Sarah Roberts

Sarah Roberts is from Chicago, California. She interned at Kong & Allan in Shanghai. She enjoys Chinese food, making friends and taking photos.
Day in the Life of Sarah Roberts - Intern in Shanghai

Highlights: The highlight of my trip from a professional standpoint would definitely be having the opportunity to work in an office setting and gain knowledge of the supply chain consulting industry. It is a massive industry with many opportunities, I am hoping that this experience will lead to future opportunities.

Overall, the highlight of my trip was having the opportunity to live and work in a city as fast-paced and exciting as Shanghai. I believe that Shanghai is becoming one of the world’s great cities, as it has so much to offer! The nightlife is incredible, dining options are endless, and I love how the architecture is a mix of traditional Chinese and colonial-style European. I miss spending evenings at coffee shops in the French Concession, watching all the activity up and down the tree-lined streets. If possible, I would love to return to Shanghai some day.

Morning: In the morning, Shanghai is quite busy and crowded. After getting up and taking a quick shower, the first thing I did on my way to work is to grab a breakfast at a local street kiosk. Then I would get into a crowded subway and arrive half-sleepy to work.

Afternoon: At my office, things got pretty hectic after lunch time. As an intern, my daily tasks would vary from day to day, however on a ‘typical’ day I would review and update spreadsheets with information from our suppliers. Many businesses want to know about the upstream and downstream value-added flow of materials, and it was my responsibility to research and calculate some of this information.

Evening: After a busy day at work, I would always love to take a walk along the riverside, enjoying the moist air and the incredible scenery of Shanghai’s Pudong skyline. As a city, Shanghai is always always alive and awake, so things stay open till pretty late. Sometimes I would join other interns from Get in2 China, and we would go for dinner or out to one of Shanghai’s many amazing bars and clubs.

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