is your next trip! If it's not, change your travel plans immediately and get on a flight to Spain!
Bursting with vibrant culture and nightlife as well as some of the kindest people in the world, Barcelona is the place to be. Not to visit, but to actually live, and with my internship through Connect 123, I had the opportunity to truly experience life as a real "Barcelonese." I was able to intertwine myself into the culture and the language for a full immersion experience filled with new friends, personal discovery, and unbelievably delicious food!

However, while living abroad changes you (usually for the better!), I still felt like myself throughout the entire experience because my internship was so tailor-made to fit my personal interests and strengths. I believe I was able to get a lot out of this opportunity because my work was so closely tied and reflective of my personality that I could learn and grow in the areas I wished to improve upon in order to succeed. The internship was valuable to my future career because it allowed me to test the waters of what a life in this field would consist of and now after completing my program with Connect 123, I'm diving in headfirst!

24 years old
Drexel University

Warning: May Never Want to Leave


I needed an internship in finance. I was provided the opportunity to work for Spain's 4th largest bank and reported directly the Deputy CFO.

They suggested a living arrangement in an Erasmus residence. I lived with two people from France, two from Bulgaria, one from Venezuela, one from Amsterdam, one from Italy and another from America. The amount of cultural knowledge and fun I had in that apartment will never be matched again.

Connect-123 walked me through using the public transportation system to get to work, setting up events to meet other people interning and was always available for on-call questions.

A normal Friday was finishing a day of work, heading to the market to pick up fresh seafood, taking a siesta, cooking or heading out to eat, heading home to get ready for the clubs, staying out until 4:00am (beach/discotheque), napping for a little, then deciding which beach to head to in order to get some real sleep and eat mussels and patatas bravas upon waking up.

How can this program be improved?

If I had to change one thing it would be recommending that all participants live in an Erasmus residence in the heart of the city.

24 years old
Memphis, Tennessee
Rhodes College

Fifty Years From Now - A Barcelona Testimony


Fifty years from now, when you are (hopefully) peacefully retired in the place of your dreams, reflecting on your past experiences, your education, your work, your family, the friends you have made and the friends you have lost, the places you have visited and the places you will never see, what do you think will come to mind?

In my mind I will picture Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain in the summer of 2014 and the blessing of my colleges's International Studies summer fellowship. I will picture my internship at an organization that actively fought to eradicate the housing and economic crisis that began in 2007. A crisis which, in Spain, resulted in the forceful eviction of thousands from their homes, left thousands more indebted to the banks for life, and even led some to take their own lives. I will picture myself, a 22-year-old university student from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee who at first struggled with language and communication, constantly stressing over research, work and cultural awareness, but who quickly adapted to an intimate work environment, becoming truly comfortable with immersion, and able to have the opportunity to contribute personal, meaningful, and useful work to the fight for housing rights in Spain. All this, still being able to have an unexplainable amount of fun and adventure within the city of Barcelona, around Spain, and throughout North Africa and Central Europe.

Lea and Steve Levy, and the rest of the team at Connect-123, gave me the tools I needed to make my experience in Barcelona not only a memory I could happily look back on 50 years from now, but also a contribution to the city that will forever have an impact on the livelihood of its citizens. Without the help of Connect-123, I would have never been able to be placed at an organization that fit my exact interests and aspirations for a summer internship abroad, particularly in the field of protecting constitutional and basic human rights. To anyone who hopes to look back on their time abroad with a sense of accomplishment, personal growth, and unmatchable happiness, Connect-123 is the way to go. 11 out of 10.

24 years old
Boston, MA
Northeastern University

My Barcelona Experience


Barcelona is the place to be-between its people, tapas, countless outdoor plazas, beautiful scenery, beaches and nightlife-there is something for everyone. My decision to go live and work in Barcelona was last minute. I was offered two internships, but the one I chose pertained to my career path most and was in the heart of Barca. I cannot emphasize how helpful it was to be a part of the Connect123 program. I had transportation from the airport and the director, Lea Levy, was at my apartment less than an hour later to greet me, make sure I was settled and explore the neighborhood with me to get my bearings. I was able to make friends immediately through the program and eventually, as we made local friends, it felt more like a city we belonged to. I also continued daily activities I would normally do at home, like going on daily runs through the city and having coffee at the same local shop, (where I eventually became a ‘regular’). The think tank I worked for opened a lot of doors to build my professional career. I was able to complete a full report regarding economic relations between the EU and the US (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), in which a shorter version was published through the organization I worked for, as well as a Barcelona E-journal. In addition, I was able to network with people in the Barcelona European Parliament, a few NGO’s and think tanks and even conduct interviews with the Trade Spokesman and a think tank researcher in Brussels. I grew professionally and personally through my experience in Barcelona, I only wish it had lasted longer. You will not regret your decision to go to Barcelona, if anything you will want to stay longer and then look for job opportunities so you can go back.

24 years old
Open University

Social work in Barcelona


As a social sciences student i found it hard to find internships in my field. Being an active person I really wanted something "out of the office" and connect-123 has been able to offer me several options and I managed to do exactly what I wanted. During four months I interned in an Association helping people with AIDS in Barcelona where I had the opportunity to work alongside a team of devoted people eager to help those in need and also live in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The organizers of the internship were extremely helpful by giving information about the city and tips,organizing meetings between interns and events! It was an amazing experience and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an organized work/traveling experience!

24 years old
San Jose, CA
Washington University in Saint Louis



Choosing Connect-123 to help me find an internship abroad was the best decision I could have ever made. From the first e-mail I sent inquiring more about the company and what it offered, I was constantly and quickly assisted by the program staff who worked extremely hard to find me the perfect internship. I had the rare opportunity to work in a developing web start-up in beautiful Barcelona and gained international business experience that I personally think is more valuable than an internship I otherwise would have held in the states.

Aside from my highly rewarding work experience, I also was able to learn and grow so much under Connect's support--from planning festive, cultural activities around Barcelona to telling us about the more underground, local offerings of the city, I was able to leave my summer in Spain feeling as though I truly had found a new home.

I definitely recommend Connect for anyone looking to have a life-changing time spent abroad, and I guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience!

How can this program be improved?

I didn't go through Connect123 to find housing at Agora and found an apartment on my own, which was a huge relief because I heard not so great things about the Agora facility.

24 years old
Michigan, USA
Michigan State University



Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to work as an intern for a non-governmental organization with the primary goal of improving the quality of life of people affected with HIV/AIDS. Because my future professional goals are set within the medical field, this internship was the perfect fit to help me gain more of an understanding of the field I am so interested in. It helped me understand the differences between the health care system within the United States as well as Spain. It also helped me gain a better understanding of Spain's HIV community and commonalities when working with the group affected by the disease.

Interning abroad has always been one of my dreams in life, and when I heard of this program I immediately decided to investigate to find out more information. Working with Connect-123 was a great experience and I would recommend them in a heartbeat! They were always there to help and always found ways to make our living in a new country as easy as possible. I enjoyed the weekly events planned by Connect-123, which made it easier to become immersed in this new culture. Connect-123 is definitely the way to go!"

How can this program be improved?

The only thing that I would have liked to be different is the housing situation. However, Connect 123 had nothing to do with where we were staying. Our University told Connect 123 that we were required to stay in a University Residence.

24 years old
Michigan, United States
Michigan State University

Marketing/PR & Journalism Intern in Barcelona


The experience I have gained through this internship is beyond amazing, monumentally amazing one could say. Connect-123 was able to find me the perfect internship in Barcelona, Spain, which was just the cherry on top of my life in Barcelona. I worked for a company that promoted the underground music, art, and culture scene of Barcelona and was able to first hand experience the inside life of Barcelona. Through Connect and my internship, I not only learned a great amount about the Barcelona scene, but also met friends that I will never forget. My biggest take from my three month life in Barcelona was all the connections I made and all the people I had met, and how each one of them helped me realize and learn something new about this world. In school we aren't necessarily taught how to live on our own. The biggest life lessons are learned through experience, and that is exactly what I felt I recieved through this life in Barcelona. Knowledge gained from experiences; experiences with friends, strangers, work, parties, travels, and so much more. Its sad to go and return to reality, but I don't leave with a frown, I leave with a smile on my face because I know that the reality waiting for me back at home will be much easier to face with the experience I have gained through the Connect-123 program.

How can this program be improved?

I would change my living situation. As students from a university we didn't get to choose where we lived and would rather be closer to the heart of the city where all our jobs are, but of course our University didn't allow us to be "living on our own" in apartments, so there really wasn't much Connect could do.

24 years old
East Lansing, Michigan

Barcelona, or nothing!


From the moment I arrived in Barcelona, as I remember it well, I was enamored with the city, the language, and the culture. I knew this was a good place to further my Spanish language growth, work experience, cultural knowledge, and my person as a whole.
What made the transition from my fairly small town in the US to a the second largest city in Spain even more seamless was the friendly and tireless staff at Connect 123. From the airport pick up to the checking-in emails to the weekly group events Connect 123 truly became my second family for my three months in Barcelona. Thanks, Lea, Eli and Steven!
As far as Barcelona goes, the city is beautiful and you will never be bored! It literally has everything, the beach, the mountains, a water park, an amusement park, countless bars and restaurants, and easy travel access to any other major city in Spain. Not to forget the public transportation is definitely a high point for the city, as well. Barcelona is a place where everyone can find something to do.
My internship working in first the primary school and then in the kid's summer camp was a great learning experience! I was able to put to use my Spanish language skills everyday, all day, and put forth the skills I've learned in my Teacher's Education courses at MSU. From practicing my future profession I also gained knowledge of how to be an effective teacher and that is something invaluable to me.
Overall, I spent the best summer of my life thus far in Barcelona and I gained experiences, memories, and friends that I will never forget. Thanks Connect 123 for making this possible!

How can this program be improved?

I would have opted to not live in the university living residence. It was too far north of the city, far away from our internships and most major city life and dining options. Also, the food was lacking and I never felt like I mattered as a guest there to the staff. I know that the place, the Agora, was not the choice of our coordinator, it was the choice of our university that we stay in university housing. It was one of the only university living options in the city and the most convenient they could find. So this is not a fault of Connect 123, but something that could still maybe be looked into changing.

24 years old
East Lansing, Michigan
Michigan State University

Experience of a Lifetime


I have spent the past 3 months with an internship/study abroad program in Barcelona, and I have loved every minute of it! My internship experience fit exactly into my expectations, and I enjoyed meeting and working with all of my coworkers at my organization throughout the summer. Connect-123 understood my internship goals and found a perfect match for me at my Social Media Organization, and I feel like I learned a lot and am taking many great experiences home with me now.

Not only was everything well organized, but the program was all very personal and friendly as well. Connect-123 offers helpful support if needed, as well as many recommendations for things to do to get to know your new city. I especially think they did a great job of ensuring well-roundedness during the program through trying new things, cultural experiences, and meeting new friends. I have learned so much from this summer abroad, and if I have the opportunity to use the program again then I definitely will!

How can this program be improved?

Nothing! The only issue I had was between my University and myself with housing, but Connect-123 made up for their lack of information and were extremely helpful.

42 years old
Vancouver BC
University of British Columbia

Marketing Internship in Barcelona


As a career changer I was looking for an internship to update my marketing skills and develop new work skills to aid in my future job search. Connect 123 took the time to help me define what experience I was looking for a found the right company for my goals.

While in Barcelona, the Connect 123 team kept in constant contact to make sure everything was going well and to arrange events and get togethers for the all the interns in town. It was a great experience and I would recommend using Connect 123 to arrange your international internship.

24 years old
United States
Baruch College

best time of my life


Discovering Connect 123 was the best thing that could have happened to me! I wanted to come to Barcelona for 3 months and gain some cool abroad work experiences in advertising and copywriting that I could add to my resume and portfolio. I did that and so much more. I was really picky with what type of internship I wanted to do but the staff and program director were always readily available and willing to go beyond their call of duty to make sure I was satisfied and happy. Finally, I landed the job of my dreams! I did SO much more than what I could have asked for and now my portfolio looks amazing with real life work that the company uses.

I came to Spain by myself (and 0 spanish speaking skills), and I can now get by on conversations and can't count the number of foreign friends I now have! The Connect team (and other interns who come to the same city around the same time) are wonderful! We went out for drinks and had a great bond. Wish I had more time to see them! I'm so sad that I have to be leaving. Barcelona is so amazing and so different than back home. I had a blast with all their little random festivals. The fire festival in Valencia, paint fight, carnival in sitges, and so much more) Life is so calm here but at the same time, the work load for my internship I had was heavy (which I asked for, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

How can this program be improved?

Maybe have housing that was connected to the program and wasn't so expensive

24 years old
El Paso, Texas
University of Texas- El Paso

Great and very flexible program


From the day I decided to spend my summer abroad, Connect -123 made it easy and convenient for me. Connect -123 guided me all along the process of what turned out to be the best summer of my life in the beautiful city of Barcelona.
Connect -123 was very helpful in finding me plenty of options for an internship very quickly and that were all in my very own described interest. Connect- 123 did not only help me with my placement but also with housing, airport pickup and a whole lot of information about Barcelona. I was very happy with Connect-123 for finding a local small Center for Psychotherapy where I learned many great things about my major and life. Having someone to turn to when in doubt about something was great and to know that Connect-123 was there for me made the whole transition to another country much easier.
Connect-123 made my summer in Barcelona the best. Barcelona is an amazing city with plenty of things to offer to anyone. Spending 3 months in this great city was the best decision I could have ever made. Connect-123 made it possible.

How can this program be improved?

Group activities were great, but some of the times some members/students were not present. It would be great to have mandatory meeting or activities to get to know everyone beter.

32 years old
Houston, Texas
University of Houston

Life-Changing Experience


The unique characteristic I found about Connect-123 was that they find you an internship catered directly to your career aspirations. Thus, I was absolutely ecstatic that Connect-123 was able to find me an internship aligned directly with my career goals.

The internship was challenging, inspiring, and incredible. The skills that I gained from the internship were unrivaled.

The friends and memories I made in Barcelona are truly unforgettable. My internship and experience in Barcelona were life-changing and it was all made possible by Connect-123.

24 years old
Barcelona, Spain

My Barcelona experience


Connect-123 gave me a great placement in which I was able to expand my knowledge and skills in the development field in a very friendly environment.

I chose to find an internship with Connect-123 because of the variety of services they provide throughout the duration of the internship. Connect-123 helped in finding the appropriate internship, list of housing options and language courses that were tailored to fit my needs. I got a discount in almost all services provided through Connect. Most importantly for me, living alone in a foreign country was a difficult decision. Knowing I had someone to contact was very comforting!

About The Provider


Connect-123 develops and administers internship programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cape Town, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Dublin, Ireland; and Barcelona, Spain. In all countries, internship opportunities are hosted by local companies, non-profit organizations, schools, research institutes and health care clinics. In South Africa, study abroad