Alumni Spotlight: Memory Manyimo

Memory Manyimo, 25-years-old, is from Gweru, Zimbabwe. She works as the Operations Director at the Celeste Early Learning Center.

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I decided to volunteer because I love traveling and sightseeing and I believe I have the capabilities to make a difference for people in need.

Morning: My day to day activities as a volunteer were fun. I woke up to a ready made breakfast and packed lunch. I was attached to a Tinytubbies Day Center which consisted of a nursery for children of ages 0 - 2 and a preschool for ages 3-6. I was placed at the preschool for the older children. In the morning from the host house, I walked 15 minutes to the nursery where later on we where transported to the preschool.

Work started as soon as I got to school, I helped in unpacking of lunchboxes, labeling them and checking of report books for each child. I assisted in teaching and maintaining order in the classroom. We had a snack break at 10:30am where we served the children with fruit and afterwards the had outdoor activities for 15 minutes.

Afternoon and Evening: Lunchtime was served at 12pm and I assisted in feeding and putting them down for a nap. We took turns watching the kids and having lunch. After lunch I was dismissed at went back home to rest. Supper was served at 18:30hrs and it was always a delight. Supper was served at 18:30hrs and it was always a delight.

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Weekends and Highlights: During the weekends I used to go to Cape Town by train which was a fun-filled journey, yet scary at times to be in a new place. We would explore and sight see the magnificent Mother City. This trip allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and embark on a journey to the unknown not knowing what to expect and where you wold be staying. I got to meet people from all over the world with different cultures and beliefs and yet still managed to make friends. The beautiful city took my breath away and it was the best trip ever in my life there was never a dull moment. My volunteer experience also had a great impact on my career, it made me realize my passion for children and right now am still in the process of setting up my own preschool.