Alumni Spotlight: Rachel James

Rachel James is from upstate New York and attended St. John Fisher College. She loves outdoor activities, reading, playing field hockey, and learning new card games.

Outdoor Pursuits

Highlights: I loved everything and couldn't pick just one part. The people I met in my program are still my close friends and we make efforts to visit, though they live in the Midwest and I on the East Coast. Hockey was a good time, both playing and partying. The cultural and historical pieces that I picked up mean so much to me. People still say something about Scotland or Wales and I can answer their questions or make them understand what it's really like.

My Outdoor Pursuits class has stuck with me enough to buy a new mountain bike and I was gifted a kayak, plus I have future hopes for rock climbing gear. Each field trip was a new adventure, each day was different and I learned so much about the culture and myself. Taking trips on my own made me feel capable and independent, and I was able to see a favorite band in concert, a Disney show, take free tours around Edinburgh, enjoy a show in London and go shopping in Camden Town, and get some sun in Greece.

A typical day: I slept in a lot more than I expected to. But weekends we were always up early to catch our coach to a new castle we would be exploring. A few afternoons I had lectures, and there were a few large assignments that I would work on throughout the semester. Between lectures I went grocery shopping at Morrison's and used my backpack for groceries to walk up the hill. I ran errands, hung out with hockey mates, or went to play frisbee at Roman Camp. On Wednesdays and on weekends I had hockey games, so I was on the pitch or on a bus trip for those.