Alumni Spotlight: Kenna Neitch

Kenna Neitch is 20 years old and from Victoria, Texas. Kenna is studying English Literature and Philosophy at Texas Lutheran Univerisity in Seguin, Texas.

Kenna in Wales with CCA

Highlights: The people were definitely one of the best facets of the study abroad experience. The director, Tecwyn Jones, does so much to make the trip amazing for every student that comes. As a student coming by myself, without friends or even other students that went to the same university as I did back home, I was surprised by how quickly I found a community here. For all of us, I think, Bangor became the home away from home that we would begin to miss during our other travels. Which, of course, is another of the great benefits. Travel to other countries becomes entirely possible here, and it was an exhilarating experience planning those trips from start to finish.

Morning: My classes this semester started later than they usually do at home, so I usually take advantage of the extra time by making breakfast in the communal kitchen in our flat of 6 people. The kitchen has all the basics - refrigerator, freezer, cabinets for storing food and dishes, sinks, stove, microwave, and toaster. It also serves as a social center where flatmates congregate and have friends over.

Afternoon: After classes, there are a host of different activities to choose from. If I wanted a bit of city life, I might run down to the shops on high street with some of the other students. However, one of the biggest draws of Bangor was the natural beauty, so, instead, I would usually walk down to the Druid's Circle (think a miniature Stonehenge), the beach, the Roman Camp (beautiful grassy hill that overlooks the Menai River), or even down to the pier (gorgeous views of Snowdon and the best scones in the world).

Evening: There were great nights in the flats, hanging out with music in the kitchen, and lots of movie nights. There were also nights out at the pubs and clubs, eating, dancing, or drinking, as suits your preferences. There were even a few nights of stargazing when the clouds miraculously decided to take the evening off.